Black Friday Panda Security

Panda Security offers a host of great products in its Panda Dome lineup that protect your devices from some of the most dangerous online threats.

Hot on the heels of Norton, Panda Dome includes real-time malware protection, a built-in firewall, and a VPN. But that’s only the beginning. If you’re serious about your online privacy and security, Panda’s Black Friday 2022 deal is the way to go.

GET 60% OFF:Panda Dome customers can get a year of Essential protection for less than $20.

Panda Security Black Friday Deal 2022

Panda’s Black Friday 2022 sale has already started, a week earlier than the official Black Friday date. Panda Security will be on sale from November 21 until Midnight on November 27.

Panda Security Black Friday 2022

So what’s the deal? Panda Security is offering a whopping 60% off their Panda Dome product range. What does that mean for you?

Well, it brings the cost of Panda Dome Essential down from $47.99 per year to $19.20. This covers a single device with features like a VPN (150Mb daily usage limit), real-time scanning, wifi-protection, and USB device scanning.

Panda Dome Advanced includes all of the features of the Essential plan, online identity protection, parental controls, and protection against advanced online threats. An annual subscription usually costs $56.99, but this comes in at $34.19 with the discount.

Panda Dome Complete takes things further with extras like a password manager, PC cleanup tools, and personal data protection. It’ll cost you $34.40 instead of the full price of $85.99.

Finally, Panda Dome Premium includes a premium VPN with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and an update manager. Panda’s top-tier product typically costs $133.99, but the Black Friday deal brings it down to $53.60 for one year.

Will Panda Security be running a Cyber Monday deal?

Yes! After the sale ends on November 27, Panda Security will be offering another chance to get 60% off a selection of its products. This deal will begin on November 28 and ends on November 30.

Why should I choose Panda Security this Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Not only does Panda race ahead of other home security products like Sophos in our comparison, but it also beats more established antivirus providers like Kaspersky with its range of features, malware engine, and pricing.

Panda Security regularly runs promotions across its product offering, but none are as big as its Black Friday deal. The 60% discount means the entry-level Essential package costs less than other antivirus products, while Complete and Premium are great value for those looking for extra features.

So if you’re looking to save big on a security solution this Black Friday season, don’t miss out on Panda Security’s unbeatable discounts.

Panda Dome: Your at-a-glance guide

Looking for a summarized list of reasons to choose Panda Security’s Black Friday 2022 deal? Here they are:

  • Real-time malware scanning: Panda Security’s Panda Dome range provides real-time protection against the latest online threats. This means you can stay safe without any effort.
  • Built-in Firewall: The Panda Dome firewall protects your devices even when connected to public Wi-Fi or unsecured networks.
  • External device scanning: Panda’s external device scanning feature scans any USB devices before they are connected to your computer, preventing potential threats from reaching your system.
  • VPN included: All of the Panda Dome products have a VPN with a 150MB daily usage limit (Premium offers unlimited). Identity Protection: Advanced and Complete packages.
  • Parental controls: Advanced and Complete packages include the ability to monitor your kids’ online activity.
  • Advanced threat protection: Panda Security’s advanced threat protection system is designed to detect and protect against even the most sophisticated attacks.
  • Password manager: Premium Packages have a secure password manager, so you don’t have to remember complex passwords for every site.
  • Cleanup tools: Panda Dome Complete and Premium also includes a range of cleanup tools to free up memory, repair system issues, and keep your device running at its best.
  • 24/7 support: If you choose the top-tier package, you can access 24/7 customer support. So whatever issue you’re having can be quickly addressed by an expert.
  • Update manager: Premium packages also include a handy update manager that ensures your Panda software is always up to date with the latest patches and fixes.

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