Hotspot Shield iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer hosts some of the best British television shows, movies, and documentaries from the United Kingdom, but it’s only available to users from the UK. Fortunately, a VPN lets you take the streaming service with you when you travel abroad, so long as it can bypass geo-restrictions set by the broadcaster.

Hotspot Shield has worked with BBC iPlayer in the past, but the web is flooded with user reports that it no longer connects consistently, presenting users with the error, “This content is unavailable in your location.”

Don’t panic, though! In this post, we’ve detailed why BBC iPlayer blocks Hotspot Shield, some known workarounds, and the best alternative VPNs.

Why is Hotspot Shield not working with iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer implements increasingly sophisticated geo-blocking techniques to stop people outside of the UK from using the streaming service. As such, VPN providers that can reliably bypass these restrictions must constantly update their software and servers to keep up with these changes. This is why only the top VPNs work with BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield appears to be lagging behind with its updates, which is why it’s no longer working with BBC iPlayer.

How can I get Hotspot Shield working with BBC iPlayer?

You may still be able to use Hotspot Shield with BBC iPlayer, even though it’s no longer a reliable option for unblocking the streaming service. First, try connecting via a different server location; the BBC may be blocking specific servers in the UK.

Ensure your Hotspot Shield subscription is up-to-date, and check if any firmware updates are available for your device. You could also try clearing your cookies and browser cache to ensure

As a last resort, contact Hotspot Shield support to see if they know of any issues in your VPN configuration that may prevent access to iPlayer. They may recommend alternative servers they know are working with the streaming provider.

If your attempts at getting Hotspot Shield working weren’t successful, then we recommend checking out NordVPN. Not only does it work with BBC iPlayer and many other streaming services, but its apps also come pre-configured with the best settings for unblocking geo-restricted content. Plus, it offers lightning-fast speeds and consistently reliable connections to watch British TV shows abroad without interruption.


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How to watch iPlayer with NordVPN

Streaming BBC iPlayer with NordVPN is a breeze. It’s one of our top VPNs for BBC iPlayer, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Surfshark and ExpressVPN are our next recommended iPlayer alternatives, and the process will be the same as the steps detailed below for NordVPN.

Here’s how to watch iPlayer with NordVPN:

  1. Sign up for a NordVPN account via our exclusive discount link.
  2. Head to the NordVPN website and download the VPN app for your chosen device.
  3. Choose one of NordVPN’s 5,000+ servers, specifically one in the UK.
  4. Open the BBC iPlayer app, visit the iPlayer website in a browser, and start watching!
  5. Clear your browser cache and cookies if you receive an error, allowing the BBC servers to acknowledge the change of server location.

Hotspot Shield not working with iPlayer FAQs

Can I use a free VPN with BBC iPlayer?

We’d avoid using free VPNs with BBC iPlayer as they are slow and unreliable. The BBC actively blocks free VPN IP addresses, making streaming difficult or impossible. You’re much better off investing in a quality paid-for VPN like NordVPN, ensuring you get the best speeds and reliability when watching iPlayer abroad.

Is it legal to use a VPN with BBC iPlayer?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use a VPN with BBC iPlayer. While the BBC actively blocks some VPN IP addresses, these are typically linked to free or low-quality services that lack the technical ability to keep up with geo-restrictions. On the other hand, quality paid-for services like NordVPN will ensure you can access all your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.