Craig McCart

Craig McCart is a content writer and copywriter with 10+ years of experience working in cybersecurity in a corporate VPN environment. Since working for Comparitech, he's taken all of his experience and applied his knowledge to provide enjoyable and educational content.

Craig researches the latest cybersecurity trends in an ever-changing landscape to provide VPN guides, comparisons, and reviews that are easy for readers to consume.
When he's taking a break from being a Comparitech word-wizard, he spends time playing games with his baby (his power-hungry gaming PC).

His typical go-to titles are God of War, New World, and the occasional Metal Gear Solid speedrun (the best game ever, in his opinion).

When he's not gaming, he's with his family (with actual non-gaming computer babies!), enjoying days out and the occasional trip abroad.

Articles by Craig

Malvertising, a form of malware injected into web and app advertisements is on the rise. Join us as we deep dive into some of the most recent malvertising trends, how malvertising works, and more.
By Craig McCart in Information Security on March 29, 2022
Surfshark and Norton Secure VPN share several similarities, but which one takes the top spot? We've detailed everything you need to know in our Surfshark v Norton Secure VPN comparison.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on September 21, 2022
PC Matic vs. Norton - which will come out on top? In this article, you'll find a head-to-head comparison that decides the ultimate internet security suite with the best features.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on September 19, 2023
Norton vs. Malwarebytes are two of the most reputable names in the security industry, but which one comes out on top? Stick with me as I put both providers head to head.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on March 25, 2022
Microsoft Defender and Norton are two well-known providers of personal internet security packages, but only one can come out on top. You’ll find a side-by-side comparison detailed in this article. 
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on September 6, 2023
Which antivirus software goes the extra mile to ensure your device remains free of malicious threats? My Microsoft Defender vs. McAfee comparison will reveal the winner.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on September 6, 2023
Trying to watch YouTube videos when you're constantly interrupted by ads is pretty frustrating. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop ads in their tracks - and we’re discussing them right here.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on August 14, 2023
Turbo VPN has taken the freemium VPN space by storm with its unlimited data cap and excellent server speeds. But some users are looking for alternatives due to the uncertainty around its privacy practices.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on March 23, 2022
The clash of two antivirus giants - Microsoft Defender and Bitdefender. Which software is better for internet security? Which is the best value? We cover it all in this comparison.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on September 5, 2023
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