How to get cheap spotify: The VPN Trick

Tired of paying full price for Spotify? It might surprise you that people in other countries often pay significantly less for the same service. With a VPN, a few simple steps can unlock those international savings, leaving more money in your pocket for concert tickets.

In this post, we’ll reveal how to use a to get cheap Spotify and recommend some top VPN providers.

How to get cheap Spotify with a VPN

While not guaranteed, a VPN can sometimes unlock lower Spotify Premium prices in different countries. Here’s how to try it:

  1. Select a VPN known for its wide server selection and strong privacy features. We recommend NordVPN, but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are excellent alternatives.
  2. Research countries with lower Spotify Premium costs (e.g., India, Turkey, Argentina). Connect your VPN to a server in your chosen country to change your IP address to a local one.
  3. Visit the Spotify website. Consider using an incognito/private browser window to minimize tracking. Create a brand new Spotify account while connected to the VPN and ensure your profile reflects the country you’re connected to.
  4. Purchase a Spotify gift card in the currency of your connected country (you may be able to find these on online marketplaces). If not, see if your payment method works despite the differing location.
  5. If successful, you should now be rocking Spotify Premium at a wallet-friendly price!

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Important Notes:

  • Not Guaranteed: Spotify actively works to prevent this method, so success isn’t assured.
  • Research Prices: Thoroughly compare subscription costs in various countries before committing.
  • Terms of Service: Be aware of Spotify’s terms of service, as this practice might fall into a gray area.


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Troubleshooting the Spotify VPN trick

If you’re having issues grabbing a cheap Spotify Premium sub with a VPN, try the steps below to resolve your issue:

  1. Spotify detects my location: Try a different server in the same country or a different VPN provider entirely. Also, clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  2. My payment method is rejected: Make sure the billing address on your payment method matches the country you’re connected to through the VPN. If it doesn’t, a gift card is the safest bet.
  3. I’m still having trouble: Try searching Spotify’s support forums or contacting their customer service. Don’t mention using a VPN; just describe your issue.

The best alternatives for a cheap Spotify Premium account

If a VPN isn’t working, there are still ways to save money on Spotify Premium. Students are in luck! Spotify often offers deep discounts on Premium plans specifically for students. You’ll need to verify your student status to snag this deal.

Another option is to team up with friends or family. Sharing a Spotify Family plan can significantly reduce the cost for everyone involved. Everyone gets their own account with full Premium benefits, so it’s a win-win!

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for promotions. Spotify sometimes offers special discounts on Premium subscriptions around holidays or other events. You might score a sweet deal without any workarounds.

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