Liku Zelleke

Liku Zelleke is a field support technician at DXC Technology and a prolific blogger. He has over two decades’ experience in the IT industry starting at Ethiopian Airlines in 1997, holding a number of roles during his 25 years with the company from Helpdesk Tech Support through to Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator and a Systems Support Professional.

He hasn’t looked back since the day, years ago, when he discovered he could combine that experience with his other passion: writing. Today, he writes on topics related to network configuration, optimization, and security.

Articles by Liku

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) can be set at the BIOS level, and configured in the operating system. We show you how to configure WoL and the best Wake-on-LAN tools.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on March 3, 2023
We explore IBM WebSphere Application Server, take a look at the Pros & Cons, and review the Best WebSphere Application Server Monitoring Tools.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on August 17, 2023
We have put together a comprehensive Oracle WebLogic Server Guide to help you make the most of this software. Discover the best WebLogic Server management tools.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on September 29, 2023
We show you how to stress test your network by generating traffic using traffic generator tools, and look at ways to emulate congested network conditions.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on October 9, 2023
Learn about traceroute and tracert, how to use it, the syntax, examples, how it is useful to network admins and discover the three best traceroute utilities and tracert software.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on March 7, 2023
What is QoS? In this article we walk you through QoS in networking and review the best tools for the task. We also look at how to best configure your QoS and what you shouldn’t use it for.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on March 6, 2023
WAN optimization allows for the creation of an efficient and secure network. We look at how you can optimize your WAN using some of the best optimization tools.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on July 20, 2023
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