Liongard Review and Alternatives

Running a successful MSP can be tough. Besides the daily tasks of managing IT tickets and asset tracking, you also have to deal with budgeting, talent retention, training new technicians, managing documentation, data operations, the constant threat of cybersecurity issues, and more. This can be overwhelming especially if your team manually onboards new customers, oversees numerous systems, and relies on outdated documentation.

Now more than ever your customers need you to have full visibility into all of their systems. It’s simply impossible to manually monitor all systems all the time, especially with a remote workforce. The old way around your MSP by logging into systems individually is not the path forward. But nowadays, many MSPs and IT departments are bridging this gap using a tool known as Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution. But unfortunately, RMM tools focus primarily on health data of endpoints—desktops and servers. MSPs are still left with a blindspot in network device configurations and cloud services where agents cannot be installed. This is where Liongard MSP solution comes into play. Liongard has pioneered a better way to manage those systems and it all starts with automation.

Overview of the Liongard MSP Platform

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The Liongard MSP Platform provides unified visibility across the IT stack. It enables MSPs to standardize, secure, and scale operations. This allows them to work more efficiently while saving time and money. Lionguard does this through automation. It automatically captures system configuration documentation across the systems and services you manage for customers such as cloud services, network devices, on-premise systems, and other services. This provides data that supplements or rather enhances the data provided by RMM tools. These data are then turned into actionable insights and alerts that let MSPs minimize human error and streamline workflows, resulting in faster onboarding, greater growth, and profitability.

The Liongard MSP platform deployment process is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve set up your account, your Account Manager and Liongard Engineer (Partner Success Engineer) will schedule you for the Smart Start Onboarding program, which provides one-on-one sessions with your Liongard Engineer who walks you through the entire setup process. The real power of Liongard lies in its ability to integrate with other MSP platforms such as ConnectWise Manage, Kaseya IT Glue, Datto Autotask, and N-able to extend its capabilities and enhance your effectiveness. The Liongard MSP platform is priced by the active companies you create within Liongard, known as Environments. Liongard does not offer trial periods, but a 7-day demo environment is available on request to enable you to see the Liongard MSP platform in action.

How MSPs Use The Liongard Platform

The following are some of the common use cases for the Liongard MSP platform:

Customer Onboarding

The onboarding process has the potential to influence your long-term relationship with the client. It includes everything that happens from the point a client hires you until your services go live. Liongard MSP facilitates the documentation process and enables you to complete your IT onboarding checklist faster. Liongard completes the onboarding documentation work in a matter of hours rather than months. This significantly improves your profitability while ensuring you have complete insight into your customer’s environment.

The Liongard PSA integrations make it easy to sync and import data so you can better understand operations, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate billing. Reports can be easily shared with your team and customers without compromising security and access control.

Change Management

Change is inevitable. The objective of IT changes management is to ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service. Manually updating multiple systems leaves room for errors and can be nearly impossible to manage. Liongard automates documentation across the IT stack and highlights what changes were made across all systems and customers. With Liongard MSP platform, you can:

  • Define your ideal configurations and set alerts to be notified when changes occur.
  • Get notified when changes occur so you can take proactive action to resolve issues.
  • Strengthen team visibility by documenting insights and changes your teammates make to environments, systems, and accounts.
  • Make troubleshooting easier with the ability to view historical data.

Custom IT Alerts

An IT alerting system is designed to contact incident response teams when an incident or change occurs. IT alerting helps MSPs work smarter.  Liongard lets you track systems, users, and changes proactively with custom alerts. Liongard minimizes alert fatigue by allowing you to target only team members who need to be in the loop for actionable alerts and share information with your staff at large with notifications by SMS or other means. With Liongard custom IT alerts, you can:

  • Set  alerts for any system, and follow up on leads
  • Create and customize alerts to fit your needs
  • Choose the alerting tools that fit your process
  • Plan alerting that is timely and appropriate

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are major factors when it comes to issues of trust, reputation, and the integrity of your data. There’s a lot to manage and monitor to ensure your customers’ environments are secure and compliant. Liongard takes the burden of MSP security off your shoulders by allowing you to assess activity across environments. Liongard makes it easy to assess users, assets, and changes in critical systems across your customers’ technology stacks for any security breaches or risks. Liongard security and compliance capabilities allow you to:

  • See changes in assets that could pose a security risk to the network.
  • Gain rapid insights into changes in configurations for firewall rules, ports, or policies.
  • Assess your users’ privileges to easily see who has access to what.

Sales Assessments

With deep visibility into your customers’ systems, Liongard makes it easy to identify and scope new projects, as well as quote project work for existing customers—allowing you to ramp up service delivery times and save your sales team hours. Liongard sales assessments capabilities provide the following benefits:

  • Billing reviews With unified visibility into critical system and customer data, and licenses, you can identify discrepancies in billing.
  • Project scoping Discover services that need to be updated or upgraded without having to go on-site to do a project scope assessment.
  • Pre-sales insights Gain deep visibility into your customers’ systems for pre-sales intelligence and insights.

Endpoint Visibility

Endpoint visibility requires access to telemetry from all endpoints for smooth monitoring of the state of the endpoint, and the activity that occurs on that endpoint, without having to waste time on discovery with your customer. MSPs need a solution that automatically brings together important endpoint information, so they can spend less time digging for data and more time focusing on customers.

Liongard MSP platform takes the guesswork out of your MSP operations by providing automated documentation of customers’ endpoints and their behaviors, allowing you to gain full visibility across the IT stack, and turn vast troves of endpoint data into actionable insights. With Liongard MSP endpoint visibility, you can:

  • View and drill down into endpoint-specific data that are normally difficult to access.
  • Easily troubleshoot network issues, enforce security best practices, and support collaboration no matter where your customers’ endpoints may be connected.
  • Detect changes to an endpoint (individual machines and at scale) that may impact the performance and security of the system and data.


The Liongard MSP platform comes with out-of-the-box reports that provide IT managers and executives with summary metrics and insights to improve key areas of operations such as system health, costs, billing, security, and compliance, among others. Liongard also comes equipped with an inbuilt easy-to-use API that can significantly extend the range and capabilities of its reporting and analytics. Key features and capabilities include:

  • Create reports on a system such as Active Directory, firewall, or Microsoft 365 across all customers.
  • Pin key metrics across systems to create a quick audit of your customers’ complete environment.
  • Leverage Liongard reports use Leverage API to push your data into third-party analytics applications such as Power BI, BrightGauge, or your own data warehouse.

The Best Liongard MSP Alternatives

If you figured out that Liongard is not best suited for your business and environment, below are some possible Liongard MSP alternatives for your consideration:

  1. ConnectWise ITBoost An intuitive IT documentation software that puts all of your business intelligence, customer data, and IT documentation in one place. ITBoost automatically discovers, collects, and consolidates customer asset data with less manual work. A 14-day free trial is available on request.
  2. N-able Passportal A cloud-based IT documentation manager that helps MSPs standardize the documentation process across all their customers to effectively manage their infrastructure. N‑able was specifically designed with easy onboarding in mind to get you up and running quickly, making it appealing to MSPs who want to hit the ground running. A free demo is available on request.
  3. Kaseya IT Glue is a cloud-based document management platform designed to help MSPs manage their documentation and streamline their operations; while Kaseya VSA is an RMM tool that provides enterprise-wide monitoring, network discovery, alerting, automatic incident remediation, and more.
  4. Auvik A cloud-based network visibility and documentation software that enables MSPs and IT service providers to automate mapping, inventory, and IT documentation. Auvik’s automated inventory uses network protocols to detect and capture full details for every device on the network. A 14-day free trial is available on request.
  5. Atera RMM Atera is a SaaS-based platform that enables monitoring, management, and automation of IT networks and IT documentation from a single console. Atera combines RMM, PSA, and Remote Access into one unified application with a simple pricing model. A free trial is available on request.
  6. NinjaOne Another popular unified cloud-based platform that combines IT documentation, endpoint monitoring and management, patch management, PSA, and strong security features. If you are looking for a good alternative to Pulseway, NinjaOne is certainly worth considering. A free trial is available on request.
  7. SuperOps A unified cloud-based platform that includes IT documentation, PSA, and RMM services designed for independent technicians, MSPs, and IT departments. SuperOps combined PSA and RMM capabilities stand as a good alternative to Syncro. A 21-day free trial is available on request.
  8. Datto RMM and PSA Datto also offers two separate products for RMM and PSA services. The Datto RMM tool is a fully-featured cloud-based platform for monitoring, managing, and supporting endpoints; while the Datto PSA tool is also a cloud-based platform with built-in documentation management that provides a singular view of the entire business.
  9. Syncro MSP Syncro is an all-in-one MSP platform that combines RMM, PSA, IT documentation, and remote access capabilities in one unified application. These combined capabilities enable MSPs to execute and gain complete visibility and control of the IT infrastructure and business process functions from anywhere.
  10. Pulseway RMM and PSA A modern cloud-hosted RMM and PSA solution that gives MSPs and IT departments complete visibility and control of their IT infrastructure and business management functions from anywhere. Every function that Pulseway is capable of performing can be handled using a mobile device.