American Dad s20

American Dad season 20 premiered on March 27, 2023, and returns from its mid-season hiatus on Monday, September 4, at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT). For copyright reasons, the long-running animated sitcom isn’t available everywhere. Depending on your location, you may need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass geographic restrictions and watch American Dad season 20 online.

In this post, we’re only recommending official sources for watching American Dad season 20. Unlicensed streams run the risk of being taken offline for copyright infringement. Besides, they’re usually low resolution with performance issues such as lag and buffering. The good news is that you don’t need to miss out on American Dad season 20 thanks to the abundance of official sources, which you’ll find listed further below.

American Dad season 20 is only available on region-locked platforms. Traveling abroad? You’ll need a VPN to continue watching via your usual streaming services from home.

How to watch American Dad season 20 online with a VPN

Connecting to a VPN server changes your IP address, making it look as if you’re accessing a website from a different location. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to unblock content that is region-locked (such as American Dad season 20 from abroad).

Here’s how to watch American Dad season 20 online from anywhere:

  1. First, you’ll need to sign up with a VPN. We recommend NordVPN. However, both Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two strong alternatives.
  2. Once signed up, you’ll be able to download and install one of the VPN’s apps (or browser extension if you prefer).
  3. Open the VPN app before connecting to a server in the United States. This is how you get a US IP address so you can unblock TBS from abroad.
  4. Go to TBS and sign in via your US cable TV provider. If you don’t have cable TV, don’t worry. There are ways to watch TBS cable-free (we cover these further below).
  5. All TBS content should now be available to stream without restriction. If not, you may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Alternatively, try another server.

American Dad season 20 will broadcast live on TBS. Don’t want to miss a minute? It’s a good idea to test your VPN with TBS in advance of the season 20 premiere. That way, if you have any trouble, you can get in touch with your VPN’s support for further assistance and get the problem solved before the show starts.


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How to watch American Dad season 20 on US TV

US flag

You can watch American Dad season 20 on TBS on September 4 at 10 PM ET. If you have a cable TV subscription, all you need to do is sign in to TBS via your TV provider. This requires entering the same login details you use with your cable TV (an email address or username and password). You can then stream American Dad season 20 online via the TBS website or TBS apps at no additional cost.

Fortunately, there are also ways to watch TBS cable-free. In order to do this, you’ll have to sign up for one of the following TV streaming services: Hulu with Live TV (USD $69.99/month), Sling TV ($40/month), or YouTube TV ($72.99/month). Some of these services also include free trials for new customers.

Whether you watch American Dad season 20 via TBS or one of the above TV streaming services, you’ll need a VPN to do so from abroad (outside the US). This involves connecting to a VPN server in the US. You’ll then receive a US IP address, allowing you to stream American Dad from anywhere in the world. NordVPN offers a risk-free money-back guarantee, so if you try it and aren’t impressed, you can always claim a full refund.

Where else can I watch American Dad?

While there aren’t any other options for watching American Dad season 20 online as yet (it premieres exclusively on TBS), there is a little more flexibility for watching previous seasons.

The first 17 seasons of American Dad are available on Hulu, which offers streaming plans for $7.99 per month (with ads) and $14.99 per month (no ads). There’s also the option of purchasing individual episodes and seasons on Amazon Prime (as well as Google Play and Apple iTunes). At the time of writing, seasons 1–18 are available, with full seasons priced at $19.99 or $29.99 and single episodes typically at $2.99.

Who is in the cast of American Dad season 20?

All of the main voice actors returned for season 20. This, of course, includes Seth McFarlane, co-creator of the show, who voices several characters, including Stan and Roger. He’s joined by Wendy Schaal (Francine), Scott Grimes (Steve), Rachael McFarlane (Hayley), Jeff Fischer (Jeff Fischer-Smith), and Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus.

Will there be an American Dad season 21?

American Dad first appeared on our screens in 2005. We’ve been treated to more than 350 episodes since then, and it looks like we have plenty more to look forward to. The good news is that American Dad has been renewed for season 21, although it’s still too early for a premiere date. However, it’s a fairly safe bet that we can expect American Dad season 21 to arrive sometime in 2024.