Netcat Cheat Sheet

All the tables provided in the cheat sheets are also presented in tables below which are easy to copy and paste.

The Netcat cheat sheet covers:

  • Installation
  • Run Modes
  • Netcat Command Flags

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What’s included in the cheat sheet

The following categories and items have been included in the cheat sheet:

Installation / Run Modes

Installation / Run Modes

Client Mode

Connect to a host located anywhere

Client Mode Syntax

nc options hostname port[1] port[2]...

Server Mode

Listen for incoming connections

Server Mode Syntax

nc -l -p port [hostname] [port]

Netcat Command Flags

Netcat Command Flags






nc -h

-z (host name)(port range)

Port scan for a host or IP address

nc -z 1-100


Verbose scan

nc -z -v 1-100


Fast scan by disabling DNS resolution

nc -z -n 1-100


TCP server mode

nc -l -p 50


Server file redirection

netcat -l -p 1000 > scan.txt 


Client file redirection

nc 1000 < scan.txt


Listen to port & IP address after connection close

nc -k -l 1000


Define timeout value

nc -w 180 2222


IPv4 only

nc -4 -l 1000


IPv6 only

nc -6 -l 1000