Our Authors

Paul Bischoff

Paul Bischoff is a tech writer covering IT-related subjects since 2012. A digital nomad who depends on the internet to make a living, he's always seeking out the best value and highest quality products and services on the web. He previously worked as the China editor at Tech in Asia and is a regular contributor at Mashable, as well as several blogs for internet startups around the world. You can find him on Twitter at @pabischoff.

    Lee Munson

    Lee Munson is Comparitech's Security Researcher. Lee is a regular contributor to the Sophos’ Naked Security blog and Social Media Manager for Brian Honan’s BH Consulting. He is also the proud winner of the Best UK Security Blog and Best European Security Blog at the 2015 European Security Blogger Awards.

      Sam Cook

      Samuel Cook is a freelance writer with a special love for internet privacy and security. He writes on all aspects of internet security issues, including the many uses of VPNs

        Jon Watson

        Jon is a senior Linux systems administrator currently working in the Internet security field. Most of his time is spent reviewing security related issues and developing ways to mitigate damage or prevent them from happening in the first place. He has articles published in Linux Journal and Linux Magazines and was previously the Tech Channel editor for b5 Media.

        Osman Husain

        Osman has been covering tech and related subjects since 2013 and was previously an editor at Tech in Asia. He wholeheartedly believes that the internet should be used for social good and to break down barriers to information. The ongoing witch hunt against net neutrality, he feels, is a recipe for disaster.

          William Elcock

          William has been fiddling with tech for as long as he remembers. This naturally transitioned into helping friends with their tech problems and then into tech blogging.

            Dave Albaugh

            Dave Albaugh is a freelance Information Infrastructure Master Technician who consults on computer & network security for small businesses, SOHOs & entrepreneurs. He has documented loads of "knowledge nuggets" for different clients on topics such as security, understanding the technology behind the internet, and the infrastructure behind a computer network, all written in non-techie English. When he's not putting out client's fires, Dave is a roadie for his wife's Taiko group and a non-biker motorcycle enthusiast

              Richard Patterson

              Richard Patterson is the Founder of Comparitech and has spent the last 10 years building online businesses in the US and UK which empower consumers looking to purchase tech products and services. You can read an interview with Richard here

                Ian Garland

                Ian is a computing graduate with a love of technology and programming, particularly in the area of machine learning.

                  David Gilbert

                  David Gilbert has worked as a journalist for the last decade, and for the last seven years has focused on technology, including cybersecurity, privacy and cryptocurrencies. Most recently he worked as European technology editor at the International Business Times, specialising in covering the global smartphone industry and the dangerous world of cybercrime. Prior to this David worked as the Technology Editor for the UK edition of IBTimes for over three-and-a-half years, winning the prestigious Digital Writer of the Year award at the Online Media Awards in 2013. Previously, he worked as news editor at Trusted Reviews for two years after moving to London from Ireland where he worked for national and regional newspapers for three years.

                    Aimee O'Driscoll

                    As a tech writer and editor, Aimee has worked on hundreds of articles that help readers tackle tricky issues. She is dedicated to providing thorough yet easily digestible information that resonates with fellow lovers of everything digital. When she’s not tapping away at her keys, you can find her chasing her kids around and enjoying the great outdoors.

                      Chris Stobing

                      Chris Stobing is an internet security writer and blogger, born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley. Surrounded by tech and everything that makes it tick from birth, he's had an interest in internet privacy and networking technology for years, and has come to Comparitech to contribute his knowledge on both.

                        Gillian Jones

                        Gillian Jones spent 10 years with the NHS with 5 of them spent working in Information Governance, with responsibility for ensuring compliance throughout the organization for Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Environmental Information Regulations, as well as privacy, confidentiality and information security via auditing, advice and guidance and organization wide training. She holds an ISEB in Data Protection as well as a degrees both in history and creative practice and now works as a freelance writer with a passion for information security and IT

                          Stuart Winter-Tear

                          Stuart is addicted to all things Information Security with a mission to bring quality, pragmatic cyber security knowledge to general IT users, small and startup companies.

                            Jonathan Keane

                            Jonathan is a freelance tech writer living in Dublin, Ireland, regularly covering areas around security and privacy, from hack attacks to the latest security software.

                              Al Nelson

                              Al is a writer of both code and words. He specializes in new, interactive forms of technology and always has the perfect emoji for any situation. When he's not furiously typing away, you can find him with his nose in a book or soaking up some sun outdoors, usually with a cat in tow.

                                Aaron Phillips

                                Aaron Phillips is a business and technology reporter from Detroit. He writes about streaming media and media servers for Comparitech. Some of his controversial opinions include: Nintendo has had the best console for every generation. Daenarys is kind of terrible. Windows 10 is better than Ubuntu 16. Futurama is way funnier than Rick and Morty.