Mark Gill

Mark Gill is a writer and editor. Specializing in digital privacy, he joined in October 2018 and has since written extensively on the subject of VPNs.

Mark regularly tests and reviews a wide range of VPN services and provides comprehensive information and advice related to both online privacy protection and how you can use a VPN to watch your favorite TV shows and sporting events from abroad.

Following his graduation from the University of Lincoln with a BA (Hons) degree in English and Journalism, Mark moved from the UK to Spain. He then spent five years teaching English as a foreign language before becoming a writer and editor full time. Mark has also written extensively about cryptocurrency and its various privacy-related advantages.

When he’s not writing for Comparitech, Mark regularly uses VPNs to keep up with TV shows and football matches from home. He also enjoys mountain biking, screenwriting, and obsessing over every little detail of his fantasy football team!

Articles by Mark

Not sure how to go about installing a VPN on your LG Smart TV? Find out how the best VPNs for LG Smart TV help you secure your connection and access region-locked content.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on April 14, 2023
Looking for a VPN for your Samsung Smart TV? While VPNs provide many benefits, not all are Smart TV compatible. That’s why we’ve found the best VPNs for Samsung Smart TV.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on April 13, 2023
Connected to IPVanish but can’t stream Hulu? We list some common reasons why IPVanish isn’t working with Hulu. We cover the potential fixes as well as suggesting some alternative VPNs to use.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on April 8, 2023
Unable to stream your favorite show due to the Hulu proxy error? Don’t worry! We explain how you can use a VPN to fix the Hulu proxy error. We’ll also reveal which VPNs work best.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on April 3, 2023
Don’t want to miss out on Jesse Rodriguez vs Cristian Gonzalez? The title fight will be available to stream live online. If you’re traveling abroad at the time of the bout, you may need a VPN to watch it.
By Mark Gill in Sports Streaming on April 3, 2023
ExpressVPN and Windscribe are two popular providers. While they share some features in common, they also differ in many areas. To help you decide, we compare what they have to offer.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on April 1, 2023
Concerned about your password security? If you’d like to be able to create unique passwords for your accounts, you can benefit from the best password managers for iPhone.
By Mark Gill in Password Managers on March 21, 2023
Having trouble with BBC iPlayer while connected to CyberGhost? Don’t panic! CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs you can use with BBC iPlayer. Read on to find out how you can fix the problem.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on March 20, 2023
Trying to find a password manager for your Android device? We cover the very best password managers for Android that make it quick and easy to securely store your login details.
By Mark Gill in Password Managers on March 16, 2023
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