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Looking for a fast, secure, and reliable Netflix VPN? Look no further! We've extensively tested every leading provider to bring you a list of the very best VPNs for Netflix in 2024.
By Paul Bischoff in Popular Posts on June 26, 2024
We've conducted thousands of hours of research to find the best VPN services in 2024. We look at speed, security, protocol, price, servers, and much more.
By Paul Bischoff on December 15, 2023
Phishing scams are common place, here's how to recognize and avoid them.
By Dave Albaugh in Information Security on May 13, 2022
There are very few VPNs that work in China. To help readers make an informed choice, we rented a server in Shenzhen and put 59 of the best-known VPNs to the test. Here are our results.
By Paul Bischoff in VPN & Privacy on May 22, 2024
Looking for recent worldwide cyber crime statistics and graphs? We constantly update this huge list of cybersecurity statistics from trusted sources. 
By Andra Zaharia in VPN on March 27, 2024
Don't get caught out with an unsuitable torrenting VPN. Despite bold marketing claims, many VPNs have been shown not to protect your privacy, and others are too slow for torrenting and streaming.
By Paul Bischoff in VPN & Privacy on June 26, 2024
Are you looking for the best ExpressVPN deals and coupons? You're in the right place. We update this page regularly with the best discounts available, including Comparitech exclusive deals.
By Ian Garland in VPN & Privacy on May 20, 2024
Electronic and internet voting can help improve our election systems in several different ways. Each of these concepts rely on cryptography for security - but is cryptography enough?
By Josh Lake in Information Security on August 14, 2020
Android antivirus apps claim to protect your mobile device, but we found a ton of security holes and privacy risks -- one of them even exposes your address book.
By Aaron Phillips in Antivirus on August 17, 2022
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Protect your online safety! Learn how to identify and remove malicious browser extensions. Our expert guide covers warning signs, removal steps, and prevention tips to keep your data secure while browsing.
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Stubborn malware got you stumped? Discover how to create a powerful rescue disk, your secret weapon against infections that laugh off standard antivirus. Master this essential security tool step-by-step.
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Protect your gaming accounts from hackers with our comprehensive guide. Learn about strong passwords, 2FA, avoiding phishing, and the risks of third-party mods. Level up your cybersecurity now!
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Learn how to safeguard your cryptocurrency wallet from stealthy malware attacks. Our guide reveals the types of malware targeting your digital assets and offers essential tips to keep them secure.
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Could blockchain be the answer to your cybersecurity woes? This guide covers what blockchain is, how it helps with cybersecurity and real-world examples.
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Is Windows 11's built-in security enough to protect your PC? Learn about Microsoft Defender and third-party antivirus options in this comprehensive guide to Windows 11 security.
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Find out how to effectively use antivirus software's quarantine feature to protect your devices from malware and cyber threats. Discover tips for managing quarantined files, restoring false positives, and maintaining optimal security.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on June 19, 2024
Learn why scheduling regular antivirus scans is crucial for comprehensive protection against threats. This guide provides easy-to-follow instructions for setting up scheduled scans and optimizing them for maximum security and minimal disruption.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on June 19, 2024
Want to learn how to whitelist programs in your antivirus software? This guide covers the steps to whitelist, best practices, and answers to common questions.
By Craig McCart in Antivirus on June 19, 2024
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How good is TotalAV Internet Security? This review dives into its VPN, ad blocker, data breach checker, and other tools included alongside the antivirus.
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If you're considering signing up for the Norton 360 bundle, this post can help. We tested all the software included to see if we could recommend it.
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This Smartproxy review looks at everything this proxy and web scraping service has to offer. Find ou
By Marc Dahan in Proxies on April 1, 2024
This Bright Data review looks at its web unlocker, SERP API, scraping browser, and more. Do we recom
By Marc Dahan in Proxies on April 1, 2024
Ransomware group Inc claimed a data breach that forced the Alabama State Department of Education (AL
By Paul Bischoff in News on July 15, 2024
Going on vacation outside the US and Canada? HI-YAH is region-locked outside those countries. We’ll explain how you can unblock and watch HI-YAH from any location.
By Mark Gill in VPN & Privacy on July 15, 2024
Criminals find new ways to infect systems and evade detection. Polymorphic viruses are one of the most effective methods. We explain these, why they’re a huge problem, and how to protect yourself. 
By Ian Garland in Antivirus on July 13, 2024
RansomHub claims it hacked RiteAid and stole data like names, addresses, driver's license numbers, d
By Rebecca Moody in News on July 12, 2024
Use our detailed guide to learn why you can't torrent through your VPN and discover some quick fixes to get you back into action in no time.
By Richard Ernszt in VPN & Privacy on July 11, 2024
Are you wondering if you should install an antivirus app on your iPad? This post provides an overview of the most popular antivirus apps for iPad and their limitations.
By Marc Dahan in Antivirus on July 11, 2024