CyberGhost Free Trial Hack

CyberGhost might not provide an official free trial but with our hack, you can essentially get one anyway. This provides you with a safety net, since you’ll be able to try the service, completely risk-free, before actually spending money on a longer subscription. Below, we’ll let you know how to get a free trial using our CyberGhost hack.

This service is an excellent choice for those new to VPNs. It offers fast connections, impressive unblocking ability, and a fantastic set of security features without becoming overwhelming. Further, CyberGhost has the largest network of any major provider, with 9,000 servers in 90+ countries. This means high speeds are almost guaranteed, even at peak times.

While there are still some VPNs that offer free trials with no payment information needed, these are few and far between. Instead, it’s far more common to see a money-back guarantee. These require an upfront payment but allow you to cancel and claim a full refund within a set time period (45 days in CyberGhost’s case). If you decide to keep using the service after trying it, you can use our CyberGhost discount coupon to save 84% on a 24-month plan.

Below, we’ll walk you through the process of signing up for CyberGhost and canceling before the end of the guarantee period. We’ll also discuss some of the tricks that other services use to limit you during free trials so that you can see what makes this one so special.

How to hack CyberGhost’s money-back guarantee

Just follow these steps to get more than a month of CyberGhost for free. Remember: the key is canceling your account within 45 days so that you can claim a full refund.

Create a CyberGhost account

To start our CyberGhost free trial, we’re going to sign up just like a regular customer would.

  1. First, visit the CyberGhost website and click on Get it now button. Note that this text may be slightly different, depending on whether there are any promotions running.
  2. You’ll find yourself on the pricing page. Here’s the thing: whichever plan you choose, you’ll have to pay the full amount upfront. Don’t worry, though: you’ll be getting a refund so it’s effectively free. Choose the monthly plan ($12.99) for a two-week trial or a longer subscription for a 45-day trial.
    Cyberghost 4 months free
  3. Next, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. Note that unlike many other providers, CyberGhost doesn’t prevent you from getting a refund just because you pay in Bitcoin. That said, if you sign up via iTunes, you’ll have to claim your refund by contacting the Apple Support Team. CyberGhost Payment Options
  4. After your payment has been processed, you’ll be redirected to the account overview page. This lets you know exactly how many days are left in your subscription, and which devices are currently connected. You can also download the appropriate version of the app for your operating system from here, so do this now. CyberGhost Account Dashboard
  5. And that’s all there is to it! From this point on, you have 45 days (or 14 days, if you chose the monthly plan) to try this service out. There are no limits on how much you can use CyberGhost before canceling, so feel free to really put it to the test and see what it’s capable of.

How to cancel CyberGhost

CyberGhost not quite what you were looking for? No problem: just follow the steps below to get your money back.

Here’s how to cancel CyberGhost:

  1. First, scroll down to the bottom of any page on the CyberGhost website and click the blue Support button.
  2. A search box will appear. Now, this will only show support articles, which isn’t what we want, but just type anything into this box and hit Enter.
  3. As well as a few related articles from the help desk, you’ll see a big blue Live chat button. Click this to be taken to the live chat support form.
    CyberGhost Live Chat Window
  4. Enter your name, email address, and cancellation request into the boxes provided then hit Start chat. As you can see in the image below, canceling your CyberGhost account is extremely straightforward — the whole process only took a couple of minutes. Cancel CyberGhost Account Live Chat

Common issues with VPN trials and guarantees

Money-back guarantees are supposed to be a safety net of sorts: if you don’t like a service, you can claim a refund. Unfortunately, there are some less scrupulous VPN providers who claim to offer a no-questions-asked guarantee, only to tell users they don’t qualify for a refund later. Below, we’ll explain some of the tricks these services use to keep their users’ money:

  • Conditions hidden in the small print. The main draw of a money-back guarantee is that you can try a service out and see what it’s really capable of. However, unless you read the fine print, doing so could disqualify you for a discount. Often, there’ll be limits on the amount of time you can use the service for, or the volume of data you can transfer. This isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself, but these limits are rarely made clear upfront.
  • Providers making it difficult to cancel. Reputable services usually have an easy-to-find cancel button and help articles that will walk you through the process of closing your account. Conversely, shady providers tend to ask for more details than they really need (such as reference numbers and time of payment) and usually require users to contact support directly in order to cancel. Of course, customer support may not be available around the clock, and staff may not be responsive to emails, which can cause issues for users looking to cancel quickly.
  • Disqualifying users based on their payment method. These days, there are all kinds of ways to pay for your VPN subscription. However, if you use an anonymous option like Bitcoin, you could find that you’re suddenly ineligible for a refund. Since this restriction is rarely disclosed ahead of time, users often only find out they can’t get a refund once it’s too late.

As we’ve proven above, CyberGhost doesn’t resort to any of these tricks. In fact, canceling an account took us less than five minutes. This is because the provider is confident in the service it offers and doesn’t have to trick users into staying.

CyberGhost free trial: your questions answered

What’s better: a VPN trial or a money-back guarantee?

Everybody loves a free trial because it seems like you’re getting something for nothing. However, VPNs usually limit trial users in some way, whether it’s restricting your speeds or reducing the number of servers you have access to. In contrast, a money-back guarantee gives you complete access to the service, its network, and its features. What’s more, as long as you cancel before the guarantee period ends, you’ll get a full refund, effectively letting you use it for free.

Is it difficult to get a refund for CyberGhost?

As long as you’re still within the 45-day guarantee period (14 days for monthly subscriptions), it’s extremely easy to get a CyberGhost refund. Users can cancel their accounts and get their money back by submitting a ticket or contacting support staff directly via live chat. The entire process takes a few minutes, although it could take you a few days to actually receive your refund.

Why shouldn’t I use a free VPN?

Simply, free VPNs often promise more than they can actually deliver. Take speeds, for instance: these providers usually only have a handful of servers, yet far more users than paid VPNs. As such, their networks quickly become overloaded, which leads to extremely slow connections; you may not even be able to browse properly, let alone stream. Additionally, free VPNs are usually blocked pretty quickly by popular region-locked platforms, so they’re not all that useful.

These services leave much to be desired from a security standpoint too. In fact, a surprising number of them don’t even encrypt your data, which means they don’t offer any protection from snoopers at all. To make matters worse, malware is increasingly being disguised as free VPN apps, so there’s no guarantee you’re even using a legitimate service. Instead of rolling the dice with a free VPN, we recommend using a well-respected, quality VPN service

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