Free privacy and security tools

Quiz: Can you outsmart an identity thief?

This fun quiz tests your knowledge of identity theft. Can you outsmart an ID thief in these hypothetical situations? Take the quiz, see how you stack up against other participants, and share the results! Learn best practices to keep your and your family’s finances safe.

DNS leak test

Check to see if your VPN or proxy suffers from DNS leaks, IP leaks, and WebRTC leaks using our simple two-step tool. Includes IPv4, IPv6, and DNS server lookup. Submit your results to let us know which VPNs leak and which are airtight.

Password Generator & Strength Test

Creating unique, random password for each of your accounts will significantly reduce the chances of being hacked. This tool makes it easy to create new passwords and test how good existing ones are.

Blocked in China test

Check to see if a website is blocked in China with this easy-to-use tool. Just copy and paste a URL and hit the test button to see whether the domain is available from within the country. We give test results for multiple major cities in China for the clearest results.

Blocked in Iran test

Test to see if any website is blocked in Iran in real time. Simple enter the website address and we’ll check to see if it can be accessed from within Iran.

Blocked in Turkey test

This test will show you if any website is blocked in Turkey. The test runs a real-time check to see if the site is available in Turkey or if it has been blocked.

Blocked in Russia test

Test to see if any website is blocked in Russia. Just enter the web site address and the tool will run a check to see if the site is available in Russia or is it has been blocked.

Blocked in Sri Lanka test

Use this tool to test in real time if any website (for example Facebook) is blocked in Sri Lanka and see which sites can still be accessed. The tool will work even if you are not in Sri Lanka.

IP Address Check

Check your IP address and see what other information websites can see when you visit them.