Since 2018, there have been 478 ransomware attacks on manufacturing companies across the globe. Our research looks at the cost of these attacks, the amount of downtime caused, and the ransoms and data theft involved. 
By Rebecca Moody in Information Security on August 3, 2023
Since 2018, there have been 225 ransomware attacks on finance organizations around the world. Our report details how much these attacks have cost, how much downtime has been caused, and what ransom demands were involved. 
By Rebecca Moody in Ransomware Studies on July 13, 2023
We searched through the top 400 apps in the Apple App Store to see whether or not their privacy policies comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act rules. Our findings suggest as many as 1 in 4 may violate COPPA with many collecting personal data without parental consent. 
By Rebecca Moody in App Studies on June 29, 2023
This week the UK government declared that surveillance equipment produced by companies subject to China's National Intelligence Law, including Dahua and Hikvision, must be eradicated from sensitive central government sites. In light of this development, we have undertaken an investigation to determine which cities in the UK have the greatest concentration of Dahua and Hikvision cameras.
By Rebecca Moody in Surveillance Studies on June 9, 2023
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