Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

It is nearly time for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, and fans of the Monsterverse are eager to watch the Monarch organization battle some of the most feared Titans. In this guide, we explain how to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters from anywhere in the world.

The new Monsterverse series is set between 2014’s Godzilla (when the world first became aware of the colossal Titans), and 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters – when the secretive monster-monitoring organization Monarch had become well known. The show will span multiple generations and promises to be an exciting installment into the ongoing Monarch/Titan lore.

The new Monarch show is set to premiere on November 17 on Apple TV. If you are on vacation outside of the US – or living in a country where Apple TV is unavailable – then you will need a VPN to stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters online.

In this guide, we will explain how anybody can watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters outside of the US using a VPN. Many VPNs have been blocked by Apple TV, so it is essential to stick to one of our tried and tested recommendations.

How to stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters online from abroad

A VPN is a privacy tool that allows you to encrypt your internet connection and conceal your device’s IP address from the websites you visit. By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you appear to be physically located in that place. This allows you to access region-locked services from around the globe.

If you are new to VPNs, we understand that the process may be a bit of a mystery. Below, we have explained how to stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters outside of the US using a VPN:

  1. Begin by signing up for a suitable VPN service. We recommend NordVPN because it is fast and works perfectly with Apple TV. However, Surfshark is another fast option that offers superb value for money, and ExpressVPN is a fantastic all-rounder that works with a large number of streaming services.
  2. Use our links to get the VPN subscription at the lowest possible cost. Our link implements an automated coupon code.
  3. Install the VPN app on devices you use for streaming. Our recommendations offer at least five simultaneous connections, meaning you and your family can use the VPN on multiple devices and stream various different international platforms at the same time (Netflix, Prime Video, etc).
  4. Log in to the VPN app and choose a server in your home country. This will switch your IP address and allow you to use Apple TV from a country where it is usually unavailable.
  5. Navigate to Apple TV in your browser (or launch your Apple TV device) and log in while connected to your VPN. You will now be able to stream Monarch: Legacy of Monsters from outside of the US.

If you have trouble streaming your Apple TV account, we recommend clearing your cookies and cache. This ensures that trackers left in your browser don’t conflict with your VPN.


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How to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 online

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is a new TV series created by Legendary and Safehouse Pictures for Apple TV+.

The show will be available exclusively to stream with an Apple TV+ membership that costs $9.99 per month. If you are in a country where Apple TV+ is unavailable, you must connect to a VPN server in a valid region.

You can find out more about using a VPN with Apple TV in our complete guide. It explains how to use a VPN with an Apple TV device. If you are on vacation and don’t have your Apple TV with you, you can also log in and stream your AppleTV+ account via the AppleTV website.

Below, we have included a list of some of the countries where AppleTV+ is currently available:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • China (via certain Apple devices)

This is not an exhaustive list. Apple TV+ is in the process of expanding to more countries. It is currently available in around 100 countries around the world.

If you happen to visit a country where AppleTV+ is not available, then we recommend that you connect to a VPN server in one of the countries above to regain access. This will allow you to stream the show regardless of your location.

Connecting to a VPN server located physically closer to you will give you better speeds for streaming.

Find out more about changing your Apple TV region in our full guide.

How many episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will there be?

Season 1 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will run from November 17 2023 until January 12, 2024. There will be 10 episodes in total.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on vacation?

Sadly, no. Although there are a few reliable VPNs that have a limited free plan, these will not work to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+. Most free VPNs only have a few servers, which makes them congested and slow. This makes them unsuitable for streaming HD TV.

Reliable VPNs that offer a basic free plan want people to upgrade to a paid plan. They restrict access to popular streaming services on their free servers. These purposeful blocks mean that you will need a paid VPN to access Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other popular US services on vacation.

The vast majority of free VPNs advertised online are highly unreliable and dangerous. Most free VPNs have dodgy privacy policies that allow them to track your web visits for profiling purposes. They then leverage all your information to create a revenue stream by selling it to third parties such as marketing companies and data brokers.

Besides invading your privacy, free VPNs often lack encryption, suffer from serious leaks, and hide spyware in their apps. Installing random free VPNs found on Google Play could lead to very serious negative repercussions. Stick to reliable VPNs that have strong privacy policies and security features designed to completely prevent online tracking.

Do I need a fast VPN to watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters?

Yes. There are hundreds of consumer-facing VPNS on the market, but they are not all the same. Many VPNs have slow servers, protocols, and apps that make it hard to enjoy streaming. These VPNs will cause low resolution and a large amount of buffering whenever you try to stream shows on Apple TV.

The VPNs recommended in this guide were selected because they have fast US servers that work to watch Apple TV both abroad, and on restrictive networks (such as at work or in school). You can watch Monarch: Legacy of Monsters in HD regardless of your location.

What is Monarch: Legacy of Monsters about?

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is an all-action American monster TV series, created for Apple TV+ by the creative minds of Chris Black and Matt Fraction. Imagine Godzilla stomping into your living room and being battled by a scientific organization and you get the right idea.

The show will be the sixth instalment and the second TV series in the MonsterVerse franchise. In season 1, we will join the Monarch team as they navigate through a world filled with Titans; a group of ancient, gigantic monsters that threaten to ravage the planet.

The live-action TV show promises to be pretty mind-blowing, and has a star-studded cast:

  • Kurt Russell
  • Wyatt Russell
  • Anna Sawai
  • Kiersey Clemons
  • Ren Watabe
  • Mari Yamamoto
  • Anders Holm
  • Joe Tippett
  • Elisa Lasowski