Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh is a digital privacy expert with over 6 years of experience writing about consumer privacy services including VPNs, password managers, secure email services, and encrypted cloud backups.

Ray graduated from the English department of Exeter University in the UK and has since been quoted over 500 times to express his privacy advocacy opinions in leading publications such as The Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNet, and The Register to name a few. Ray has also been interviewed on the TV and the radio, including on The BBC and Russia Today to answer questions regarding privacy laws and surveillance tech.

Ray has written tech guides, reviews, blogs, news, and opinion pieces for BestVPN, ProPrivacy, Dell Tech Page One, StartPage, and Politics.co.uk – and he is now a happy member of the Comparitech family where he continues his crusade to increase privacy and internet freedom for people around the world.

Articles by Ray

Want to watch Finch starring Tom Hanks online? Finch will be available on Apple TV+ and with a VPN you can access it from anywhere. Learn how to stream Finch online using our easy guide. 
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on October 25, 2021
Want to back up your Android device to make your photos, videos, SMS messages, documents, call logs, and apps safe? In this guide, we will recommend the best free Android backup apps.
By Ray Walsh in Cloud and Online Backup on August 1, 2023
Want to watch Antena 3 outside of Spain? We recommend VPNs that unblock ATRESplayer from anywhere and explain how to stream Antena 3 on vacation.  
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on October 20, 2021
Wondering where to watch Young Justice season 4 outside the US? HBO Max is geo-restricted, meaning you’ll need a VPN. We explain how to watch Young Justice online from anywhere.
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on October 16, 2023
Want a VPN for Karachi to bypass government censorship? In this guide, we recommend the best VPNs for use in Pakistan to gain complete online freedom and privacy.
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on August 17, 2021
Want to watch Joyn (previously 7TV and Maxdome) outside Germany? We explain how and recommend the best VPNs for Joyn.
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on July 24, 2023
Want to stream Dune online? Frank Herbert’s cult classic will be available to watch on HBO Max. HBO’s streaming service is region-locked, but with a VPN for Dune you can watch the movie from anywhere.
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on October 18, 2021
Want to livestream the new series of Heartland? We’ll give you info about the release date, plot, and cast, and explain how to watch Heartland season 17 online. Traveling outside of Canada? We’ll also explain how to stream Heartland abroad!
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on October 26, 2023
Are you looking for the best VPN to use in Sao Paulo? Whether you live there and want some extra privacy or you are traveling and want to access streaming services like Netflix, you can find the perfect VPN for Sao Paulo in this guide!
By Ray Walsh in VPN & Privacy on July 20, 2023
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