Best HIPAA Training Tools for Employees

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) stands as the cornerstone of legislation dedicated to preserving the privacy and security of patients’ personal health data. Compliance with HIPAA regulations is not just a legal obligation, but also an ethical imperative in the healthcare industry

To navigate the intricacies of HIPAA effectively, healthcare professionals, organizations, and their associates require comprehensive training. HIPAA training equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data. However, finding the right tools and resources for HIPAA training can be a daunting task in itself.

This article acts as a helpful guide to navigating the complexities of HIPAA compliance training. We’ve meticulously curated a list of the best HIPAA training tools available today. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, an administrator, an IT professional, or a business associate, our recommendations cover a spectrum of options to cater to your unique needs.

Here is our list of the best HIPAA training tools for employees:

  1. This organization fully justifies its name by offering a long list of training courses that explain the HIPAA regulations for different types of businesses, different working roles, and how implementation expectations differ from state to state.
  2. ProHIPAA Online video courses that offer awareness training of employees and guidance for business managers.
  3. Biologix Solutions Short video courses that are available for free – pay for proof of attendance.
  4. HIPAA Associates A HIPAA implementation consultancy that provides training seminars
  5. Inspired eLearning HIPAA AND HITECH Training A security training platform that offers short online videos on the topic of HIPAA.
  6. HIPAA Exams Mid-market training that goes beyond a quick video and provides career path courses for professionals as well as awareness training for employees.

The Best HIPAA Training Tools for Employees

Our methodology for selecting HIPAA training tools for employees

We reviewed the market for HIPAA training systems for employees and analyzed the options based on the following criteria:

  • Tailored training for healthcare providers
  • Role-based training
  • Legal awareness guidance for business managers
  • Best practices for data processing clerks and frontline staff
  • Updates on changes in the regulations and regional variations
  • A training platform that also offers courses in other data privacy standards
  • Sources of free information and reasonably priced courses

By taking into account these criteria, we selected training providers and industry bodies that provide guidance and information on HIPAA as well as full training courses.

1. is a leading provider of HIPAA training and certification services. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of compliance education. plays a vital role in helping healthcare organizations and professionals navigate the complexities of HIPAA regulations through its comprehensive training programs, expert instructors, and flexible learning.

Key Features:

  • A focused provider
  • Courses tailored to job roles
  • Business sector-specific training
  • Guidance on state variations
  • Certification available

Unique Feature set itself up specifically for HIPAA training and started that remit with the selection of its website’s domain. The business is an excellent source of training courses for HIPAA.

Why do we recommend it? has a list of specific courses for different business types and job roles. IT even has an overview of the HIPAA regulation for those companies that are not sure whether HIPAA applies to them. Training for individuals is available both for those who want to pay for their own certification course and for organizations that want to train up their employees.

With over two decades of experience in the field of HIPAA compliance, the company has established itself as a trusted resource in the healthcare industry. HIPAATraining provides HIPAA compliance solutions, including training and certification for both individuals and organizations. The platform simplifies the management and monitoring of training courses, making it a single destination for a streamlined training process for professionals of various backgrounds, ensuring efficient administration and tracking of training outcomes.

The Individual Training is targeted at individuals looking to obtain their HIPAA Awareness training certification to satisfy the training requirement under HIPAA. It is also intended to provide to an employer/organization as proof of training before they can allow you access to their patients’ health information. HIPAA compliance for an organization revolves around protecting the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) that the organization has or will have access to. offers a wide range of training programs designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations and professionals. These programs cover various aspects of HIPAA compliance, including:

  • HIPAA Privacy Training This program focuses on the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which outlines the standards for protecting patients’ privacy and the proper handling of their health information.
  • HIPAA Security Training The HIPAA Security Rule is addressed in this program, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding electronic health records (EHRs) and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of healthcare data.
  • HIPAA Compliance Officer Training Designed for individuals responsible for overseeing HIPAA compliance within an organization, this program provides in-depth knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the role effectively.
  • HIPAA for Business Associates Business associates, such as IT vendors and third-party service providers, can access specialized training to understand their HIPAA obligations and responsibilities.

Who is it recommended for?

There are two audiences for the courses on the site. The first of these is businesses and the topic of HIPAA will only interest companies that are active in the USA for specific, healthcare-related activities. The other stream is for individuals who want to pay for courses to improve their appeal on the jobs market.


  • Career advancement options for individuals
  • Employee training courses
  • Sector-specific guidance
  • Details of legal obligations
  • Certification courses


  • No free courses

Certificates issued by are valid for two years, after which you are required to recertify. By partnering with, individuals and organizations can ensure they are well-prepared to protect patient information, uphold privacy standards, and maintain HIPAA compliance in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.



ProHIPAA is an accredited HIPAA compliance training from ProTrainings, a company that offers more than a dozen other safety and compliance training courses. ProHIPAA has gained recognition as a leading training platform specializing in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. They offer a wide range of training programs meticulously crafted to address the diverse requirements of healthcare organizations and professionals.

Key Features:

  • Online courses
  • A stream for Texan regulations
  • Business leader courses
  • Employee training

Unique Feature

This provider is similar to in that it provides courses for business managers and employees. However, the service does not have such an extensive list of courses as its rival and focuses on servicing businesses rather than individuals.

Why do we recommend it?

ProHIPAA is a good choice for businesses that operate in the healthcare sector and need to ensure that their working practices are fully compliant with the standards. As well as offering business framework guidance, the provider has a training course for employees, which promotes regulation awareness.

ProHIPAA services include specialized HIPAA training designed for leaders. Known as “HIPAA for Leaders,” this program equips administrators with the necessary training to ensure their organization’s compliance. What sets ProHIPAA apart is that their courses are accessible at no cost. Payment is only necessary if you require formal documentation of your HIPAA training for professional purposes. Upon purchasing the course, you gain access to a brief multiple-choice test designed to verify your comprehension of the material. Following successful completion of the test, you receive a printable PDF certificate as proof of your accomplishment.

Who is it recommended for?

This platform delivers all of its courses online, so businesses far from the big cities don’t need to worry about whether there is a nearby training center. These courses can be taken in the office, at home, or on the move and there are training courses for organizational managers that explain the regulations and employee training for suitable working practices.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Certification available
  • Video-baed courses that can be accessed on any device, including mobiles
  • Free videos with a charge for attendance proof


  • Not an in-depth regulation course

ProHIPAA offers an added advantage by granting instant access to the HIPAA test immediately after course purchase. You have the flexibility to take and retake the test as many times as needed, all at no additional cost. Once you successfully pass the test, you are provided with the option to print your certificate of completion as many times as required, all without incurring any additional fees. However, ProHIPAA’s certificate is only valid for one year.

3. Biologix Solutions

Biologix Solutions

Biologix Solutions is a leading provider of online compliance training courses, specializing in healthcare-related training and education. As an officially sanctioned provider of online continuing education (CE/CEUs) and mandatory training for healthcare and body art professionals, the company enjoys U.S. government approval. Courses offered by Biologix Solutions are authored by experienced professionals, ensuring a superior quality learning experience for all participants.

Key Features:

  • Training for healthcare professionals
  • Online courses
  • Completion certificates

Unique Feature

Biologix Solutions provides training courses for healthcare professionals and its list of courses includes HIPAA guidance. The HIPAA courses include self-paced training and one-hour overviews.

Why do we recommend it?

The Biologix courses cost as little as $10 each and they are all delivered online. The HIPAA courses provide an overview and a general outline of the regulations rather than a detailed framework for implementation. This system will provide you with a completion certificate, but it isn’t comprehensive enough to make you a HIPAA consultant.

For healthcare professionals seeking a blend of HIPAA compliance and other continuing education credits, Biologix Solutions provides a comprehensive class library featuring entirely self-paced online HIPAA training. With the flexibility of 24/7 accessibility on any device, each course can be revisited as many times as required until a passing score is achieved. Biologix also maintains training records and course completion certificates for six years, ensuring that documentation is readily available in the event of an audit for businesses.

Key features and capabilities of Biologix Solutions’ HIPAA training services include:

  • Online Accessibility Biologix Solutions’ courses are available online, making it convenient for healthcare professionals to access training materials at their own pace and on their schedule. This flexibility is especially valuable for busy healthcare workers.
  • Interactive Learning Their training modules are designed to engage participants actively. Interactive elements, including quizzes and real-life case studies, help reinforce understanding and retention of HIPAA regulations.
  • Certification Successful completion of their courses results in HIPAA certification, demonstrating compliance to regulators, employers, and patients.
  • Expert Instructors Biologix Solutions collaborates with experienced instructors who have in-depth knowledge of HIPAA regulations and the healthcare industry. Their expertise ensures that participants receive high-quality education.
  • Cost-Effective Biologix Solutions offers competitive pricing for its HIPAA training services, making it accessible to a wide range of healthcare professionals and organizations.

Who is it recommended for?

This is a handy employee training tool. Companies can schedule training for their employees that can be implemented at a time to suit the worker. The completion certificates provide that business with proof that each employee has completed the awareness training. There is a choice of courses but none of them go in depth into the regulations.


  • Awareness training for employees
  • Other courses available
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not a detailed course for career advancement

By choosing Biologix Solutions as your training partner, healthcare professionals and organizations can ensure that they are well-equipped to navigate the complex world of HIPAA compliance with confidence. By prioritizing HIPAA compliance through their training, healthcare organizations can demonstrate their dedication to patient privacy and data security in an increasingly digital age.

4. HIPAA Associates

HIPAA Associates

HIPAA Associates boasts a legacy of delivering HIPAA compliance training and consulting services that span back to 2002, solidifying its position as one of the most established organizations in the field of HIPAA compliance training. Since the advent of HIPAA, HIPAA Associates have trained thousands of healthcare providers either in face-to-face sessions or through their web-based platform. The core mission of HIPAA Associates is to make HIPAA training and compliance painless and understandable.

Key Features:

  • A HIPAA consultancy
  • Implementation and guidance
  • Employee training

Unique Feature

This provider is a consultancy that helps businesses understand HIPAA obligations, implement systems to enforce compliance, and train employees to ensure awareness. This company can take your business all the way through to being a fully compliant HIPAA-aware organization.

Why do we recommend it?

HIPAA Associates provides different levels of training services. The company’s main activity is as a HIPAA implementation service and a compliance auditor, so a certain amount of training is provided in the course of those activities. For example, an implementation strategy will start off with a presentation from the company just to get your business.

Leveraging a combination of knowledge and hands-on experience, HIPAA Associates is dedicated to offering easily accessible HIPAA training and consultancy services to healthcare entities and professionals. Their staff team holds certifications from two of the most reputable healthcare compliance associations in the U.S.: the Health Care Compliance Association and The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). This certification underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of expertise and quality in the field of healthcare compliance.

HIPAA Associate’s array of services encompasses every aspect of HIPAA compliance:

  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures We offer expertly crafted policies and procedures tailored to your organization’s needs, ensuring that you meet HIPAA’s rigorous standards.
  • HIPAA Training Our training programs are designed to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to uphold HIPAA regulations effectively.
  • Breach Reporting In the unfortunate event of a breach, we provide guidance and support for prompt and accurate reporting as required by law.
  • Risk Analysis Our experts conduct thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your compliance efforts and implement strategies to mitigate potential issues.
  • Audits We offer comprehensive audits to assess your compliance status and recommend necessary improvements.
  • Investigations In case of incidents or suspicions of non-compliance, our team conducts thorough investigations to root out issues and provide resolutions.
  • Office for Civil Rights Responses We handle all communications and interactions with the Office for Civil Rights on your behalf, ensuring that you’re well-prepared and responsive to any inquiries.
  • Annual Policy Review and Updates We keep your policies and procedures up-to-date, reflecting changes in regulations and industry best practices.

Upon successful completion of any course, you will receive a HIPAA certificate, a guarantee that’s fulfilled within just 90 minutes after finishing the course. You’re allowed to retake the course as many times as needed at no extra cost. The certificates issued remain valid for two years.

Who is it recommended for?

This company’s services are useful for any company in the USA that is planning on implementing HIPAA compliance. Even those companies that want to perform systems compliance implementation without assistance could benefit from the training packages offered by HIPAA Associates.


  • A bespoke service
  • Business presentations and implementation guidance
  • Employee training packages


  • This is a consultancy service and so will cost a lot more than online videos

For group training sessions, HIPAA Associates exclusively offers web-based options that can be customized to align with your company’s branding. As for pricing, it is determined based on the number of participants and the unique requirements of each group. Pricing is available on request and is dependent on the size and needs of each group.

5. Inspired eLearning HIPAA AND HITECH Training

VIPRE-Inspired eLearning

Inspired eLearning is a company that specializes in providing cybersecurity and data protection training solutions. Inspired eLearning Data Protection training teaches data protection laws and how to apply key principles and concepts that help safeguard against common data threats and vulnerabilities. This ensures that your organization can stay ahead of the curve, minimizing risks associated with non-compliance.

Key Features:

  • Short courses
  • Online training
  • HIPAA Overview

Unique Feature

This provider has a range of courses that include training for regulations compliance and also cybersecurity courses. All of its training courses are conducted online.

Why do we recommend it?

The Inspired eLearning courses are a little more in-depth than the online videos offered by Biologix but not as tailored as the bespoke training seminars run by HIPAA Associates. So, this is a mid-level solution that provides details of best practices for working within HIPAA guidelines.

Inspired eLearning platform is designed to cultivate a culture of privacy awareness within organizations of all sizes, whether comprising a sole employee or a workforce of 10,000. It offers a user-friendly, entirely web-based HIPAA training solution. Our comprehensive programs cater to both supervisors and employees within Covered Entities, Business Associates, and Direct Care providers. Notably, our legal content undergoes review by the esteemed employment law firm Fisher Phillips.

The platform can be used to onboard new employees and ensure that they receive HIPAA training as part of their orientation process. Inspired eLearning courses can help new hires understand the importance of HIPAA compliance from the beginning of their employment.

Organizations can use their Inspired eLearning platform to support HIPAA training and compliance efforts in the following ways:

  • Customized HIPAA Training Courses Inspired eLearning typically offers customizable HIPAA training courses that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and policies of your organization. You can adapt the content to align with your organization’s practices and procedures, ensuring that employees receive relevant training.
  • Regular Employee Training Conduct regular, ongoing HIPAA training for all employees to reinforce compliance. Inspired eLearning often provides interactive and engaging training materials that keep employees informed and engaged throughout their learning journey.
  • Remote Learning If your organization has remote or distributed teams, Inspired eLearning’s online training platform can be especially valuable. Employees can access the training materials from anywhere, allowing for flexibility in training schedules.
  • Tracking and Reporting The platform typically includes tracking and reporting features, which allow organizations to monitor employee progress. This feature is critical for tracking who has completed training and when they did so, making it easier to maintain compliance records.
  • Compliance Documentation Inspired eLearning often assists organizations in documenting their compliance efforts. This documentation is essential for proving compliance during audits or investigations.
  • Phishing and Security Awareness Training In addition to general HIPAA training, Inspired eLearning may offer security awareness training to help employees recognize and respond to phishing attempts or other security threats that could compromise patient data.

Who is it recommended for?

The Inspired eLearning platform is an online, video-based system, so the courses can be followed by each employee separately, without the need to organize a classroom or schedule all workers to leave their desks at the same time. This is good for any busy office that operates in the healthcare sector.


  • Self-paced learning
  • Courses for supervisors and systems managers
  • Awareness training for clerks


  • No price list

6. HIPAA Exams


HIPAA Exams is a platform owned by a company called 360training.  The platform provides HIPAA training for individuals and organizations that are considered covered entities or business associates under HIPAA regulations. This includes healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.), administrative staff, IT personnel, and anyone who comes into contact with PHI, such as receptionists, billing personnel, human resources, and contractors. This includes healthcare providers, health plans, clearinghouses, and any other entities that handle or have access to protected health information (PHI).

Key Features:

  • Detailed career paths
  • Certification
  • Employee training

Unique Feature

As the company’s name suggests, this business is concerned with providing courses that provide verifiable training for workers.

Why do we recommend it?

HIPAA Exams is a very similar business to This company offers both HIPAA overviews, detailed compliance training for consultants, guidance training for system administrators and auditors, and awareness training for clerks and frontline staff. All of the courses of this company are conducted online.

HIPAA Exams’ training services encompass both healthcare organizations and business associates. Business associate HIPAA training pertains to the instruction provided to individuals or entities designated as business associates under HIPAA regulations. A business associate refers to a person or entity engaged in specific functions or activities on behalf of a covered entity, such as a healthcare provider or health insurer, which entails the utilization or disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

Examples of business associates encompass billing companies, IT support providers, cloud storage services, and medical transcription firms. The primary aim of business associate HIPAA training is to educate individuals or entities about their obligations and duties in handling PHI, ensuring strict adherence to HIPAA regulations.

Who is it recommended for?

The courses can be paid for by individuals who want to improve their career prospects. Professional exams are IACET-accredited., which means they count as valid college courses. However, they are not specifically endorsed by any legal or medical body. The provider also offers group training packages for businesses that need compliance awareness training for their staff.


  • Well-organized courses
  • Short role-specific courses
  • Multi-week courses for career development


  • Doesn’t offer any college degrees

HIPAA Exams is accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). IACET is recognized internationally as a standard development organization and accrediting body that promotes the quality of continuing education and training.