The broadband speed test that raises money for charity

Billions of speed test are run annually. If just 1% used this speed test we could raise millions for charity!

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We donate 1 cent for each speed test (max one per user)

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What is the broadband speed test?

Measure your broadband internet speed in seconds using our free tool, and earn money for charity while you do it. That’s the idea behind Comparitech’s broadband speed test, which measures download speed, upload speed, and latency (ping) on any type of broadband: ADSL, cable, fiber, and even mobile connections like 3G and 4G LTE.

How does the broadband speed test work?

Every time you use the test, you’re connected to the nearest available test server to help ensure accurate results with minimal congestion. Small, temporary files called packets are uploaded from and downloaded to your device from that server to analyze the connection speed. Comparitech does not store your IP address or any identifying information, but we do use cookies and analytics to check whether a user has run a test in the past and prevent abuse. The test does not use Flash.

The results of this test reflect the speed of your internet connection at time of testing, but may not give a clear indication of your overall internet speeds or bandwidth. To ensure more accurate results, turn off applications and services that consume internet bandwidth, and disconnect other devices in your home or office that might also be consuming bandwidth.

We utilize Amazon’s cloud servers. Tests are secure and conducted from the nearest cloud node based on users’ location, fastest TTL, and country. We do not allow 3rd party network providers to act as a test host, ruling out biased or tweaked results.

Speed testing for charity

For each user that runs the broadband speed test, Comparitech donates one cent (US$0.01) to either the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit digital rights advocacy group, or Computers 4 Africa, which funds access to computers in developing nations on said continent. The leading online speed test is run 3 billion times per year. If we can get just one percent of those people to use our broadband speed test, we could raise millions for charity. Please note we only make one contribution per user to avoid abuse of the tool.

You can see Comparitech listed as an EFF fundraiser here.

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