ConnectWise RMM vs NinjaOne RMM

In the realm of Remote Monitoring and Management tools, ConnectWise and NinjaOne RMM stand out as leading solutions designed to streamline IT operations for businesses and managed service providers.

Below, I’ll delve into a detailed comparison between the two, exploring their features, usability, integration capabilities, and pricing to help you decide which platform best suits your organizational needs.

Key Takeaways

  • NinjaOne RMM offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface compared to ConnectWise, which is known for its comprehensive but complex interface.
  • While both platforms offer robust automation capabilities, ConnectWise provides a more extensive library of pre-built scripts and customization options.
  • ConnectWise’s unified platform integrates RMM with PSA and other tools, offering a comprehensive solution for IT management, while NinjaOne focuses on simplifying IT management with features like drag-and-drop scripting and self-healing automation.
  • ConnectWise is ideal for larger MSPs and IT service providers looking for a comprehensive, customizable solution to manage complex IT environments.

Major Differences

User Interface and Usability

ConnectWise offers a feature-rich environment that caters to a wide range of IT management needs, making it a powerful tool for those willing to navigate its complexity. In contrast, NinjaOne RMM emphasizes a streamlined, intuitive user interface, prioritizing ease of use and quick adoption, even for those with minimal technical expertise.

Automation and Customization

ConnectWise stands out with its deep automation capabilities and extensive customization options, allowing IT professionals to tailor the platform extensively to their workflows. NinjaOne, while offering robust automation tools, focuses on simplifying the automation process with a more straightforward, though slightly less customizable, approach.

Pricing Structure

ConnectWise adopts a customized pricing model, requiring businesses to contact them directly for a quote, which can offer more tailored solutions but adds an extra step in the decision-making process. NinjaOne offers transparent, per-device pricing visible on their website, appealing to businesses looking for clear, straightforward cost information.

Security Approach

NinjaOne incorporates a zero-trust security model, offering a modern approach to securing IT environments against evolving threats. ConnectWise, while providing robust security features, follows a more traditional security framework, focusing on in-depth defense strategies tailored to complex IT infrastructures.

ConnectWise vs. NinjaOne RMM Table

FeatureConnectWiseNinjaOne RMM
User InterfaceComplex, feature-richIntuitive, streamlined
AutomationExtensive customization & automationSimplified automation
IntegrationWide range of integrationsSelect, high-utility integrations
Pricing ModelCustom quote requiredTransparent, per-device pricing
SecurityTraditional security frameworkZero-trust security model
Monitoring & AlertingComprehensive monitoring toolsEfficient, real-time monitoring
Remote SupportRobust remote management featuresFast and secure remote access
Patch ManagementAdvanced patch managementAutomated patch management
Backup SolutionsProprietary and third-party optionsIntegrated backup solution
Mobile ManagementAvailable with add-onsDirect, robust mobile app management
ReportingCustomizable, in-depth reportingSimplified, actionable reports

ConnectWise Overview

Connectwise RMM

ConnectWise is a comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool designed for IT service providers, MSPs, and technology businesses. It offers a robust platform for automating IT services, enhancing operational efficiencies, and providing high-quality support to end-users.

Key Features

  • Automated Monitoring: Continuous, automated monitoring of client systems for proactive issue resolution.
  • Scripting Engine: Streamlines IT processes with customizable scripts for automation.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Seamless integration with popular PSAs, cloud services, and backup solutions.
  • Remote Control: Efficient remote support capabilities for quick issue resolution.
  • Advanced Reporting: Detailed reports for insightful decision-making and client transparency.

Unique Features

  • Unified Platform: ConnectWise offers a uniquely integrated platform that combines RMM, PSA, and other IT service management functionalities, providing a comprehensive ecosystem for IT professionals.
  • Automate Scripting Library: Features a rich library of pre-built automation scripts, allowing for rapid deployment of common tasks and processes.
  • Marketplace for Integrations: Boasts a dedicated marketplace for integrations, offering a vast selection of third-party applications and services specifically designed to work seamlessly with ConnectWise.
  • Built-in Documentation Management: Unique documentation management system within the platform, facilitating better information sharing and management among IT teams.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend ConnectWise for its robust automation and comprehensive monitoring capabilities that cater to the needs of IT service providers and MSPs. Its ability to streamline operations through advanced scripting and seamless integrations makes it a powerful tool for enhancing service delivery and operational efficiency.

ConnectWise’s suite includes features for help desk management, ticketing, billing, project management, and automation, alongside its RMM capabilities. Its integration with other tools and platforms makes it a versatile choice for businesses looking to streamline their IT service delivery.

The installation itself was quick, with a progress bar showing its advancement. After installation, I was prompted to log in with my newly created credentials. ConnectWise then offered a quick tour to help me get acquainted with its dashboard. Overall, the process was efficient and hassle-free, designed for easy setup and initial exploration of the platform.

Who is it recommended for?

ConnectWise is highly recommended for IT service providers, managed service providers (MSPs), and technology businesses seeking a scalable and integrated platform to manage and automate their IT services. Its wide range of features suits organizations aiming to optimize their help desk operations, automate service delivery, and ensure high levels of client satisfaction through proactive monitoring and management.


  • Advanced Automation: Streamlines complex IT processes, significantly reducing manual workload.
  • Broad Integration Ecosystem: Effortlessly connects with numerous third-party tools, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Customizable Reporting: Offers in-depth, customizable reporting for detailed insights into IT operations.
  • Remote Management Excellence: Provides superior remote management capabilities for efficient problem-solving.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Its comprehensive functionalities come with a complex interface, which is challenging for beginners.
  • Cost Considerations: The platform’s extensive features may translate into higher costs, potentially impacting small businesses.

Support and Training

ConnectWise offers comprehensive support options, including 24/7 access for critical issues, dedicated account management for higher-tier plans, and a variety of contact methods such as phone, email, and live chat. The company places a strong emphasis on responsive and helpful support to ensure customers can resolve issues efficiently.

ConnectWise provides an extensive range of training resources to help users maximize the platform’s potential. This includes ConnectWise University, a robust online learning platform offering courses, documentation, and best practice guides. Additionally, they host regular webinars, user groups, and the annual IT Nation conference, which offers workshops, networking opportunities, and educational sessions.


ConnectWise employs a tiered pricing model that adjusts based on the number of users, the breadth of features required, and the level of support needed. Generally, pricing starts with a base package for a minimum number of users or endpoints, with costs increasing as more are added. ConnectWise also offers add-ons and premium features, such as advanced security management and backup solutions, at additional costs.

Businesses can expect an initial setup fee in some cases, and long-term contracts may offer discounts compared to monthly billing. For precise pricing, interested parties should request a custom quote directly from ConnectWise.

NinjaOne RMM Overview

NinjaOne RMM

NinjaOne RMM is a cloud-based remote monitoring and management platform designed to streamline IT operations for managed service providers and IT professionals. Known for its user-friendly interface and powerful automation capabilities, NinjaOne provides a suite of tools for device management, patch management, remote access, and network monitoring.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies IT management with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Automated Patch Management: Streamlines the patching process for software and operating systems.
  • Efficient Remote Support: Provides fast and secure remote access capabilities for immediate support.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Offers detailed monitoring of devices, networks, and applications in real-time.
  • Integrated Backup Solution: Features a built-in backup solution, ensuring data protection and recovery.

Unique Features

  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Management: NinjaOne stands out with its single-pane-of-glass approach to managing devices, offering a unified view that simplifies IT operations.
  • Zero-Trust Security Framework: Implements a zero-trust security model, providing enhanced security measures for remote management and monitoring.
  • Drag-and-Drop Scripting Interface: Features an innovative drag-and-drop scripting interface, making script creation accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Mobile App Management: Offers robust mobile app management capabilities, allowing IT teams to manage and secure mobile devices effectively.
  • Self-Healing Automation: Unique self-healing automation capabilities enable the system to automatically resolve common issues without manual intervention.

Why do we recommend it?

NinjaOne RMM is recommended for its exceptional ease of use and comprehensive feature set that addresses the core needs of IT management without overwhelming complexity. Its streamlined interface and powerful automation tools make it an excellent choice for MSPs and IT departments looking for an effective way to manage and monitor their IT infrastructure efficiently.

Its lightweight agent technology and intuitive design make it easy to deploy and manage, offering efficient ways to support end-users and maintain IT infrastructure. NinjaOne’s commitment to simplicity, without sacrificing functionality, sets it apart in the RMM landscape, offering a balanced solution for IT teams looking to optimize their service delivery.

The actual installation was remarkably swift. Within minutes, the NinjaOne dashboard was accessible, signaling the completion of the setup. The ease of installation was impressive, eliminating any technical barriers that often accompany such software deployments.

Logging into the dashboard for the first time, I was welcomed by an intuitive interface, ready to guide me through the initial configuration. The onboarding process was smooth, with helpful tips and tutorials to ensure I could leverage NinjaOne, even if I had never used an RMM tool before.

Who is it recommended for?

NinjaOne RMM is ideally suited for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments that prioritize user experience without compromising on functionality. It’s perfect for those seeking a solution that combines ease of use with powerful remote management, monitoring, and automation capabilities, making it a fit for organizations of all sizes looking to optimize their IT operations.


  • Intuitive User Interface: Offers an exceptionally user-friendly interface, enhancing the efficiency of IT management tasks.
  • Powerful Automation Tools: Automates routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for IT professionals.
  • Comprehensive Device Monitoring: Delivers real-time monitoring for a wide array of devices, ensuring proactive issue resolution.
  • Seamless Third-Party Integrations: Facilitates easy integration with popular software and applications, broadening its utility.


  • Feature Exploration Time: The platform’s extensive features can require a significant time investment to fully explore and utilize effectively.

Support and Training

NinjaOne RMM is known for its exceptional customer support, with users often praising the speed and effectiveness of their service. Support includes 24/7 availability through phone and email, alongside an online knowledge base. NinjaOne also offers a live chat option, which is highly valued for quick resolutions to operational queries.

NinjaOne focuses on ensuring users can quickly leverage the platform’s full capabilities through various training resources. This includes an online help center packed with articles, video tutorials, and a comprehensive knowledge base. They also offer onboarding assistance for new customers and periodic webinars that cover both basic functionalities and advanced features.


NinjaOne RMM also follows a tiered pricing structure, focusing on the number of devices managed. Their pricing is transparent, with rates available on their website, offering a clear view of what businesses can expect to pay per device, per month. NinjaOne includes all core functionalities in its base price, with variations in cost depending on additional services like backup and antivirus.

There are no setup fees, and volume discounts are available for large deployments. NinjaOne prides itself on offering straightforward pricing without hidden costs, making it easier for businesses to budget for their IT management needs.

Final Thoughts

I personally enjoyed testing both tools but preferred NinjaOne for small to medium-network environments. As someone who’s struggled with ConnectWise’s complexity in an MSP environment, experiencing how simple it was to manage devices using NinjaOne was refreshing.

If you’re a small business or growing MSP, NinjaOne gives you the platform and features at the right price to grow and scale simply.

If you’re an established enterprise or MSP managing over 10,000 devices with specific management requirements, consider ConnectWise. However, you may need to hire a consultant to get your desired use case from it.