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Josh Lake

Josh Lake is a writer who focuses on the intersections between technology, privacy and security. His work helps companies and individuals get the most out of technological developments, without having to sacrifice their civil liberties or open themselves up to the ever-increasing threats of cybercrime.

Articles by Josh

Federated learning is a new approach for training the algorithms we use every day. But what actually is federated learning and is it really more private? We explain everything you should know about this new algorithm model. 
By Josh Lake in Information Security on October 25, 2019
From sending fake invoices to manipulating employees into wiring them money, hackers have a wide range of business email compromise techniques that they use to defraud companies.
By Josh Lake in Information Security on July 6, 2020
Remote wiping your laptop or PC, coupled with full disk encryption, is the best way to protect your data if a computer is lost or stolen. This article explains the advantages of both and how to do them. 
By Josh Lake in Information Security on June 20, 2023
Credential stuffing attacks are important to understand so you can keep your personal and business accounts safe. We explain how credential stuffing attacks work and how you can minimize the risk of attacks. 
By Josh Lake in Information Security on January 26, 2024
There are so many different messaging apps on offer, and the differences can be highly technical. Check out our guide for a simple rundown of which apps you should be using to keep your data secure and private.
By Josh Lake in Information Security on April 13, 2022
Governments keep calling for tech companies to insert backdoors into their encrypted services. Find out what this actually means, and how these systems could damage global security.
By Josh Lake in VPN & Privacy on December 2, 2019
Steganography is the study and practice of concealing communication. It plays a different role to cryptography, with its own unique applications and strengths.
By Josh Lake in Information Security on December 29, 2023
The "anti-encryption laws" are a significant piece of legislation that could have worldwide security ramifications. Find out what they are and who they will affect in this comprehensive guide.
By Josh Lake in Information Security on May 29, 2019
Electronic and internet voting can help improve our election systems in several different ways. Each of these concepts rely on cryptography for security - but is cryptography enough?
By Josh Lake in Information Security on August 14, 2020
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