Irreverent season 1

Irreverent season 1 is a Peacock original series that will premiere on November 30. The comedy-drama revolves around a criminal in hiding in Australia following a botched heist.

If you are a Peacock subscriber who will be on vacation when it drops, you can still log in to watch Irreverent with a VPN. In this guide, we explain how to get a valid US IP address to access Peacock while abroad. As a result, you can watch Irreverent season 1 from anywhere in the world.

To help you out further, we have provided options to stream Irreverent abroad. If you don’t live in the US – but still want to watch Irreverent – we have included some official streaming options below. Scroll down to find out how to watch Irreverent from anywhere with a VPN.

How to watch Irreverent Season 1 with a VPN

Using a VPN to stream Irreverent online is easy – as long as you stick to a provider that has US servers that work to access Peacock from abroad. To help you out, we have detailed each step below.

Here is how to use a VPN to watch Irreverent from anywhere:

  1. Pick a VPN that works to watch Irreverent abroad. We recommend NordVPN because it is fast and reliable. Alternatively, Surfshark is cheap and ExpressVPN is a secure all-rounder that works to get a US IP address from anywhere.
  2. Subscribe to one of our three recommended VPNs to watch Irreverent. You can use our in-depth VPN reviews to find out more about the best VPNs for Irreverent.
  3. Download and install the VPN app onto your device. Our recommendations have apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android to let you watch Irreverent on any device.
  4. Log in to the VPN app on your streaming device.
  5. Choose a server in the US that works to watch Peacock. Or connect to a server elsewhere in the world to watch Irreverent on an alternate streaming service.
  6. Navigate to your chosen streaming provider and log in to watch Irreverent.

If you experience any issues watching Irreverent with your VPN, the best option is to clear the cookies and cache in your browser. Streaming services leave cookies in your browser to track your location. This is why cookies can prevent your VPN from working properly. Once removed, reload the page and you should be able to stream Irreverent without problems.


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When is Irreverent season 1 released?

The first season of Irreverent will premiere in the USA on November 30. International options for watching Irreverent will start at a later date, we have included details next to their streaming options below.

Irreverent Peacock Image

Where to watch Irreverent in the US

USA Flag

If you live in the US, you can watch season 1 of Irreverent on the streaming service Peacock. Peacock is the streaming platform provided by the popular US TV network NBC. A subscription to Peacock costs $4.99 a month (+tax) or $49.99 per year (+tax).

Unfortunately, anybody who was hoping to watch Irreverent via their cable subscription will need to get a Peacock account. Irreverent is a Peacock exclusive, and unfortunately will not simultaneously be broadcast on NBC.

The important thing to remember is that Peacock is region-locked to the USA. You will need a VPN to log in to your account from abroad. The only caveat is that most VPNs have been blocked by NBC Peacock. As a result, you must stick to our VPN recommendations to watch Irreverent on vacation.

The good news is that anybody with a Peacock subscription can try using any of our VPN recommendations. All our recommendations can be used risk-free because they have a 30-day money-back guarantee to let you test their service.

How to watch Irreverent season 1 in the UK

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If you live in the UK, the good news is that Peacock has already agreed to bring its new comedy-drama across the pond. According to the online publication Flicks, Irreverent will be coming to Netflix UK on December 4.

Note that Irreverent will not be available in all Netflix regions, so you will need to connect to a VPN server in Britain if you want to watch Irreverent via your Netflix account.

All our recommended VPNs for Irreverent have servers in the UK that work to get a valid British IP address. You can connect to these VPNs to watch Irreverent season 1 on Netflix from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Irreverent season 1 in Australia

Australia Flag

If you want to watch Irreverent season 1 in Australia, the show has been licensed to Netflix there. You will be able to log in and stream this Australian comedy when it premieres on December 4th.

Just bear in mind that you will need a valid Australian IP address to watch Irreverent on Netflix because the show has not been licensed by Netflix for other regions. The good news is that our top VPN recommendation, NordVPN, has valid Aussie servers that work to watch Netflix!

How to watch Irreverent season 1 in New Zealand

New Zealand Flag

Irreverent season 1 will be getting a simultaneous release on Netflix Australian and Netflix New Zealand. You will be able to watch Irreverent on Netflix as soon as it premieres on December 4.

If you are on vacation or traveling for work outside of New Zealand, you will need to connect to a VPN server back home to watch Irreverent. The important thing to remember is that very few VPNs work to access Netflix New Zealand, so we recommend that you stick to the providers listed in this guide.

Each of the VPNs we have recommended has live chat support, so if you want to, you can head over to their website using our link and ask them whether their service is currently working to access Netflix New Zealand while abroad.

The situation changes because Netflix blocks VPNs, so it is always worth double-checking. Alternatively, you can try any of these VPNs yourself and get a refund using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I watch Irreverent season 1 in Canada?

Canada Flag

Unfortunately, we have not seen any evidence that Netflix will be showing Irreverent season 1 on Netflix Canada yet.

However, this is a co-production between Netflix and Peacock, which is why Netflix is broadcasting the new comedy in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK from December 4th.

With this in mind, we think Canadians can expect Irreverent to arrive on Netflix Canada as soon as it has finished airing on Peacock in the US.

There are 10 episodes of Irreverent in total, which means it should arrive sometime after Christmas. We recommend that you keep an eye on your local press to find out exactly when Irreverent is coming to Netflix Canada.

In the meantime, anybody visiting Canada from the UK, New Zealand, or Australia can use a VPN to get a valid IP address in any of those three countries. This will allow anybody to watch Irreverent on Netflix, even while in Canada.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Irreverent season 1?

No. Although there are some free VPNs available on the market, these do not work to watch shows on Netflix or Peacock. Popular streaming services work hard to block VPNs. They do so to prevent people from bypassing region locks. As a result, the vast majority of VPNs will not work to watch Irreverent abroad.

Free VPNs only have a few servers. Unfortunately, this makes them extremely easy for streaming providers to spot and block. As a result, free VPNs are always the first to be blocked by services like Netflix and Peacock.

In addition, free VPNs are extremely slow. Not only do they have cheap servers that are sluggish, but they also suffer high amounts of congestion caused by free users located worldwide.

Besides these performance issues, we recommend against using free VPNs for privacy and security reasons. Free VPNs have invasive privacy policies that allow them to track everything you do online. They use your browsing habits to create a revenue stream by selling your data to third parties.

In addition, studies have revealed free VPNs suffer from leaks, lack encryption, have app and server vulnerabilities, and even contain spyware in their apps. This makes using free VPNs a huge risk.

What is Irreverent season 1 about?

Irreverent is a joint production by Peacock and Netflix. It is an Australian comedy based in a coastal region in Northern Queensland, Australia.

The comedy-drama centers around an American criminal in hiding in a small Australian rief town following a botched heist. In order to fly under the radar, the criminal poses as the new church Reverend. Below, we have included the cast for the new show:

  • Colin Donnell as Paulo
  • P. J. Byrne as Mackenzie
  • Kylie Bracknell as Piper
  • Tegan Stimson as Daisy
  • Wayne Blair as Peter
  • Jason Wilder as Aidan
  • Calen Tassone as Harry
  • Russell Dykstra as Lester
  • Robert Rabiah as Farah
  • Briallen Clarke as Amy
  • Andrea Szabo as Bev
  • Felix Hooper as Young Mack