Hide My Ass hack

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a VPN that is well known for having a huge number of server locations around the world, apps for all platforms, and excellent unblocking capabilities. Despite its strong reputation, and a decent review score, we understand that you may want to test HMA yourself. The good news is that anybody can try this VPN risk-free using our clever free trial hack.

Our method leverages the Hide My Ass money-back guarantee to let you use the VPN for free. This refund guarantee is available to anybody and is completely risk-free. So when you finish this guide you’ll be able to install the VPN and use it to gain online privacy, torrent safely, or access Netflix US free for an entire month!

Our hack requires you to provide payment upfront. However, as long as you ask for your refund before the end of the guarantee period, you can use the VPN without actually paying.

Below, we’ll explain how you can get a month-long free trial to Hide My Ass. We will explain how to subscribe, how to cancel your account, and how to get a full refund. 

How to hack HMA’s money-back guarantee

Anyone can hack the Hide My Ass 30-day money-back guarantee to get a risk-free trial. Getting a HMA subscription only takes a few minutes. After that, you can use all the VPN’s features.

Here’s how to use the Hide My Ass free trial hack:

  1. Follow our link to the HMA website. By following our link, you will automatically redeem an exclusive coupon code to get the VPN for just $2.99 per month. So be sure to follow our link! HMA website
  2. Select your preferred subscription plan. Hide My Ass has various plans for you to choose from. You can get the one that best suits your needs. You can pick between a 12-month plan, a 24-month plan, and a 36-month plan. By committing longer, you can save a whopping 75%. If you prefer to spend less, you can opt for a one-year plan and still get your money back. HMA subscription costs
  3. Click Buy Now on the plan you prefer, and then fill in the subscription form. You can opt to pay in a few different ways, including via bank transfer if you prefer. You will need to provide a valid email in order to receive your welcome email. Payment Information
  4. When you have provided all your info and your payment is approved, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to log in to the members’ area. Here you can download the VPN application onto your device. HMA lets you install and use the VPN on up to 5 devices at the same time with a single account. Set up HMA
  5. When you have downloaded the VPN app that you need, install it and log in using your credentials. Following that you are ready to take advantage of all of the VPN’s features. You can use it to gain privacy and to access international services such as Netflix and iPlayer. You can also use it to bypass censorship.

The only important thing to remember is that you must cancel your subscription before the 30-day trial period ends. So, be sure to mark the date in your calendar and contact the VPN’s support desk to get your money back on the 29th day. This will ensure that you get full use of the free trial hack while still being in time to get a refund!

How to cancel Hide My Ass’ free trial

Decided against HMA? Want to compare Hide My Ass to another VPN provider? Getting a refund from Hide My Ass is easy.

Here’s how to cancel the Hide My Ass free trial:

  1. Contact Hide My Ass. You can contact the VPN either by using the website’s live chat support, or by filling in the contact form on its website. The contact form will create a ticket that arrives in your inbox. Remember that you will need to ask for a refund and not just cancel your subscription. Please read the HMA refund policy for more details. Hide My Ass contact
  2. Be sure to fill in all the sections of the form marked with a red asterisk, and provide a description of why you want a refund. We have provided an example above, but you can give whatever reason you prefer.
  3. The Hide My Ass help desk is highly professional, so you should get a response quickly. Following that, the money should be returned to your account within 5 working days.

Please bear in mind that we do not recommend you keep using the VPN after you ask for a refund. The VPN may decide that by continuing to use the service, you have invalidated your right to a refund. So, only use the VPN for the first 29 days, and then ask for a refund and stop using the VPN. This will ensure you receive your money back as requested. 

What is a VPN money-back guarantee?

VPNs provide a money-back guarantee to allow people to sign up with no pressure. The trial period is designed to let anybody try the VPN and all its features risk free. This ensures that you can see how the VPN works on all your devices, and test the VPN to see whether it works with the online services you require.

As the name suggests, a money-back guarantee requires you to hand over your payment first. However, as long as you ask for your refund before the trial period expires, you will receive all that money back.

Most leading VPNs have a 30-day money back guarantee like HMA. However, some may have a shorter or longer guarantee, so always check. Some providers, such as CyberGhost and Hotspot Shield, provide a lengthier 45-day money-back guarantee. This gives you an extended length of time to try the VPN.

One important thing to remember is that some VPNs use the money-back guarantee as a way to lure customers. Those VPNs may act shady and refuse to give you a refund when you ask. For this reason, it is essential that you only stick to recommended VPNs that are known to be trustworthy. You can find details about leading VPN brands, and whether they honor their guarantees in our VPN reviews.

The good news is that HMA is known to always honor its refund policy, so be sure to check the document (linked above), and purchase your VPN directly from HMA using our link to make the process as easy (and cheap) as possible.

What is a VPN free trial?

Generally speaking, a free trial differs from a money-back guarantee because it gives you a limited trial of the VPN without you needing to pay upfront. That said, depending on the provider, you may still be asked to provide your payment information upfront (no payment will be taken until you finish the trial).

VPNs that come with a free trial usually provide full access to the VPN for between 3 and 7 days. This gives you less time to try out the VPN than by using our free trial hack. While it is a little annoying to have to pay upfront; you will get the money back. So the free trial hack is still the best way to try the VPN for as long as possible.

Hide My Ass is one of the unusual VPNs that has a free trial in addition to a money-back guarantee. This trial is seven days long and you can access it via the download page. Just bear in mind that if you use the free trial and then purchase a subscription, you will not be entitled to a refund, because you have already tried the VPN before you decide to purchase the subscription.

Thus, if you want to enjoy the VPN for free, for as long as possible, it is still a better idea to use our free trial hack!