How to watch the Seven Deadly Sins from anywhere

All five seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins are available to watch on your preferred streaming platform, which is great if you’re streaming from a country where the content is supported. Not so good if you’re connecting from anywhere else in the world. If you’re hoping to watch The Seven Deadly Sins while traveling abroad, you’re going to need a VPN.

The Seven Deadly Sins is subject to geo-restrictions which will prevent you from watching the series when you travel abroad, so we’d advise using a VPN to access your home streaming platforms. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will encrypt your internet traffic through an intermediary server in a different location. This will overcome geo-restrictions while traveling and allow you to access your favorite content from back home.

How to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Online From Abroad

To watch The Seven Deadly Sins from abroad, you will need a VPN. Our top recommendation is NordVPN, although Surfshark and ExpressVPN are also good alternatives.

Here’s how to watch The Seven Deadly Sins from abroad:

  1. First you will need to find a VPN that can overcome geo-restrictions. We highly recommend NordVPN.
  2. Subscribe and install the VPN app on your chosen streaming device.
  3. Open the app and choose a server in your preferred location and click connect. For example, if you need a US IP address, you will need to connect to a server in The United States.
  4. Head to your streaming platform, find The Seven Deadly Sins and click play. You should now have uninterrupted access.
  5. Having issues? Try clearing your browser cookies. Alternatively, contact your VPN provider’s support team to see if they can help.


NordVPN allows you to try its service for 30 days, totally risk-free when you sign up on this page.

Watch as many seasons of The Deadly Seven Sins as you can handle for an entire month, totally unlimited streaming with zero restrictions. Then, if you decide that NordVPN isn't for you, you can make the most of their 30-day money-back guarantee and get a full refund.

How to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Online in the US

Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Online in the US
The Seven Deadly Sins collection is available to stream right now if you connect from the United States. Although there isn’t a heap of streaming providers to choose from, Netflix lets you stream the entire series using your existing subscription.

If you want to take the show with you on vacation, you’ll need to connect to an American VPN server using one of our recommended VPN providers. Doing so will let you stream the content you’d normally enjoy on your US Netflix library regardless of where you connect from.

Where Else Can I Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Online?

Where Else Can I Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Online?
The Seven Deadly Sins is available in several countries to watch now on Netflix, such as the United KingdomCanada, Australia, and Europe (Germany, France, Spain, etc.), to name a few places.

If you want to watch from a different region than those listed, we’d advise doing a little research to see if your country is licensed to show the series on Netflix.

FAQs About Watching The Seven Deadly Sins From Anywhere

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins?

Streaming providers use geo-restrictions to prevent users from restricted countries from accessing their content from abroad.

Let’s say you live in the UK, for example, and you access Netflix with a direct internet connection, you’ll get a different selection of shows to viewers connecting from the US.

Although you’ll have no trouble watching the series from your home country, when you travel abroad the content library will be region-locked meaning the show won’t be available.

Is it illegal to watch The Seven Deadly Sins with a VPN?

No, it’s not illegal to watch The Seven Deadly Sins with a VPN, however, it might go against Netflix’s terms of service.

Using a VPN in most locations isn’t prohibited, but some countries such as China and the UAE employ strict censorship controls. It’s not uncommon for these countries to block VPN users.

Note: Comparitech does not provide legal advice. It’s always worth checking the rules of the country you’re connecting from before proceeding.