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Very few VPNs work reliably with Netflix. To find the best VPN for Netflix, we ran over 5,000 tests on 59 VPNs testing each with 30 country versions of Netflix including on Android and iPhone apps.  
By Paul Bischoff in Popular Posts on September 1, 2022
Comparison of the best VPN services including speed, security, protocol, price, number of servers and much more. See how the likes of VypVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Surfshark and more compare.
By Paul Bischoff on June 16, 2022
Phishing scams are common place, here's how to recognize and avoid them.
By Dave Albaugh in Information Security on November 29, 2018
To access blocked sites and apps within China you will need a VPN, however many VPNs don't work in China. We rented a server in Shenzhen and tested 59 providers to find the best VPN for China. 
By Paul Bischoff in VPN & Privacy on September 13, 2022
Looking for recent cyber crime statistics? We constantly update this huge list of cybersecurity statistics from trusted sources. 
By Andra Zaharia in VPN on November 4, 2022
Don't get caught out torrenting with an unsuitable VPN. Despite bold marketing claims many VPNs have been shown not to protect your privacy and others are too slow for torrenting and streaming.  
By Paul Bischoff in Popular Posts on August 3, 2022
ExpressVPN is a popular VPN thanks to its high-speeds and strong security. We'll explain how to get
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on October 3, 2022
Electronic and internet voting can help improve our election systems in several different ways. Each of these concepts rely on cryptography for security - but is cryptography enough?
By Josh Lake in Information Security on May 7, 2019
Android antivirus apps claim to protect your mobile device, but we found a ton of security holes and privacy risks -- one of them even exposes your address book.
By Aaron Phillips in Antivirus on August 1, 2019
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Most don't need to worry about IPv6, but if you're having trouble connecting devices on your network, you may need to disable it. Find out how to disable IPv6 in this helpful guide. 
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on November 20, 2022
Want to learn how to opt out of BeenVerified to remove your personal information from the web? We've got you covered. This helpful guide will teach you everything you need to know.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on October 18, 2022
Heard the term bluesnarfing and want to know what it is? You'll find everything you need to know inside, including answers to several FAQs.
By Craig McCart in Information Security on October 13, 2022
ExpressVPN and Disney are usually a perfect combo. If you're having issues connecting to Disney from abroad, we've covered everything to help you. Check out our helpful guide below.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on September 22, 2022
If your Mac has been infected with the Search Marquis virus, we've got a tried and tested method to help you get your Mac back into top shape. 
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on August 7, 2022
Identity theft is a major problem for consumers, resulting in billions of dollars in financial losses each year. Here are several key identity theft statistics that help put a face to the continuing threat.
By Sam Cook in Identity Theft Protection on October 7, 2022
Searching for the best antivirus for Chromebook? We've got you covered with a list of providers that offer great malware and virus protection for Chromebook. Check them out below.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on July 11, 2022
More than just a tech buzz word, IoT, or the "Internet of Things" is now a major economic driver worldwide, as well as an integral technological revolution for most industries. 
By Sam Cook in Internet providers on July 8, 2022
Trying to decide between Kaspersky and Webroot? This comparison looks at the pros and cons of these two leading antiviruses and explains which might be best for you.
By Steve Adams in Antivirus on June 14, 2022
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Norton has earned a good reputation in the antivirus space. We wanted to know how its VPN service fa
By Marc Dahan in VPN on November 22, 2022
Data removal services are becoming more and more popular. And Surfshark's Incogni is one of the newe
By Marc Dahan in Data Privacy Management on November 10, 2022
IdentityProtect is a newer entrant to the world of identity protection. But is it worth its above-av
By Kyle Schurman in Identity Theft Protection on October 28, 2022
RocketVPN is another small and relatively unknown commercial VPN provider attempting to play in the
By Marc Dahan in VPN on October 22, 2022
Experian IdentityWorks has the backing of the well-known Experian credit bureau. But is it worth the
By Kyle Schurman in Identity Theft Protection on October 1, 2022
VPN Shield isn't a household name when it comes to commercial VPN providers. Can it hold its own com
By Marc Dahan in VPN on August 31, 2022
Want to watch the Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora fight? If you're heading abroad and want to watch your home streaming services, they may be geo-blocked. Read on for how to watch the fight from anywhere.
By Craig McCart in Sports Streaming on November 29, 2022
Think you know the state of Japan's cybersecurity efforts? Read on to find some interesting and shocking Japan cybersecurity statistics.
By Craig McCart in Information Security on November 29, 2022
If your antivirus has found a heuristic virus on your system, don’t panic! We’ll explain what this actually means, how heuristic viruses differ from standard ones, and how to remove heuristic viruses.
By Ian Garland in Antivirus on November 28, 2022
Cybercrime is on the rise across the globe, so we've put together a list of The Netherlands' cybersecurity statistics to see how Dutch efforts to overcome cybercriminals stack up.
By Craig McCart in Information Security on November 28, 2022
Want to watch Tunisia VS France online? World Cup 2022 streams are region locked, so you’ll need a VPN. Learn how to stream Tunisia VS France from anywhere with a VPN. 
By Ray Walsh in TV Streaming on November 28, 2022
Want to watch the World Cup between Australia and Denmark? We have all the details, including when the match is and how to live stream Australia vs Denmark from abroad.
By Ian Garland in Sports Streaming on November 28, 2022