Craig McCart

Craig McCart is a content writer and copywriter with 10+ years of experience working in cybersecurity in a corporate VPN environment. Since working for Comparitech, he's taken all of his experience and applied his knowledge to provide enjoyable and educational content.

Craig researches the latest cybersecurity trends in an ever-changing landscape to provide VPN guides, comparisons, and reviews that are easy for readers to consume.
When he's taking a break from being a Comparitech word-wizard, he spends time playing games with his baby (his power-hungry gaming PC).

His typical go-to titles are God of War, New World, and the occasional Metal Gear Solid speedrun (the best game ever, in his opinion).

When he's not gaming, he's with his family (with actual non-gaming computer babies!), enjoying days out and the occasional trip abroad.

Articles by Craig

Want to stream music from some of the world's greatest artists with Soundcloud from anywhere? If you're in a restricted country, you'll need to unblock Soundcloud with a VPN to get access.
By Craig McCart in VPN & Privacy on August 3, 2023
Want to watch Dr. Stone from anywhere in the world? You can stream Dr. Stone from your home country, but if you're watching from abroad, you'll need a VPN.
By Craig McCart in TV Streaming on February 25, 2022
Phone spam and scams are on the rise, with no signs of stopping. Between 2017 and 2022, spam calls rose exponentially in some categories. Here are the top statistics which reflect the growing, troubling trend with phone spam and scams.
By Craig McCart in Information Security on March 22, 2023
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