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Samuel Cook es un escritor freelance que cubre un amplio rango de temas entre los que se incluyen la privacidad en Internet, la seguridad, el periodismo de datos y las retransmisiones de contenido digital. Es fácil encontrarle completamente sumergido en visualizaciones de datos.

Articles by Sam

El phishing, o suplantación de identidad, sigue siendo una gran amenaza para personas y empresas. Descubre las últimas estadísticas y datos de phishing recabados en estudios e informes recientes.
By Sam Cook in VPN y Privacidad on enero 16, 2023
Phishing remains a huge threat to individuals and businesses. Find out about the latest phishing statistics and facts based on recent studies and reports.
By Sam Cook in VPN & Privacy on June 21, 2023
Betfair users trying to access the service abroad may be frustrated to find it's geo-restricted. However, you can access Betfair from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN.
By Sam Cook in VPN & Privacy on August 25, 2023
DDoS attacks are on the rise, but hackers are also adapting their strategies to counteract growing mitigation techniques. Here's a review of the latest stats highlighting DDoS attacks in 2018-[currentyear].
By Sam Cook in Information Security on June 13, 2023
YouTube is the largest streaming video website in the world. Here are over 25 unique YouTube statistics and facts that highlight its history, growth, and presence. 
By Sam Cook in TV Streaming on June 13, 2023
As the largest streaming service in the world, Netflix maintains some of the most impressive use and income stats, and more. Check out these 50+ facts about Netflix. 
By Sam Cook in Blog on June 14, 2023
Windows 10 es el sistema operativo para PC más popular en de España, lo que lamentablemente lo convierte en el principal blanco de los hackers. Para tu tranquilidad, hemos buscado el antivirus n.º 1 para Windows 10.
By Sam Cook in Antivirus on April 5, 2023
The data is clear: When the Alliance for Creativity in Entertainment launched in 2017, it focused heavily on disarming third-party Kodi addons that offered pirated streams. The efforts worked in a dramatic fashion. 
By Sam Cook in Kodi on febrero 28, 2022
We've found 25 streaming services that are completely free to use and have great content! However, to watch the best free streaming services while traveling abroad you will usually need a VPN.
By Sam Cook in TV Streaming on November 9, 2022
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