Paul Bischoff

Paul is Comparitech’s editor and a regular commentator on cyber security and privacy topics in national and international media including New York Times, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian and many others. He's been writing about the tech industry since 2012 for publications like Tech in Asia, Mashable, and various startup blogs.

Paul has an in-depth knowledge of VPNs, having been an early adopter while looking to access the open internet during this time in China.

He previously worked in Beijing as an editor for Tech in Asia, and has been writing and reporting on technology for the last decade. He has also volunteered as a teacher for older adults learning basic tech literacy and cyber awareness. You can find him on Twitter at @pabischoff.

Articles by Paul

HNA notified 39,491 people of a January data breach that compromised patient names, Social Security
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 21, 2024
Ransomware gang Medusa has claimed responsibility for an April 29, 2024 data breach at Brockton Area
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 20, 2024
LockBit was busy again this week, and schools in particular took a beating. Here's this week's top ransomware news:
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 17, 2024
LockBit today claimed responsibility for a May 2024 ransomware attack that crippled the Township of
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 16, 2024
The Mississippi healthcare provider has sent breach notifications to a total of 895,204 individuals,
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 14, 2024
BlackSuit says it stole employee and financial data, and is demanding a ransom in exchange for not s
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 13, 2024
The fallout from Change Healthcare's failed ransom payment might be in the spotlight this week, but ransomware is running rampant around the world. Here are this week's noteworthy ransomware news stories:
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 10, 2024
Ransomware group nSafe claimed responsibility for the attack on AIC in January 2024, saying it stole
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 9, 2024
Lighted mirror maker Electric Mirror notified victims that their data was compromised in a March 202
By Paul Bischoff in News on May 8, 2024
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