Is blocked in China?

The Russia-based social networking website is not blocked in China. It appears that requests to requests from mainland China to the Russian website all go through without any errors.

However, there is a chance that parts of will be blocked in China. This is because you can login into and interact with using your Facebook account. As we and others have discovered, Facebook is blocked in mainland China, and has been for several years.

If you are trying to login to and getting errors, you may want to try connecting by signing up separately with an email address and separate login information instead of using a permission-based login through Facebook.

If you are determined to access using your Facebook credentials, you may want to try using a VPN to bypass China’s extensive content restrictions.

Tip: Only a select few VPNs work in China. The list is also decreasing in number as China continues to crack down on VPNs. Check out our China VPN list to see available, working VPNs for China. is a social networking site originally founded in Russia. It is also currently the most popular social networking site in that country. is also popular than sites like Facebook and Twitter in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Although China has a habit of blocking foreign social media sites and services, it does not block There are many reasons one might speculate for this, including the close diplomatic ties between the two countries. It may also be that, like China, Russia rates fairly low on the Press Freedom Index. Both countries tend to limit various forms of free speech, press, and expression, making a Russian social networking site less of a risk to China’s staunch anti-free speech environment.

If you are finding blocked in China due to complications with Facebook, you may want to consider reading our guide on how to unblock Facebook in China.