Back in September we analyzed the differences in library size and monthly cost of Netflix subscriptions around the World. We found a huge disparity and there has been a lot of interest in our study so we decided to expand the analysis to include an additional 54 countries (bringing the total to 78) and update the figures for all countries to find out where in the World you get the best value for money.
Is Netflix in your country good value?

To gather this data, we’ve taken a look at several different factors.

First, we looked at the figures based on the number of TV shows and movies available in 78 countries (according to the most up-to-date figures from both uNoGS and Adding these two together, we’ve got the total number of titles available, which we’ve divided into the monthly subscription price to establish each country’s cost per title per month.

Second, we evaluated the basic cost per month in each country and how this shapes up against others (based on current exchange rates at the time of writing).

The results?

American customers may have the largest choice of titles on Netflix but they don’t get the best value for money. Our study shows a massive disparity when cost per title is analyzed between different countries. Due to the cheap price and number of titles available, Canada is actually the most cost-effective country to watch Netflix in*, with US and UK customers paying 10 or 13 percent more per title than Canadian customers, respectively.

Not only does the number of available titles vary widely between countries, so too does the value for money customers get from their Netflix subscriptions. With a difference of nearly 100 percent between the least cost-effective and most cost-effective countries, it’s clear some customers are getting a raw deal.

TIP – How to access different Netflix catalogs: You can access Netflix catalogs from different countries but will need a VPN to do so. However, not all VPNs work with all Netflix country catalogs. We recently tested 59 different VPNs with 30 different country catalogs so be sure to pick a VPN that works with the Netflix country version you want access to. You can see our list of recommended Netflix VPN services here.

Top 10 places where Netflix is good value for money

When it comes to value for money, Canada wins hands down on cost-per-title value. With over 5,500 titles available, each title is around 10 percent cheaper than what US, UK, and Australian customers are paying.

The real sense of injustice comes when you look at a country like Denmark that has almost half the library size of Canada. This means Danish customers pay 98 percent more per title compared to Canadian customers and around 90 percent more than US and UK customers.

Furthermore, the average cost of a title (worldwide) is $0.00222. This means the average customer worldwide pays 57 percent more per title than Canadian customers, while Danish customers pay 48 percent more than average.

Shouldn’t you pay less to watch less?

RankCountryNo. of TV ShowsNo. of MoviesTotal Library SizeCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month $Cost Per Month £Av. Cost Per Title $Av. Cost Per Title £
1Canada157039915561CAD 8.99$6.90£5.25$0.00124£0.00094
2Colombia103231564188COP 16,900$5.33£4.09$0.00127£0.00098
3India156536905255INR 500$6.91£5.31$0.00131£0.00101
4Mexico115228794031MXN 109$5.33£4.09$0.00132£0.00101
5Brazil101728373944BRL 19.90$5.24£4.02$0.00133£0.00102
6Japan139138655256JPY 800$7.02£5.39$0.00134£0.00103
-Canada NEW PRICE*157039915561CAD 9.99$7.50£5.88$0.00135£0.00106
7United States171641235839USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00137£0.00105
8Australia160035775177AUD 9.99$7.21£5.53$0.00139£0.00107
9United Kingdom163138995530GBP 5.99$7.80£5.99$0.00141£0.00108
10Pakistan150233924894PKR 950$7.14£5.51$0.00146£0.00113

*UPDATE 30/11: The cost of Netflix is rising in Canada from CAD 8.99 to 9.99 for the basic subscription. Once the price rise is in place for all Canadian customers, we’ll be updating these listings. And we will do this for all other countries as and when these price rises occur.

How cost-effective are other countries? We’ve compared another 66 countries (customers in Denmark, Iran, Egypt, and Norway may want to look away now):

CountryNo. of TV ShowsNo. of MoviesTotal Library SizeCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month $Cost Per Month £Av. Cost Per Title $Av. Cost Per Title £
South Africa149927924291ZAR 99$6.85£5.26$0.00160£0.00123
Bangladesh151334444957USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00161£0.00124
Israel137635754951NIS 29.90$8.10£6.22$0.00164£0.00126
Chile97630544030CPL 4,590$6.65£5.11$0.00165£0.00127
Nepal147133184789USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00167£0.00128
New Zealand142231464568NZD 11.49$7.80£5.95$0.00171£0.00130
Peru102430944118PEN 24.90$7.37£5.66$0.00179£0.00137
Ireland142835955023EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00179£0.00138
Philippines120126343835PHP 370$6.97£5.35$0.00182£0.00140
Indonesia143826184056IDR 109,000$7.39£5.67$0.00182£0.00140
Portugal152133674888EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00184£0.00142
Italy127735414818EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00187£0.00144
Hungary139631644560HUF 2490$8.70£6.68$0.00191£0.00146
Kenya135328304183USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00191£0.00147
Venezuela103631444180USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00191£0.00147
Czech Republic138731094496KC 199$8.64£6.65$0.00192£0.00148
Malaysia126328274090RM 33$7.87£6.05$0.00192£0.00148
Guatemala102430934117USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00194£0.00149
Costa Rica102430914115USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00194$0.00149
Ukraine138232464628EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00195£0.00150
Singapore130127134014SGD 10.98$7.95£6.11$0.00198£0.00152
Luxembourg140831264534EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00199£0.00153
Slovakia139831134511EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00200£0.00154
Russia138230304412EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00204£0.00157
Thailand129428524146THB 280$8.49£6.53$0.00205£0.00158
Lithuania138729414328EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00208£0.00160
Switzerland151540855600CHF 11.90$11.79£9.07$0.00211£0.00162
Zimbabwe115726233780USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00211£0.00162
Malta130929444253EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00212£0.00163
South Korea100028873887KRW 9500$8.38£6.45$0.00216£0.00166
Zambia115625473703USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00216£0.00166
Nigeria115825443702USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00216£0.00166
Uruguay102630964122USD 8.99$8.99£6.91$0.00218£0.00168
Romania116328544017EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00224£0.00173
Slovenia118826183806EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00237£0.00182
Croatia118326173800EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00237£0.00182
Greece111626593775EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00239£0.00184
Vietnam96622583224VND 180,000$7.74£5.94$0.00240£0.00184
Belgium116425553719EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00242£0.00186
Latvia117925153694EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00244£0.00188
Germany102726553682EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00245£0.00188
Hong Kong104222203262HKD 63$8.03£6.18$0.00246£0.00189
Algeria96022483208USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00249£0.00191
France113524713606EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00250£0.00192
Kuwait97121723143USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00254£0.00195
Netherlands98224393421EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00263£0.00203
United Arab Emirates88620202906AED 29$7.89£6.09$0.00272£0.00210
Saudi Arabia77920202799SAR 29$7.73£5.97$0.00276£0.00213
Spain98422273211EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00281£0.00216
Finland76724193186EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00283£0.00218
Bahrain77920202799USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00285£0.00219
Bolivia77920202799USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00285£0.00219
Jordan77820202798USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00286£0.00219
Morocco77119882759USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00290£0.00223
Poland91921083027PLN 34.00$8.94£6.87$0.00295£0.00227
Austria84421983042EUR 7.99$9.01£6.93$0.00296£0.00228
Iraq72419672691USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00297£0.00228
Tunisia80418852689USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00297£0.00228
Sweden95423403294SEK 89$9.81£7.54$0.00298£0.00229
Lebanon72519382663USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00300£0.00231
Qatar72719312658USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00301£0.00231
Taiwan90719352842TWD 270$8.74£6.73$0.00308£0.00237
Norway82224963318NOK 89$10.48£8.06$0.00316£0.00243
Egypt88916052494USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00256£0.00246
Iran58617152301USD 7.99$7.99£6.14$0.00347£0.00267
Denmark80025053305DKK 79$11.94£9.18$0.00361£0.00278

As you can see, there is a distinct difference between what European countries pay and what non-European countries pay. European countries are almost always paying more than the rest of the world – something you can see highlighted in the below chart. While the reason for this is unclear without further research, it may be due to higher VAT taxes in these countries.

Top 10 cheapest places to get Netflix

When comparing the cost per month of Netflix around the world, the cheapest place to watch Netflix is Brazil. At a cost per month of $5.24 (£4.02), it’s $2.75 or £1.97 cheaper than the US and UK, respectively – that’s around 40 percent!

In fact, on a cost-per-month basis, the US and UK don’t fare too well, with the US ranking as the 23rd cheapest place and the UK as the 18th. This is probably due to Netflix using the US, UK, et. al., to subsidize its growth elsewhere.

However, the US and UK are 3.2 and 5.6 percent cheaper than average, respectively, with the average monthly cost for Netflix being $8.25 (£6.34).

RankCountryCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month $Cost Per Month £Comparison to AverageAverage Person's WagesNetflix Yearly Cost in Relation to Average Person's IncomeCountry's GDP per CapitaNetflix Yearly Cost in Relation to GDP per Capita
1BrazilBRL 19.90$5.24£4.0244.6% cheaper$8,8500.71%$9,8210.64%
2ColombiaCOP 16,900$5.33£4.0943% cheaper$5,8301.10%$6,3011.02%
3MexicoMXN 109$5.33£4.0943% cheaper$15,3140.42%$8,9020.72%
4ChileCPL 4,590$6.65£5.1121.5% cheaper$25,8790.31%$15,3460.52%
5South AfricaZAR 99$6.85£5.2618.5% cheaper$5,4301.51%$6,1611.33%
6CanadaCAD 8.99$6.90£5.2517.8% cheaper$47,6220.17%$45,0320.18%
7IndiaINR 500$6.91£5.3117.7% cheaper$1,8204.56%$1,9394.28%
8PhilippinesPHP 370$6.97£5.3516.8% cheaper$3,6602.29%$2,9882.80%
9JapanJPY 800$7.02£5.3916.1% cheaper$40,8630.21%$38,4280.22%
10PakistanPKR 950$7.14£5.5114.4% cheaper$1,5805.42%$1,5475.54%

Netflix prices and exchange rates accurate at time of publishing. Due to currency fluctuations and ongoing volatility, Argentina and Turkey have been excluded from these results.

Top 10 most expensive places to get Netflix

In contrast to the above, the most expensive monthly subscriptions for Netflix are found in the below areas, which, if you look closely, are primarily made up of Nordic countries and their neighbors.

According to these statistics, if you live in Denmark, you’re paying $3.95 (approximately 40 percent) more for the privilege of Netflix access than the US. This is $7.92 (approximately 99 percent) more than the cheapest place, Brazil. And as we’ve already seen, you’re probably being given access to a far more limited library, as well.

CountryCost Per Month (Local)Cost Per Month $Cost Per Month £Comparison to AverageAverage Person's WagesNetflix Yearly Cost in Relation to Average Person's IncomeCountry's GDP per CapitaNetflix Yearly Cost in Relation to GDP per Capita
DenmarkDKK 79$11.94£9.1836.6% more$51,4660.28%$56,3070.25%
SwitzerlandCHF 11.90$11.79£9.0735.3% more$62,2830.23%$80,1890.18%
NorwayNOK 89$10.48£8.0623.6% more$51,2120.25%$75,5040.17%
SwedenSEK 89$9.81£7.5417.3% more$42,3930.28%$53,4420.22%
IrelandEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$47,6530.23%$69,3300.16%
PortugalEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$25,3670.43%$21,1360.51%
LuxembourgEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$63,0620.17%$104,1030.10%
SlovakiaEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$24,3280.44%$17,6040.61%
RussiaEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$9,2301.17%$10,7431.01%
LithuaniaEUR 7.99$9.01£6.938.8% more$24,2870.45%$16,6800.65%

How many opt for Netflix’s higher-tier premium services?

Netflix’s recent subscriber data revealed that more people are signing up to its premium services. According to the estimates, 30% of subscribers use the premium service, which has increased by 21% since the end of 2017, despite the price increase that happened last October.

What do you get for each service?

  • Basic: Watch standard-definition videos on one screen at a time.
  • Standard: Watch high-definition videos on two screens at a time.
  • Premium: Watch ultra-high-definition videos on four screens at a time.

Where should you opt to watch Netflix?

Based on all of the above, it’s clear Canada is the best value place to tune into Netflix*. While Brazil is considerably cheaper than other places, its library is a little more limited. So if you want the maximum number of titles available and at an affordable rate, a move to Canada (or a good VPN) may be in the cards.

*Please see our update above.