Kyle Schurman

As a freelance writer for more than two decades, Kyle has experience writing about computers, consumer electronics, software, hardware, operating systems, cybersecurity, online privacy, and various technologies. Some of his first stories were about how to use DOS. (Yes, he’s been doing this awhile.)

Articles by Kyle

Although deleting your Amazon account is a straightforward process, you do have to follow the required steps precisely, or your account may remain active.
By Kyle Schurman in Information Security on April 19, 2022
Home Title Lock vs LifeLock – which is the best ID theft protection service in 2022? We’ll help you decide.
By Kyle Schurman in Identity Theft Protection on August 15, 2022
IdentityForce vs LifeLock – Even though these are two well-known names in identity theft protection, they have different features in their services. We’ll help you decide which is best.
By Kyle Schurman in Identity Theft Protection on March 30, 2023
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