There are hundreds of addons available for Kodi, but only a small number of addons that offer quality Bollywood films and TV shows. This guide will walk you through some of the best Bollywood Kodi add-ons for Hindi, Punjabi and Desi movies on Kodi.

The latest stable version of Kodi is Kodi v18.6 “Leia”.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Before we start: How to use Kodi safely

A VPN can be used to hide a user’s streaming activity. Additionally, there are many other legitimate reasons for installing a reliable VPN. Firstly, VPNs mask one’s online identity, subsequently protecting users from security risks such as man-in-the middle attacks. These attacks cause your internet connection to be intercepted by a malicious individual who will have access to your precious data if successful.

In addition to man-in-the middle attacks, there is a possibility that add-ons may have malicious code built into them. A VPN might be able to assist with avoiding this risk due to how it reroutes traffic.

VPNs can also provide users with access to geo-restricted content. Some services only work in certain countries, but a VPN can reroute your internet connection through a server in a country of your choice. This ultimately gives you access to content you usually would not have access to because of your location.

In order to stream high-quality content via Kodi, you will need a fast, reliable VPN which can cope with the bandwidth demands of streaming. IPVanish is our recommended VPN but feel free to peruse our full list of recommended VPN services.

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Best Bollywood Kodi Add-ons for Hindi, Punjabi and Desi Movies: Official Add-ons

The add-ons explored in this section can be obtained through legitimate services such as the official Kodi addon repository. These add-ons stream content legally and don’t pose much of a privacy concern.


einthusan bollywood kodi addons

It hardly gets better than Einthusan when it comes to Bollywood content. This addon streams directly from the official Einthusan.tv website. Einthusan licenses its content legally, making it a great choice for Bollywood Kodi fans who want to keep their content streaming legal.

To install this addon, you’ll need to download the Reasons Repository.

  • Click here, then download the repository.reasonrepo file
  • Next, open Kodi, then go to Addons
  • Click on the Package symbol on the top left, then on Install from zip
  • Locate your downloads folder, then click the repository.reasonrepo zip file to install
  • Go back to the previous screen, then click on Install from repository
  • Locate Reason Repo, then click on Video addons. From there, install Einthusan


Jio TV customers can sign in and begin streaming a huge range of Bollywood movies at no added cost. That’s not all, though: you’ll also be able to watch international blockbusters like Avengers: Infinity War.

Jiotv+ is available in the BotAllen repository, which can be installed directly from the Fusion installer.

Eros Now

This service offers access to thousands of movies in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, and another seven languages. There are also TV shows and music playlists, just in case you’d like something a little different. Note this Eros Now usually costs $4.99 USD per month but that it comes with a two-week free trial in some locations.

The Eros Now Kodi addon can be found in the YoColdRain repository.



YouTube really needs no introduction. This ever-popular video sharing website is also available as a Kodi add-on. YouTube is filled with Bollywood movies old and new. Simply carry out a search to see if you can locate the content you are looking for.

We recommend YouTube because it provides access to legal content. While there is a chance of coming across illegally streamed content on YouTube, this is quite small. Such content is usually quickly removed.

This addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository.

Unofficial Kodi Bollywood Add-ons for Hindi, Punjabi and Desi Movies

According to our research, these add-ons appear to provide access to great Bollywood content. You should, however, be aware that the content provided by the add-ons outlined below is likely to be provided via pirated streams and you may receive legal threats for accessing this content if your ISP can see you are doing so.



What is it? TV on DESI ZONE provides access to Bollywood content from two sources. Either from DesiRulez or DesiTVBox. Both sources provide access to live TV as well as on demand video.

Why should you avoid using it? TV on DESI ZONE provides access to content mostly through pirated streams. There is, however, a chance that there is some older content available which can be streamed legally in the public domain with this add-on. Nevertheless, because few legal options exist here, we do not recommend TV on Desi Zone for Kodi users.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux Kodi addon

What is it? Exodus Redux presents content to users in an easy-to-use format. There is a wide variety of video content available, including Bollywood films. Exodus allows for content to be organized according to language making it easy to find categories such as Hindi and Punjabi, providing quick access to your favorite Bollywood films.

Why should you avoid using it? Many of the films and TV shows that can be found through Exodus Redux are pirated. Users should take special care to find out if the content they are accessing can be accessed legally and safely in their countries. Due to its reliance on pirated content, we do not recommend Exodus for Kodi users.


bollywood kodi add-ons

What is it? Swa-Desi organizes content by Movies and TV. Under Movies You will find a wide variety of Bollywood titles arranged according to language and then further by genre and popularity. Movies in theatre and featured movies are also highlighted.

Why should you avoid using it? Because the content displayed by Swa-Desi is largely pirated we do not recommend this plugin.

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How to install Kodi add-ons

In order to install Kodi add-ons, the corresponding add-on’s repository must first be installed. After this step is completed, you can then search for and install the add-on. Add-ons can also be installed via .ZIP files.

If you wish to learn more about installing Kodi add-ons, take a look at this guide which covers the installation of repositories.

Streaming Laws in India

We by no means condone streaming of pirated material. However, you may be shocked to find out that it is not illegal to watch streamed content in India. You would, however, be running into trouble if you willingly distribute, publicly display, or sell copyrighted content without the requisite permissions.

Justice Gautam Patel made this announcement last year after a number of consumers were concerned after being warned by their ISPs that they could be punished for streaming content.

While it isn’t illegal you should still be careful when streaming and consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before downloading or streaming copyrighted material without permission. Remember that laws change and as ever you should do your own research.