About our company

Comparitech is a pro-consumer website providing information, tools, reviews and comparisons to help our readers in the US, UK and the rest of the world improve their cyber security and privacy online.

Founded in 2015, we’re now a team of 30 security researchers, writers, developers, and editors covering a wide range of cyber security topics. We extensively test and review products including VPNs, password managers, ID theft protection, antivirus, network monitoring tools, firewalls and more.

Millions of people have visited Comparitech.com and trust us to help them make more savvy decisions when purchasing cyber security products.

Our research

Our research has uncovered large scale cyber security breaches impacting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Our researchers have identified and reported dozens of data breaches and data incidents including those impacting users of Microsoft and Facebook. As part of our work to promote privacy we have exposed invasive practices such as the widespread use of CCTV surveillance.

We carry out extensive product testing of services including VPNs and antivirus. Collectively our team has produced over 1,200 reviews and guides. We conduct a battery of tests on products and services we review, such as the thousands of speed tests we have performed on VPNs and pitting antivirus products against EICAR test viruses.

Mission statement

Comparitech strives to promote cyber security and privacy for all. We are committed to providing detailed information to help our readers become more cyber secure and cyber aware.

We carry out detailed research and testing to help consumers and businesses make more informed decisions when purchasing cyber security products.

How we make money

When we list a product, service or app in a review or an article, we’ll usually link to it. Some of these links allow us to earn a referral fee if you, the reader, goes on to sign up for the service, which in turn helps us fund the site.

We never allow this paid relationship to compromise our integrity. We are committed to putting our readers’ interests first. We only review products and services we have thoroughly tested, and we only recommend those that we are happy to use ourselves. If we don’t like something, we will say so regardless of any commercial relationship.

For more details please see our disclosure page.

Our team

Paul Bischoff

Paul is Comparitech’s editor and a regular commentator on cyber security and privacy topics in national and international media including New York Times, BBC, The Guardian and many others. Paul has an in-depth knowledge of VPNs, having been an early adopter while looking to access the open internet during his time in China.

He previously worked in Beijing as an editor for Tech in Asia, and has been writing and reporting on technology for the last decade. He has also volunteered as a teacher for older adults learning basic tech literacy and cyber awareness.

Bob Diachenko

Bob heads up Comparitech’s security team of four cyber security researchers. Bob specializes in database security, data privacy, data protection, GDPR and security risks. As part of our research Bob has worked with government agencies and law enforcement to secure exposed data.

Brian Higgins

Brian is a security specialist and spokesperson at Comparitech who helps lead our work to spread the word about good cyber security practices. He has extensive experience in cyber security, including time working in law enforcement at the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit.

Brian’s past roles include that of project manager for the government funded Cyber Challenge UK, an initiative to make the cyber security industry more inclusive, diverse and accessible. Additionally, Brian held the position of project manager for The Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry, a partnership of four UK universities which collaborates to help small businesses become more cyber secure.

Brian has advised the All Party Parliamentary Group on Digital Crime and sat on the boards of the UK Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the Women’s Security Society.

Rebecca Moody

Bec leads our three-person data research team, bringing our audience fascinating studies on a range of privacy, security and streaming topics.

Bec and her team have answered dozens of topical questions such as:

Bec’s commentary has been featured in national press including South China Morning Post.
Access to Bec’s research has been requested by Government departments and NGOs worldwide including the UN, the European Union Commission’s Communications Directorate, and UNESCO.

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