Sticky Password Premium, much like other password managers, is a specialised program designed to store all your passwords in one centralised and encrypted database.

Again, like much of the competition, it offers the ability to automatically log in to websites, save new login details as new accounts are created, browser integration and its own password generator.

But is it any good?

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Sticky Password Premium offers an array of features, including strong encryption (AES-256), one master password and – very usefully – the ability to synchronise passwords across a number of devices.

Install Sticky Password

Additionally, this password manager also offer utility functions such as the ability to create secure memos and bookmarking of web pages from multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Thunderbird) in one place.

It is supported across a number of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Where available, devices can be used to support the program with their biometric authentication functions.

The Premium edition of Sticky Password has to be purchased – an advantage, some would say, as it may guarantee better support – though a 50% saving is currently available.

Getting Started

Handily, Sticky Password Premium makes initial set up a breeze through the use of a wizard which helps configure some of the basic settings.

As part of that setup process, you will be prompted to sign in with an existing Sticky account – if you have one – or create a new account by entering your email address and choosing a suitably challenging password.

Sticky Password account

You’ll also be prompted to enable cloud synching along with encryption of all data synched with the company’s cloud servers.

Once up and running, you can either jump straight in or take advantage of Sticky Password Premium’s integrated tutorial which covers the main functional parts of the program.


When I pick a password manager its primary purpose is largely all I’m interested in but some people do put plenty of store on the additional features that are shackled on by some companies.

In that respect, Stick Password Premium is mid-range in terms of the number of additional features it provides.

Most of the additional functionality is much of a muchness – it automatically offers to save new login credentials, automatic login for existing accounts either through the application or directly through your browser and various groupings of existing accounts.

You can also assign a default browser to use when opening each of your online accounts and can choose an expiry date for the assigned password if required.

Sticky Password browser integration

This password manager allows you to save identities which basically means it acts as an online form filler, inserting your name, email, address, etc., which can be a handy time saver.

Synchronisation is a handy feature for sure, allowing you to sync passwords across all your devices via Wi-Fi or the company’s cloud servers. This feature allows you to backup passwords, bookmarks, secure memos, etc. To make this procedure more secure, you are given the option of use a one-time PIN to validate new devices as you add them to the pool.

As previously mentioned, the application allows you to store secure memos which could include one of the preset options such as bank account details, or new ones as per your heart’s desire.

The in-built password manager is certainly useful – specify the length of password you require, they type of characters to include or exclude and then sit back and watch the application suggest something suitable. The end result is assessed against a password strength meter – just remember not to put too much store in these and use them as a guide only.

Lastly, you have the regular database options – import and export. The program can pull data in from other password managers, such as LastPass and Dashlane, but not always in a way that makes the process seamless.


Sticky Password Premium is presented with a really nice interface that is as smart as it is uncluttered.

It allows quick and easy access to key features such as quick website access, accounts, bookmarks, identities and memos.

Sticky Password interface

A ‘hamburger’ button gives easy access to configuration settings and the ability to import and export data, as well as a quick means of locking the program.

Security and Privacy

Beyond the obvious storing of passwords in an encrypted database and requirement to only remember the master authentication credentials, Sticky Password Premium offers a few more security features of note.

A few examples include the ability to ignore or trust websites, backup your password database, automatically remove copied passwords from the clipboard after a certain amount of time and quick and easy ways of opening, closing and locking the program from the desktop.

You’ll also be given the opportunity to automatically lock the program when the screensaver kicks in, make use of a virtual keyboard which will thwart a keylogger should you be unfortunate enough to have one on your system, and select from a number of different types of authentication mechanisms, such as a password, via Bluetooth connected devices, etc.


Overall, Sticky Password Premium is a very good password manager. By utilising AES-256 it offers a secure database of passwords which is, by far and away, the primary purpose of such a program.

The additional features are not as extensive as those offered by some of the competition but are great, nonetheless.

The interface is clear and very easy to understand, making this a very good choice for novice password manager users as well as those who have used one before.

What’s good

Beyond the obvious secure storage of passwords, this programs best features are the easy to use interface and the browser integration which is something you won’t find in all password managers.

Additional features, such as one-click access to web accounts and secure memos, etc. can all be operated intuitively and with the minimal amount of user intervention.

What’s not so hot

Sticky Password Premium offers the ability to import data from other password managers you may have used in the past which is, of course, a handy feature. However, the way in which it does so is often not sufficient to say ‘job done’ and so a fair degree of tidying up and editing will be required after the event. That’s not much different to other comparable programs to be fair, but it is something you should be aware of.

One other issue that I encountered – infrequently – was a failure to properly open a web account from the link within Sticky Password. A minor issue and one that only applied to Safari, I did not investigate this too much so cannot say whether the issue was my end (I’m currently running a beta version of MacOS Sierra) or an indication of a larger problem with the password manager itself.

So, overall, what did I make of Sticky Password Premium?

I was impressed.

This password manager is a nice, clean and easy to use program that offers a good and secure user experience.

The fact that it offers a 50% saving will convince many that it is worth spending a little cash on what is a superior tool to free alternatives.