Which country watches the most Netflix

During Q3 of 2022, Netflix’s subscriber figures surpassed 223 million, meaning 2.8 percent of the world’s population pays for a Netflix account.

But which country is binging the most Netflix and how much content has the average person in each country consumed since their Netflix subscription began?

Results are based on the 29,793 Netflix viewing histories uploaded through our Time Spent Streaming tool.

Key findings

Since opening their Netflix account, the average user has spent:

  • 66,175 minutes watching Netflix (equivalent to 1,103 hours or 46 days)
  • 10,974 minutes watching Netflix movies (equivalent to 183 hours or 8 days).  This accounts for just 16.5% of their overall viewing
  • 55,201 minutes watching Netflix TV series (920 hours or 38 days). This accounts for over 83% of their overall viewing
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South Americans watch the most Netflix

According to our statistics, South Americans are streaming the most Netflix content. But there is one country that gets our “biggest binge-watchers” title–Peru.

Peruvians have consumed an average of 118,776 minutes of Netflix since they first subscribed. This equates to 1,980 hours or 82 days–almost double the average. And they are closely followed by Argentinians who have binged an average of 108,476 minutes of Netflix since opening their account. Other top countries include Chile, Mexico, and Brazil all of which have consumed over 95,000 minutes on average.

Interestingly, Argentina and Brazil are among the most cost-effective places to have a Netflix (basic plan) subscription in – according to our “Which countries pay the most and least for Netflix?” study. In contrast, the countries that are more “casual” viewers of Netflix (the majority of European countries, for example) often fall within our “less cost-effective” range, too. This suggests that many of the countries that already have the most cost-effective Netflix accounts are getting even more value for their money by utilizing their Netflix accounts the most.

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Europeans and Asians watch the least Netflix

At the other end of the scale are Qataris who have watched less than half the average Netflix viewer. Having watched an average of 30,811 minutes of Netflix, Qataris have consumed 1,466 hours (over 61 days) less than Peruvians.

The second-most-casual viewers were Slovakians with an average of 34,416 minutes of Netflix viewing, followed by the Maltese with 37,745, Lithuanians with 37,949, and Hungarians with 39,627.

South Americans are binging the most TV series

Even though all users binge more series than movies, it’s the South Americans who are getting through the most. Argentinians have watched the most minutes of TV series, averaging 92,124 minutes, which is nearly 85 percent of their overall content. But it’s actually Singaporeans who dedicate most of their Netflix viewing time to TV series. Almost 94 percent of their Netflix titles are TV series, with the average Singaporean watching 59,259 minutes of TV series compared to just 4,018 minutes of movies.

It is perhaps no coincidence, then, that Singaporeans have the second-highest TV series library according to our Netflix comparison study. With access to 2,410 TV shows in their library, residents of Singapore gain access to over 400 more titles than the average user.

Argentinians are closely followed by Peruvians, Chileans, and Brazilians who have watched 87,439, 85,159, and 80,512 minutes of TV series respectively – all of which make up over 70 percent of their viewing totals.

The average viewer also favors TV series to movies, watching an average of 55,201 minutes of TV series which makes up for around 83 percent of their overall viewing time.

Peruvians are binging the most movies

Averaging 31,336 minutes of movie watching, Peruvians have spent the most time watching movies. This average of over 31,000 minutes of movie watching is far higher than second- and third-place Mexico (19,266 minutes) and Canada (18,669 minutes) and a whopping three times higher than average (10,974).

However, it’s residents of the United Arab Emirates who dedicate the biggest portion of their Netflix viewing to movies. In the UAE, the average Netflix user spent 26.44 percent of their time watching movies on Netflix. This is just slightly higher than Peruvians (26.38 percent).

Other users who enjoy a good movie are New Zealanders who dedicate nearly 25 percent of their Netflix views to movies – on average.

Americans, Australians, Canadians, and the British are above-average Netflix users

Residents of the US, UK, Australia, and Canada watch more Netflix than the average viewer.

The average American has watched 88,643 minutes or 62 days of Netflix (16 days more than average) and dedicates 85 percent of viewing time to TV series.

The British have binged an average of 78,874 minutes or 55 days of Netflix (9 days more than average), while Australians have binged only slightly more than the average user, consuming 67,817 minutes or 47 days of Netflix (only one day more than average). Around 78 percent of the titles viewed by residents in these two countries are TV series.

But it’s the Canadians who are the biggest binge-watchers out of this bunch, watching 94,648 minutes or 66 days of Netflix on average. That’s 20 days more than the average viewer. Over 80 percent of the content watched is a TV series, too.

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Results are based on the 29,793 Netflix viewing histories uploaded through our Time Spent Streaming tool. Any country with results from less than 7 users was removed.