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The UFC may grab most of the headlines, but it’s not the only MMA game in town. The UK-based Cage Warriors Fighting Championship is growing in popularity. On Saturday, April 27, you can watch Cage Warriors 104 online even when abroad. Additionally, Cage Warriors will be available anywhere in the world thanks to promotion through the UFC.

Important note: Our guide only recommends official sources for Cage Warriors 104. Cage Warriors has traditionally been broadcast in a limited number of locations. As a result, some MMA fans have had to turn to websites carrying unofficial streams. Thankfully, it’s easy to watch Cage Warriors 104 through official channels without the need for spotty unofficial streams carried on websites that more are more likely to carry malware, adware, and offer other security threats. We recommend only official options, some of which may be free.

Depending on your location, you may need to use a VPN to watch Cage Warriors 104 online for free.

How to live stream Cage Warriors 104 online with a VPN

A VPN will not only let you bypass potential region locks on Cage Warriors 104 but can also help eliminate ISP throttling for high-quality video streams. The steps below will help you watch Cage Warriors 104 through UFC Fight Pass and other streaming sources from anywhere in the world.

To get your VPN working with Cage Warriors 104, do the following:

  1. Sign up to a trustworthy VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN for sporting events like Cage Warriors, but other providers work, including NordVPN and CyberGhost.
  2. Download and install the VPN software onto your streaming device of choice (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), and then connect to a country where your streaming service of choice (UFC Fight Pass, for example) is available.
  3. Sign up to or open your streaming service and connect to the Cage Warriors fight. We recommend you test your VPN and streaming service well in advance to make sure you can access the stream before the fight starts.

And that’s it! You might encounter other issues while attempting to stream Cage Warriors, despite your VPN connection. If you still yourself locked out despite a VPN, try clearing the cache and cookies from your browser. You may also want to try closing your browser, and then opening up a new instance in Chrome’s Incognito mode, Firefox’s Private Window, or equivalent options from other web browsers.

If you’re using a mobile app, note that many streaming apps will not let you stream content without location services (GPS) turned on. This will cause your VPN to fail in bypassing the geographic content blocking in place. For this reason, we recommend using a web browser over streaming apps.

Let’s explore some of your top options to watch Cage Warriors 104 live online (and free in some countries).

How to watch Cage Warriors 104 on UFC Fight Pass

There’s good news for MMA fans worldwide as Cage Warriors 104 will be streaming through UFC Fight Pass.

Even better, UFC Fight Pass is available in over 170 countries, which means that it’s available to almost everyone in the world. UFC Fight Pass also offers a 7-day free trial, so you can sign up, watch the main event for Cage Warriors 104 on Saturday, April 27, and then cancel your subscription after the event (or keep it if you like the service).

If you’re in a country where UFC Fight Pass is unavailable, including China, a VPN will be necessary to access the video. Additionally, you may need a VPN to avoid ISP video stream throttling that could reduce your video quality.

Additional options to watch Cage Warriors 104 online

You can also watch Cage Warriors 104 through other options in different parts of the world.

How to watch Cage Warriors 104 in the UK

uk flag cage warriors 104

You can watch Cage Warriors free in the UK through the Free Sports channel. Free Sports is a free-to-air channel available through different services:

  • Freeview (channel 64)
  • Sky (channel 422)
  • Virgin Mobile (channel 553)
  • Freesat (channel 252)
  • TalkTalk TV (channel 64)
  • BT TV (channel 64)

Although Free Sports is free-to-air, you’ll need physical equipment to get access, or sign up to a  traditional cable TV or satellite TV provider, even if you want to stream online through those services.

Alternatively, UK residents can use the standalone Eleven Sports streaming service, which comes with a 48-hour free trial. Eleven Sports has a contract to broadcast Cage Warriors in the UK and other countries. Just sign up to watch, then cancel after the event.

Those alternatives aside, your best option in the UK is to sign up UFC Fight Pass and watch using the free trial period.

How to watch Cage Warriors in Europe (Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and others)

EU flag cage warriors 104

If you’re in Poland, Belgium, Portugal, or Italy, Eleven Sports is the primary provider for Cage Warriors events. Although UFC Fight Pass will be offering Cage Warriors 104 as part of a promotion, Cage Warriors fans can rely on Eleven Sports for Cage Warriors 104 and other Cage Warriors events in the future.

You can get streaming Cage Warriors 104 through Eleven Sports, but the standalone Eleven Sports streaming service is only available in the UK. If you have a UK payment method, you can sign-up for the service with a 48-hour free trial. You’ll need to use a VPN connection to the UK to sign up for the UK version. However, once you have an account, you may be able to sign in to your account from your home country and watch from there. Otherwise, a VPN connection should work to both sign up and stream the event through Eleven Sports. Once the event is over, you can cancel your subscription.

If you’re in Spain, you can use Gol TV for free via its website. The site may be offering a free stream of Cage Warriors 104, but there’s no guarantee it won’t be blacked out when the main event starts. If you’re outside of Spain, you can watch Gol TV Direct on its website through a VPN connected to a Spain server.

Scandinavian countries can use Viaplay Sport to watch Cage Warriors 104. There is no free trial, however, so you’ll need to pay full price up front (around €36.04 per month).

UFC Fight Pass is also available in any of these countries, so a free trial will work to get free access across Europe.

How to Watch Cage Warriors 104 in Asia

MMA fans can use UFC Fight Pass in Asia by grabbing up a free trial and canceling once the fight is over.

However, those in Thailand can also watch through the free-to-air network PPTV HD, either on terrestrial TV, or online live through PPTV HD website.

There’s a chance the stream won’t load on PPTV HD, so you may want to try the website ADintrend.TV, which will offer the stream as well. If you’re outside of Thailand, you can also use ADintend.TV to watch PPTV HD’s Cage Warriors 104 broadcast for free, no VPN needed.

Cage Warriors 104: Fight card, event, and match details

Cage Warriors 104 is set for April 27 and is scheduled to begin with an amateur fight card at 4:30 PM GMT / 11:30 AM EST. If you’re in town, you can watch in person at the Viola Arena in Cardiff, Wales.

Only the main event will be available for streaming online through UFC Fight Pass and other services. Unless you’re watching in person, you’ll want to tune in at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST as the main fight card begins.

Here’s a breakdown of each Cage Warriors fight card:

Amateur Card (4:30 PM GMT / 11:30 AM EST)

  • Logan Ostler vs. Glenn Williams (CWA Wales Light Heavyweight Title Fight)
  • Adam Mayo vs. Keiren Bennett (CWA Wales Welterweight Title Fight)
  • Tommy Taylor vs. Will Davies (Middleweight)
  • Emad Fawzii vs. Shea Evans (139lbs Catchweight)
  • Ben Smith vs. Josh O’Connor (Lightweight)
  • Zach Holman vs. Ryan Lockyer (Lightweight)
  • Mitchell Goode vs. Kieran Pugh (Middleweight)
  • Johnny Bryant vs TBC (Bantamweight)
  • Joe Taylor vs. Shaun Powell (Featherweight)
  • Dan Stephens vs. Roan Crocker (Welterweight)

Pro Prelims (7 PM GMT / 2 PM EST)

  • Josh Reed vs Ayton de Paepe (Bantamweight)
  • Kris Edwards vs Josh Abraham (Featherweight)
  • Oban Elliott vs Bouali Skikem (Lightweight)
  • Brad Evans vs Ben Ellis (Featherweight)

Main Card (9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST)

  • Jack Shore vs Scott Malone (Bantamweight Title Fight)
  • Tom ‘Kong’ Watson vs Aaron Khalid (Welterweight)
  • Mason Jones vs Donovan Desmae (Lightweight)
  • Cory McKenna vs Fannie Redman (Strawweight)
  • Jamie Richardson vs Phil Wells (Welterweight)

All events are subject to change up until the fight begins, including official fight and broadcast times.

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