Whether you live in Nigeria or are just visiting a VPN is a good tool to have. We list the best VPNs for Nigeria so that you can browse safely, access streaming services, and beat government censorship.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on May 3, 2024
The unique properties of encryption, hashing and salting are vital for keeping our online world secure. In this article, we'll look at each of them in depth in order to understand what these processes are and how they are used.
By Josh Lake in Information Security on January 24, 2024
A VPN isn’t limited to use with a computer or mobile device. Learn how to protect every device in your home by configuring a VPN on your router and the best VPNs to use.
By Aimee O'Driscoll in VPN & Privacy on July 18, 2023
A multi-hop VPN adds an extra layer of encryption. In this post, we'll go into detail about how multi-hop VPNs work and why someone might need one.
By Paul Bischoff in VPN & Privacy on August 15, 2023
Internet service providers track and profit from your browsing habits and history. This article explains how to stop ISP tracking and keep your information private.
By Aimee O'Driscoll in VPN & Privacy on March 27, 2024
Scammers impersonating the HMRC are threatening UK residents with legal consequences if they don't c
By Paul Bischoff in VPN & Privacy on December 19, 2018
Want to stream Irish TV online from anywhere worldwide while on vacation? We’ll discuss the advantages of using an Irish VPN and suggest some of the best VPNs for Ireland.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on April 8, 2024
Want to use the internet securely or access geo-blocked content while in Cambodia? We explain how to access the internet without restrictions by using the best VPNs for Cambodia.
By Osman Husain in VPN & Privacy on January 24, 2024
Want to access your home country’s Netflix library as you travel? We reveal whether NordVPN works with Netflix and answer any questions you might have about watching Netflix with a VPN.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on August 13, 2023
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