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Ian Garland is a distinguished author and cybersecurity expert, boasting over six years of dedicated service as a writer and editor for His expertise primarily focuses on privacy, VPN testing and evaluation, and exploring the unique online challenges faced by internet users around the world. His work offers insightful analysis into both emerging and established VPN services, underlining his deep understanding of the digital security landscape.

Holding a first-class Bachelor's degree in Computing from the University of the Highlands and Islands, Ian has established himself as a prominent voice in the field of online security. His insights and analyses have been featured across prestigious platforms including The Gazette, the RSA Cybersecurity Conference blog, RTInsights, Circuit Magazine, and Security Boulevard. His work goes beyond mere reporting, delving into critical examinations of the ever-evolving cyber world.

Outside his professional life, Ian maintains a keen interest in the streaming universe, particularly keeping abreast of the latest developments in the Kodi community. His passion for technology extends into personal projects, where he hones his coding skills. A lover of science fiction, Ian often immerses himself in sci-fi literature, reflecting his fascination with the future and the unknown realms of the digital universe.

Articles by Ian

Looking to watch E! Online while traveling abroad? It’s normally only accessible from the US but with a VPN, you can unblock and use it as normal. Read on for more details.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on May 15, 2024
Cyber attackers don’t always need high-tech tricks to steal your information. This article discusses a technique called shoulder surfing. We’ll explain what it is, and how you can protect yourself. 
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on May 13, 2024
Snapchat’s biggest draw is that your photos and messages disappear after being sent. However, it has privacy issues. We’ll explain how to stay as anonymous as possible while using Snapchat. 
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on May 13, 2024
You may have heard that it’s a good idea to avoid services based in Five Eyes countries. Today, we’ll explain what this means, why you should care, and what impact this alliance has on your digital privacy.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on February 20, 2024
Cracked VPNs might seem like a good idea, but they’re actually fairly dangerous. We explore the risks of cracked VPNs and reveal how to cut the cost without compromising your security. 
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on February 19, 2024
Choosing a VPN doesn’t have to be difficult. Join us as we put TorGuard and ExpressVPN to the test in a bid to find out which is right for you.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on February 19, 2024
TikTok gifts are one of the best ways to support your favorite creators, but the coins used to buy them aren’t cheap. We explain how to score a hefty discount on Recharge coins with the help of a VPN.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on February 13, 2024
The long-awaited WW2 drama Masters of the Air is about to arrive. We have all the details including when it’s on, what it’s about, and how you can stream every episode online.
By Ian Garland in TV Streaming on January 17, 2024
Downloading content from YouTube doesn’t have to be stressful. Below, we round up a few of the best apps for saving YouTube videos and explain why you should avoid shady ripping sites.
By Ian Garland in Utilities on March 4, 2024
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