Chris Stobing

Chris Stobing is an internet security writer and blogger, born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley. Surrounded by tech and everything that makes it tick from birth, he's had an interest in internet privacy and networking technology for years, and has come to Comparitech to contribute his knowledge on both.

Articles by Chris

Are websites tracking you across the web? Your web browser cookies could be holding on to information that lets websites track what sites you access, while some cookies could be malicious. Here's how to delete your cookies on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge browsers.
By Chris Stobing in Internet providers on September 22, 2023
The deep web is packed with information relevant to academic and scholarly research. We tell you how to access it using deep web search engines – some of which are free to use.
By Chris Stobing in VPN & Privacy on September 20, 2023
When you want to delete data and free up space, you need to do more than just pressing “delete.” Find out how to wipe data from your devices so that it cannot be recovered.
By Chris Stobing in VPN & Privacy on November 16, 2023
Want to bypass DraftKings location blocks? We reveal how a DraftKings VPN can help you to access the platform from anywhere and explain more about why the blocks are in place.
By Chris Stobing in VPN & Privacy on January 9, 2024