Naverisk Review and Alternatives

Get an in-depth review of Naverisk’s suite of support tools, including comparisons to similar products

Naverisk presents a packaged suite of tools designed to improve your support and network management capabilities. Each of the tools that are presented by Naverisk is robustly created to fulfill a specific requirement of your support infrastructure. Rather than picking several different tools that each individually achieve the required subset objective, Naverisk packages these tools together into a single unified solution, which means integration between these tools is guaranteed to be streamlined.

Naverisk fulfills four fundamental requirements via this unified package:

  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) You may offer real-time administration and help using several remote control and remote access solutions, including remote command lines and interfaces with premium remote control tools.
  • Data Protection All data, both static and in transit, is encrypted by Naverisk, and your internal infrastructure is protected from access risks by 2FA user access and granular role-based access controls.
  • Service Desk Tools You may significantly enhance your IT service delivery with in-app collaboration with clients, users & contacts, staff, & assets under administration. The Naverisk ticketing system centralizes all of your messages and automatically handles the distribution of support requests.
  • Professional Services Automation (PSA) For your personnel to give clients a thorough overview of the project, Naverisk lets you categorize tickets and assign them to projects. You may manage client contracts and agreements using the system, which also generates notifications and statistics on usage and upcoming expiration. For situations not covered by service agreements, you can create sales tickets and charge consumers later using associated billing systems.

Remote Monitoring (RMM) and Service Desk

Naverisk Remote Monitoring (RMM) and Service Desk

With a variety of remote control and remote access solutions, including remote command lines and interfaces with top remote control tools, you can provide real-time administration and assistance. The solution supports full integration with Splashtop, Teamviewer, and ScreenConnect. You can also utilize a remote console, task manager, scripts, and automation features to proactively monitor and maintain Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.

Utilize calendar-based scheduling to allocate resources efficiently and increase team productivity. Create one-time, recurring, or on-event scheduled jobs and assignments for each technician. All schedules, jobs, and tasks are displayed in a customizable calendar on technician home sites, which can be synchronized with technician email calendars, and used to send invitations directly from Naverisk.

With in-app collaboration on clients, users & contacts, staff, & assets under administration, you can massively improve your IT service delivery. The Naverisk ticketing system promotes technician productivity and teamwork and allows you to get more done as a team by centralizing all of your communications, and automatically routing them to the appropriate individuals. Additionally, you can invite other team members to remark, weigh in, and work together to resolve problems—establishing a collaborative workflow.

To work more effectively, the solution allows you to keep an eye on endpoints in real-time and create alerts, with support for SNMP, Windows, Mac, and Linux device monitoring. The system is designed to allow you to create alerts that are tailored to your company’s needs. According to the time of day and the importance of the issue, technicians are routed to alert templates that provide granular alerting options.

The system allows you to organize and upkeep a comprehensive knowledge base containing documentation for your entire support infrastructure. You can use self-serve articles and FAQs to facilitate the quick settlement of IT problems. This system ultimately ensures that important knowledge is gathered, disseminated, and applied within your business through a structured system that is inbuilt within a single setup.

With a comprehensive set of IT services automation capabilities, the solution is designed to reduce service delivery costs by automatically handling frequent tasks and dependencies. You can provide IT support jobs that are manually triggered, on-demand, event-driven, and scheduled across a variety of devices and clients.

Data Protection Systems

Naverisk Data Protection Systems

Naverisk provides encryption of all data, both in transit and static, while 2FA user access and fine-grained role-based access controls ensure that your internal infrastructure is secured from access threats. The system protects against ransomware via air-gapped immutable storage.

Naverisk offers techniques for secure data flow between system elements. The NNP FileSocket system, which inherits the security advantages of NNP, offers secure data transfer services. This gives the Agent a controlled channel through which to communicate with its Site Controller. Data can still be transmitted even if networking is interrupted or if some system components are not working.

Partners might gather, process, and store personal data using Naverisk’s hosted solutions. In these situations, Naverisk serves as a data “processor”. Naverisk Partners often serves as the data “controller,” choosing what information to gather, how long to preserve it, and how to use it. This allows you to remain GDPR in terms of user data protection and storage.

Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Naverisk Professional Services Automation (PSA)

The system provides you with the means to manage client contracts and agreements; produce notifications and reports on usage and impending expiration. You can create sales tickets for incidents not covered by service agreements, and then use connected billing systems to charge customers.

Naverisk allows you to sort tickets into categories and assign them to projects so that your technicians may present clients with a complete overview of the project. Use Naverisk’s robust business intelligence engine to analyze profit and efficiency, and use the drag-and-drop builder to generate your reports and dashboards or deploy pre-built ones.

Modern MSPs require the back office efficiencies that integrated documentation, knowledge management, project management, contract management, and automated billing provide. You can use the system to maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and manage IT initiatives to ensure reliable, effective service.


Naverisk Integrations

The top security, backup, and PSA suppliers in the IT services sector are all integrated with Naverisk. With the variety of Naverisk security choices, total protection is guaranteed. Naverisk integrates with all the tools you need to take charge of your security, from endpoint security to 2FA. This includes integrations with solutions such as Google Authenticator, Bitdefender, AuthAnvil, Reflexion, and Huntress.

Utilize Warranty Master for warranty lookups and reporting, which allows you to identify warranties with ease and speed. Meanwhile, you can also utilize e-automate to manage your tickets and contacts, and Naverisk RMM to carry out device monitoring and actions. Additionally, manage your backup and disaster recovery with StorageCraft.

Make use of Naverisk’s many top-notch remote control solutions. Just click once to instantly connect to a device. These systems integrate with the existing remote monitoring and management tools—you may offer real-time administration and help using several remote control and remote access solutions, including remote command lines and interfaces with Splashtop, Teamviewer, and ScreenConnect.

Support and Pricing

The full product starts at $110.00 per month, but the final pricing will be based on your exact business demands in terms of user requirements, features, and several integrations. To get your final pricing, you will need to contact Naverisk directly to receive a quote on the price.

Naverisk also has a free trial of the product available for download when you sign up to receive it on the website. The free trial allows you to explore all aspects of the product’s broad feature set and test out the integrations of the service as if they were running on your infrastructure. The free trial is a perfect way to test out the product before committing to the purchase of any licenses, which is recommended if you’re interested in this product.

Naverisk provides full 24/7 support for their products accessible by email or phone number, in the USA; the UK and Europe; and NZ and Australia. Their support comes highly recommended, with remote support capabilities. The Help Center on the website also comes with a variety of articles that go into incredible depth on how to install, manage, and integrate the system with your network. Naverisk also provides a massively in-depth Quick Start Guide that helps walk you through the setup process of the solution with step-by-step assistance throughout.

The Best Naverisk  Alternatives

  • ManageEngine RMM Central – EDITOR’S CHOICE This software package competes with the remote monitoring and management functions of the Naverisk platform. The ManageEngine system includes automatic discovery and monitoring for network devices plus server monitoring for computers running Windows Server, Linux, and Unix. The package also includes patch management, remote access, and mobile device management. Start a 30-day free trial.
  • N-central A comprehensive suite of excellent RMM tools including in-depth insights into your infrastructure, and excellent patch management. N-Central provides a different angle towards a solution to the same problems that Naverisk is designed to resolve, with Naverisk focussed on the balance of RMM and PSA, while N-central is oriented towards rigorous automation.
  • Huntress To defend your company from sophisticated hackers, Huntress offers a strong portfolio of endpoint protection, detection, and response capabilities, supported by a staff of 24/7 threat hunters. Huntress accomplishes a similar solution while employing a more security-focused suite of tools.
  • Atera An all-in-one solution that includes RMM, a help desk, billing, and reporting. Atera is the most similar to Naverisk in terms of its broad features that are focused on the same combination of tools. You may step up and influence the direction of IT by letting IT automation rules, a shared script library, and specialized patch management tools handle all the tedious labor.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Backup, modern AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection management are all combined into one solution with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Integration and automation give service providers unparalleled simplicity by lowering complexity, boosting productivity, and lowering operating expenses.
  • LogMeIn Rescue Using LogMeIn Rescue, you can easily get everyone up and running with features like centralized permissions for administrators and technicians, Active Directory Sync to prevent job duplication, session recording for audits and compliance, live reporting, and more.
  • Zoho Assist With secure cloud-based remote assistance and remote access software, Zoho Assist equips companies all over the world to provide excellent customer service. With ease, create secure web-based connections to distant servers, laptops, mobile devices, and PCs.