watch The Bachelorette season 16 online

The Bachelorette season 16 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, October 13, at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST). Initially postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, season 16 of the American reality TV dating game show sees another bachelorette looking for love among a pool of contenders. Unfortunately, The Bachelorette season 16 isn’t available everywhere. As such, you’ll likely need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch it while traveling abroad.

Note that in this post, we’re only recommending official sources for watching The Bachelorette season 16. While there will be some unauthorized streams, it’s important to know that they’re usually low resolution with excessive amounts of lag and buffering. Worse still, many will be taken offline for copyright violation. If you don’t want to risk missing out on The Bachelorette season 16 premiere, we recommend you stick with the official sources listed.

The Bachelorette season 16 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. To continue watching on home streaming services while abroad, you’ll need to connect to a VPN.

How to watch The Bachelorette season 16 with a VPN

Want to know how a VPN lets you watch The Bachelorette season 16 from anywhere? When you connect to a VPN server, you receive a new, temporary IP address. This allows you to spoof your location. For this reason, many people use VPNs to unblock geo-blocked websites and services.

Here’s how to watch The Bachelorette season 16 online from anywhere:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider. We recommend ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN and Surfshark also offer consistent unblocking ability as well as good value for money.
  2. Next, you’ll need to download and install one of the apps offered by the VPN service. The above VPNs provide a variety of apps as well as browser extensions.
  3. Open the VPN app (or browser extension) before connecting to a server in the United States. You’ll then have a US IP address capable of unblocking ABC from abroad.
  4. Go to ABC via the website or app and sign in to your TV provider. You’ll then be able to watch full episodes of The Bachelorette and live stream season 16.
  5. Is the content still blocked? You may need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Otherwise, we recommend you connect to another server.

The Bachelorette season 16 will air live on ABC. As such, it’s a good idea to test your VPN with ABC ahead of time. If you have any trouble, you should then have enough time to contact your VPN’s customer support for further assistance.

How to watch The Bachelorette season 16 on US TV

If you’d like to watch The Bachelorette season 16 live online, you’ll need to go to ABC and sign in via your US TV provider. To do this, simply enter the same login details you use with cable TV subscription (an email address or username and password). There’s also a way to live stream ABC cable-free. The following streaming services all offer ABC: AT&T TV Now ($55 USD/month), FuboTV ($64.99/month), Hulu with Live TV ($54.99/month), and YouTube TV ($64.99/month).

Note that ABC and streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube TV are region-locked and only available in the US. This means that you’ll need to use a VPN and connect to a server in the US if you’re traveling abroad. ExpressVPN allows you to get a US IP address and even includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. As such, you can try it out with ABC risk-free and, if at all unsatisfied, request a full refund within the 30-day period.

Where else can I watch The Bachelorette?

While The Bachelorette season 16 will premiere exclusively on ABC, you do have a little more flexibility when it comes to watching previous seasons of the show. In particular, most seasons are available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video. An entire season costs anything from $13.99 to $19.99 while individual episodes range from $1.99 to $2.99. You may also be interested to know that Hulu offers seasons 5 and 10 of The Bachelorette with plans starting from $5.99 per month. Again, a VPN is required in order to watch from abroad.

What can we expect from The Bachelorette season 16?

A spin-off of the American dating game show The BachelorThe Bachelorette returns for its 16th season. Initially scheduled to premiere in May, season 16 was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, due to concerns over the coronavirus, all of the show’s dates take place within the United States.

We’ll see Clare Crawley, a 39-year-old hairstylist from California, as she looks for love among a pool of 32 contestants. Crawley was runner-up in season 18 of The Bachelor and has also appeared in Bachelor in Paradise and on Bachelor Winter Games. At the age of 39, she’s the oldest Bachelorette in the show’s history.