Does CyberGhost work with Netflix

One of the primary reasons users opt to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to securely access streaming platforms like Netflix while traveling away from home. After all, this service changes its content from one region to another, locking you out of streaming your favorite shows based on nothing more than which country you’re currently visiting.

By connecting to a VPN, you can securely access your home country’s Netflix library from anywhere in the world. The VPN will mask your IP address and replace it with one from a country of your choice. What’s more, a VPN encrypts all of your traffic, keeping it away from the prying eyes of snoopers, including your ISP.

We regularly check to see if a range of VPN providers works with popular streaming sites. Let’s see how CyberGhost fares with Netflix.

We’ll explain the process and results in more detail, but for a quick reference, the table below shows some of our main findings.

AppServer ChoiceWorks with US Netflix
WindowsNetflix US streaming serverYes
WindowsNew York-based gaming serverNo
WindowsRandomly-chosen server in DallasNo
WindowsRandomly-chosen server in Los AngelesNo
AndroidRandomly chosen-server in Los AngelesNo
AndroidNetflix US streaming serverYes

Does CyberGhost work with Netflix?

To cut to the chase, CyberGhost does indeed work with Netflix. Although it has struggled with the platform in the past, over the last year or so, it has focused on providing secure access to a handful of regional libraries through its desktop and mobile apps. Read on to find out more.

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Do the CyberGhost desktop clients work with US Netflix?

While this provider did have issues with Netflix the service last year, it has since focused on providing users seamless and secure access to a few core Netflix libraries. In recent months, we’ve had no issues. But today, we’re going to explore a little further to show you what to expect.

If you’re familiar with the CyberGhost desktop client, you’ll know that there are certain servers specifically optimized for streaming. However, to save you from having to scroll through all of these, looking for the right one, you can simply type “Netflix” into the search bar and find exactly what you need.

At the time of writing, there were servers especially optimized to work with Netflix Denmark, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Sweden.

CyberGhost Netflix Servers
CyberGhost offers dedicated servers for securely accessing various Netflix libraries

So did these servers work? Yes, seamlessly! However, you won’t have any luck with any libraries, not on this list — the only servers that work with Netflix are the ones that specifically say they can. This is certainly not a black mark against CyberGhost; many other top providers only offer a handful of servers that work with Netflix at a given time. What’s more, for many competitors, you have to contact customer support to ask which servers work because they aren’t clearly labeled.

One thing to note is that when you use a NoSpy or streaming-optimized server, you don’t get to choose the city where the server is located, just the country. Some users with a particularly slow internet connection might want to use a server as geographically close to them as possible to minimize the risk of lag or buffering during streaming. In this case, you can simply click the arrow beside your desired country in the All Servers view.

CyberGhost US Servers
CyberGhost has server clusters in 11 US cities

Do the CyberGhost mobile apps work with US Netflix?

We did a little digging to see if CyberGhost’s iOS and Android apps worked as well as the desktop ones. The good news is that, yes, the mobile apps also provide secure access to Netflix.

CyberGhost Netflix Mobile Servers
Netflix servers are available on mobile devices too

We tried a couple of servers for ourselves, some that had the streaming label and some that didn’t, and got similar results. Servers labeled as streaming worked with Netflix, while servers without the label didn’t work.

The server labeling does make it easier to find an appropriate server in a specific city. But if you still need help, again, you can simply contact customer support.

Can CyberGhost securely access other Netflix libraries?

Netflix is now available in most countries, but because of licensing issues, each region’s catalog will be different. The Netflix US library is one of the biggest and most popular, but not everyone is from the US, so we look for VPNs that work with multiple libraries to allow the largest number of people to view their home catalog.

CyberGhost actually offers specific servers designed to work with Netflix US, UK, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and Germany. Simply connect to these, and you’ll be able to securely access the respective library without any problems.

If CyberGhost doesn’t support your home country’s Netflix library, you can take a look at our dedicated articles for Netflix Spain, Netflix Canada, and Netflix Brazil.

Does CyberGhost work with other streaming sites?

Our latest tests show that CyberGhost works with plenty of other streaming sites. This is just a small selection:

Note that there’s no guarantee all servers in the relevant region will work with a given streaming site. If you run into issues, it’s best to contact customer support. CyberGhost has live chat support during European business hours and a ticket submission system for the off hours.

The verdict on whether or not CyberGhost works with Netflix

In short, CyberGhost has no problems securely accessing Netflix with the clearly-marked streaming servers. These work both in a browser and in the Netflix app, making it easy to stream on the go. Remember, if you run into any issues, CyberGhost offers 24/7 support over live chat.

Using a Free VPN to access Netflix instead

You can’t realistically use a free VPN to access Netflix. Free VPNs attract many users, and Netflix can see when multiple users are accessing its service from the same IP address. It then blacklists the IP address in question. Fortunately, the best VPNs for Netflix offer far more IP addresses than free VPNs. Besides, you’ll also have streaming issues with the average free VPN. Slow speeds are to be expected due to bandwidth throttling. The result is low-resolution, lag-filled streams.