Which countries pay most least Netflix

Over the last few years, we’ve regularly analyzed the differences in library sizes and monthly costs of Netflix subscriptions around the world, often finding a huge disparity. The problem seems to be getting worse rather than better.

In February 2023, Netflix slashed its prices across more than 100 countries, especially for basic plans in African and Asian countries. This coincided with its announcement that it was starting to crack down on password sharing outside of one household.

Fast-forward to October 2023, and many countries, including the UK, US, France, and two of the most cost-effective countries in previous years–Argentina and Turkey–have seen further price hikes. In the UK, for example, the cost of a premium HD Ultra subscription with four users is now up to £17.99 per month.

Netflix is now making basic plans unavailable to new customers in several countries, including the UK and US. Basic plans in those countries have now been replaced with standard subscriptions with ads. Ad-supported plans are much more affordable, costing £4.99 per month in the UK, and $6.99 per month in the US.

The big question is, have these price hikes and restrictions affected Netflix’s value for money? And, where in the world do you get the best bang for your buck with a Netflix subscription? Keep reading to find out!

Please note: the prices included in our study are the base price as advertised by Netflix. They do not include the various taxes and other charges users may face. We are aware that several countries, including Argentina, have these charges but our study focuses on the price charged by Netflix.

Is Netflix in your country good value?

To gather this data, we’ve looked at several factors.

First, we looked at the figures based on the number of TV shows and movies available in 104 countries as per JustWatch and uNoGS. We then divided the total number of titles available by the monthly subscription price to establish each country’s cost per title per month. For the standard and premium plans, we also factored in the number of users for each account (2 and 4, respectively), multiplying the library total by this to give the number of titles available to all users.

Second, we evaluated the cost per month in each country and how these shape up against others (based on current exchange rates at the time of writing). We have also analyzed the 12 countries with ad-based subscriptions (Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, UK, and US) separately to see how these plans compare.

The results?

Our study shows a massive disparity when cost per title is analyzed between different countries–regardless of the plan you choose.

TIP – How to access different Netflix catalogs: You can securely access your usual Netflix catalogs from different countries when traveling abroad with a VPN. However, not all VPNs work with all Netflix country catalogs. We recently tested 59 different VPNs with 30 different country catalogs so be sure to pick a VPN that works with the Netflix country version you want access to. You can see our list of recommended Netflix VPN services here.

Top 10 places where Netflix is good value for money

Due to their incredibly cheap prices across all three plans (without ads), Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Turkey are the most cost-effective countries to watch Netflix. And with above-average library sizes (at least 500 more than the average of 5,824), they seem to get more while paying less.

The average cost per title for basic plans is $0.00124. Pakistanis, Egyptians, and Indians pay $0.00025, $0.00036, and $0.00037 respectively while enjoying libraries with over 6,200 titles each. This makes their cost per title as much as five times cheaper than average, and a whopping 20 times cheaper than the least cost-effective country, Guernsey, where titles are $0.00507 each (due to a well below-average library of 1,912 titles).

Top 10 most cost-effective countries for Netflix basic plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Pakistan450 PKR1.632,567 3,838 6,405 0.00025
Egypt70 EGP2.272,362 3,856 6,218 0.00036
India199 INR2.392,591 3,887 6,478 0.00037
Morocco35 MAD3.412,269 3,884 6,153 0.00055
Turkey99.99 TRY3.572,215 3,656 5,871 0.00061
Philippines249 PHP4.392,720 4,445 7,165 0.00061
Indonesia65,000 IDR4.102,232 4,352 6,584 0.00062
Algeria3.99 USD3.992,265 4,013 6,278 0.00064
Tunisia3.99 USD3.992,266 3,941 6,207 0.00064
Lebanon3.99 USD3.992,277 3,850 6,127 0.00065

Top 10 most cost-effective countries for Netflix standard plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Pakistan800 PKR2.902,567 3,838 6,405 0.00023
Egypt120 EGP3.882,362 3,856 6,218 0.00031
Turkey149.99 TRY5.352,215 3,656 5,871 0.00046
India499 INR6.002,591 3,887 6,478 0.00046
Philippines399 PHP7.032,720 4,445 7,165 0.00049
Bolivia5.99 USD5.992,348 3,666 6,014 0.00050
Venezuela5.99 USD5.992,348 3,547 5,895 0.00051
Paraguay5.99 USD5.992,346 3,483 5,829 0.00051
Morocco65 MAD6.332,269 3,884 6,153 0.00051
Colombia26,900 COP6.352,350 3,704 6,054 0.00052

Top 10 most cost-effective countries for Netflix premium plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Pakistan1,100 PKR3.982,567 3,838 6,405 0.00016
Egypt165 EGP5.342,362 3,856 6,218 0.00021
India649 INR7.812,591 3,887 6,478 0.00030
Turkey199.99 TRY7.142,215 3,656 5,871 0.00030
Bolivia7.99 USD7.992,348 3,666 6,014 0.00033
Philippines549 PHP9.682,720 4,445 7,165 0.00034
Venezuela7.99 USD7.992,348 3,547 5,895 0.00034
Bulgaria9.99 EUR10.572,424 5,341 7,765 0.00034
Paraguay7.99 USD7.992,346 3,483 5,829 0.00034
Morocco95 MAD9.262,269 3,884 6,153 0.00038

The 10 places where Netflix isn’t good value for money

At the other end of the scale are a number of African and European countries and Fiji where none of their plans are cost-effective, despite recent price reductions across the majority of these countries. This is due to extortionate monthly costs (Liechtenstein and Switzerland) or library sizes that are nearly three times below average.

Guernsey, Uganda, and Seychelles are in the bottom three across all of the plans. For example, their cost per title across basic plans are $0.00507, $0.00323, and $0.00285 respectively. This is up to four times more than the average cost per title ($0.00124).

If we remove these countries with library sizes of less than 2,000 titles, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are the least cost-effective countries. It’s Liechtenstein’s and Switzerland’s vast costs per month that hamper their cost-effectiveness. At 11.90 CHF ($13.34 USD) per month for a basic plan (more than double the average of $6.59), these two countries are certainly paying more to get a little bit more than average (Switzerland has a total library size of 6,870 titles and Liechtenstein has 6,513).

The US also features as one of the least cost-effective countries across all of its plans. This is due to its average library size and above-average monthly costs. It ranks as the twentieth, eighteenth, and twenty-first least cost-effective country for its basic, standard, and premium plans respectively.

France’s recent price hikes on its basic and premium plans also mean it’s one of the least cost-effective countries for these two subscriptions (19th and 24th least cost-effective for basic and premium plans respectively).

The UK hovers around mid-table for its basic and standard plans but is the 26th least cost-effective country for its premium plan thanks to a recent £2 increase (rising from £15.99 to £17.99).

Top 10 least cost-effective countries for Netflix basic plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Guernsey7.99 GBP9.701,285 627 1,912 0.00507
Uganda3.99 USD3.99776 461 1,237 0.00323
Seychelles3.99 USD3.99848 550 1,398 0.00285
Liechtenstein11.9 CHF13.342,480 4,033 6,513 0.00205
Côte d’Ivoire3.99 USD3.991,241 729 1,970 0.00203
Cape Verde3.99 USD3.991,245 729 1,974 0.00202
Equatorial Guinea3.99 USD3.991,315 727 2,042 0.00195
Mozambique3.99 USD3.991,286 763 2,049 0.00195
Switzerland11.9 CHF13.342,314 4,556 6,870 0.00194
Fiji3.99 USD3.991,363 696 2,059 0.00194

Top 10 least cost-effective countries for Netflix standard plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Guernsey10.99 GBP13.341,285 627 1,912 0.00349
Uganda7.99 USD7.99776 461 1,237 0.00323
Seychelles7.99 USD7.99848 550 1,398 0.00286
Côte d’Ivoire7.99 USD7.991,241 729 1,970 0.00203
Cape Verde7.99 USD7.991,245 729 1,974 0.00202
Equatorial Guinea7.99 USD7.991,315 727 2,042 0.00196
Mozambique7.99 USD7.991,286 763 2,049 0.00195
Fiji7.99 USD7.991,363 696 2,059 0.00194
Ghana7.99 USD7.991,341 739 2,080 0.00192
Mauritius7.99 USD7.991,338 752 2,090 0.00191

Top 10 least cost-effective countries for Netflix premium plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Guernsey17.99 GBP21.831,285 627 1,912 0.00285
Uganda9.99 USD9.99776 461 1,237 0.00202
Seychelles9.99 USD9.99848 550 1,398 0.00179
Côte d’Ivoire9.99 USD9.991,241 729 1,970 0.00127
Cape Verde9.99 USD9.991,245 729 1,974 0.00127
Equatorial Guinea9.99 USD9.991,315 727 2,042 0.00122
Mozambique9.99 USD9.991,286 763 2,049 0.00122
Fiji9.99 USD9.991,363 696 2,059 0.00121
Ghana9.99 USD9.991,341 739 2,080 0.00120
Mauritius9.99 USD9.991,338 752 2,090 0.00119

Are Netflix plans with ads worth it?

One of the biggest advantages of streaming platforms over standard TV channels is their lack of adverts. So are the cheaper plans with ads on Netflix worth it? And do they offer the best value for money when we compare them to basic plans without ads from around the world?

Interestingly, in this update, there have been some changes to the ad-based plans as these are now based on standard plans rather than basic plans–but prices remain the same. This effectively means that you can have more users on one plan, which will add to their cost-effectiveness. As with the above analysis, we’ve multiplied the library sizes by two to get a cost per title for each country.

Netflix standard plans with ads

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title (with Ads)Per per Title (w/out Ads)
Australia6.99 AUD4.422,492 4,298 6,790 0.000330.00079
Brazil18.9 BRL3.732,308 3,889 6,197 0.000300.00064
Canada5.99 CAD4.372,376 4,358 6,734 0.000320.00089
France5.99 EUR6.342,356 4,831 7,187 0.000440.00099
Germany4.99 EUR5.282,351 5,097 7,448 0.000350.00092
Italy5.49 EUR5.812,139 4,865 7,004 0.000410.00098
Japan790 JPY5.272,427 4,051 6,478 0.000410.00077
Mexico99 MXN5.402,338 3,923 6,261 0.000430.00095
South Korea5,500 KRW4.052,404 3,927 6,331 0.000320.00079
Spain5.49 EUR5.812,200 4,895 7,095 0.000410.00097
United Kingdom4.99 GBP6.062,538 5,061 7,599 0.000400.00088
United States6.99 USD6.992,438 3,951 6,389 0.000550.00121

It probably goes without saying that all 12 countries save a reasonable amount of money per title when opting for the standard plan with ads. But as the above table demonstrates, some get a better deal than others.

The US, Germany, Canada, and Italy save the most per title when choosing the basic with ads plan (saving over $0.0005 per title), while Brazil (which boasts the most cost-effective basic with ads plan) saves less than half the US per title.

But none of these countries get a better deal per title than the seven most cost-effective countries for basic plans without ads–Pakistan, India, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, the Philippines, and Indonesia. All of these countries pay less than $0.00062 per title, with Pakistanis paying as little as $0.00025 per title. And they all enjoy an above-average library size.

The cheapest places to get Netflix

Here we can compare all of the countries Netflix is available in (245 in total) to see which countries pay the most and least for their subscriptions on a cost-per-month basis. We can also see just how the recent price hikes and cuts have affected these costs.

As well as being the most cost-effective country on a cost-per-title basis, Pakistan is also the most cost-effective country on a cost-per-month basis. At just $1.63, $2.90, and $3.98 per month for a basic, standard, and premium subscription, Pakistan’s prices win hands down. And when we consider its great library selection, Pakistanis get a great deal for their Netflix streaming service.

On average, users are now paying $6.59, $10.12, and $13.46 per month for their basic, standard, and premium Netflix subscriptions. This means Pakistanis are paying as much as $9.48 less than average for their subscriptions.

The UK’s and US’s recent price hikes mean users there are paying more than average for their subscriptions.

UK users pay up to $8.37 more than average with monthly prices of £7.99 ($9.70), £10.99 ($13.34), and £17.99 ($21.83) for basic, standard, and premium plans. US users pay up to $9.53 more than average with plan prices of $11.99, $15.49, and $22.99.

But this is nothing compared to the two most expensive countries–Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Users in these countries pay $6.70 more than average for basic plans ($13.34 compared to $6.59), over $11 more than average for standard plans ($21.19 compared to $10.12), and nearly $14.50 more than average for premium plans ($27.92 compared to $13.46).

If you are looking to securely access your Netflix library from abroad, here are the best VPNs for Netflix currently available on the market.

Netflix cost FAQs

Does Netflix offer an annual subscription plan?

No, Netflix doesn’t offer an annual subscription plan. Instead, it offers multiple monthly subscription tiers: Basic, Standard with ads (currently only available in 12 countries) Standard, and Premium.

The basic subscription tier lets you stream content in 720p HD on one device at a time. Both standard plans (with ads and ad-free) support 1080p full HD streaming and up to two devices at once. Only a premium subscription allows you to watch Netflix in 4K UHD.

How many subscribers did Netflix lose in 2023?

In 2023, Netflix lost customers. During the second quarter of the year, the company reported a loss of approximately 970,000 subscribers. This was the largest quarterly subscriber loss that Netflix experienced since it launched. The good news for Netflix is that this loss was less severe than expected. Netflix had initially projected that it was going to lose 2 million following unexpected growth caused by the pandemic.

During the early phase of the pandemic in 2020, Netflix gained nearly 26 million subscribers in the first half of the year. Following this explosion, a readjustment was always expected and the fact that it lost 1 million fewer subscribers than predicted actually demonstrates impressive retention.

Is Netflix different in every country?

Yes, Netflix content is different in every country. This is due to licensing restrictions. As such, you may find that when you travel abroad on vacation, you can no longer stream some TV shows and movies. This is one of the reasons why we recommend you use a VPN to securely access your Netflix account as normal.

Note that when it comes to the most popular Netflix Original series, Netflix owns global rights which means these titles are available in most countries.

How can I get Netflix for free?

While Netflix did used to offer free trials, this is unfortunately no longer the case. Its cheapest plan is Standard with ads which costs $6.99 a month in the US (prices vary by country). The Netflix password sharing crackdown means that getting free Netflix from a friend or family member is no longer on the table either.

With the exception of the basic tier, all Netflix plans support at least two devices at a time. So you may be able to get Netflix for free if you live with someone who is happy to share their subscription.

Alternatively, it’s worth keeping an eye out for promotions from telecommunications company, be it from mobile or internet providers. It’s not technically free but if you were planning on signing up with a company, you may be able to take advantage of an offer to get Netflix for free.

Can I use a VPN to get a Netflix account for less?

Yes. If you are an expat or somebody who is living abroad for work or studying, you can easily take advantage of cheaper Netflix prices back home. As you already have a valid payment method in your home country, it is extremely easy for you to connect to a VPN server in your home country to purchase a cheaper subscription.

For this reason, it is a good idea to check the difference in cost between where you are now and your home country. If you are visiting the UK, the US, or some other country where Netflix is expensive, the savings could be pretty decent. Netflix might require a local form of payment.

The only caveat to all of this is that using a VPN to buy a cheaper Netflix subscription is technically against the terms of service. So, doing so, even if you are only living abroad because of your studies is technically a breach. For this reason, you should remember that you always use a VPN at your own risk and Netflix withholds the right to cancel an account if it believes its policies were breached.