The Bachelor season 28

Are you excited for the new season of The Bachelor? Season 28 is set to premiere on January 22 at 20:00 ET (17:00 PST) and we’re thrilled to share that it’s expected to be just as captivating as previous seasons. If you’re outside the US and want to live stream The Bachelor, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. 

While unauthorized streams may be available, we strongly recommend using official sources to ensure high video quality and avoid copyright violations. Plus, plenty of legitimate ways to enjoy The Bachelor without resorting to sketchy, third-party streams exist.

Remember that the show is primarily available on region-locked streaming platforms, meaning you’ll need a VPN to connect to your usual home streaming services if you’re outside the US. Enjoy the journey of love with The Bachelor season 28!

How to watch The Bachelor live online from abroad

When using streaming platforms, your location is identified by your IP address. Fortunately, using a VPN lets you switch your IP address to one from another country. We’ve personally tested this method and found that it allows you to access US-based streaming services while outside of the country by using an American VPN server. We believe the process is easier than it may seem. Simply follow the steps provided below.

Here’s how to watch The Bachelor online from anywhere:

  1. First, sign up for a reputable VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two excellent alternatives.
  2. Now, download and install the VPN app. Note that there are usually a few different versions so make sure to get the appropriate app for your device,
  3. Log in and connect to one of your VPN’s American servers. The city you choose doesn’t really matter, but for the fastest speeds, we recommend using servers in whichever city is closest to you.
  4. Visit the ABC website and log in. You should now be able to watch The Bachelor from outside of the US, without any problems. If you can’t, try clearing your cookies and refreshing the page.

The Bachelor will air live each week. For this reason, we recommend taking a few minutes ahead of time to ensure that your VPN works as expected. This way, if you have any trouble, you’ll have plenty of time to get help from your VPN’s customer support team.


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How to watch The Bachelor live on US TV

How to watch The Bachelor season 28 live online

The Bachelor season 28 will air exclusively on ABC. This means that, if your cable package already includes this channel, you can just log in and watch every episode live, completely free of charge. Looking to stream The Bachelor without cable? In that case, you have two options.

The first is simply to wait an extra few hours. New episodes are added to ABC’s on-demand library the day after they air, and these can be watched without having to sign in. There’s no rush either since they won’t leave the service until around a month later.

Alternatively, you could sign up for an over-the-top service like Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, or Sling TV. Although each of these comes with a free trial, they aren’t long enough to watch the whole series, and as such, you’ll have to pay eventually. Given the high price (ranging from $40–65 USD per month), most people would be better off just watching on-demand.

All of the services above are geo-blocked. This means that you’ll have to either be in the US or connected to an American VPN server to use them. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee meaning you can try it risk-free.

Where else can I stream The Bachelor online?

Many countries now have their own regional spinoffs, so the US version of The Bachelor won’t see a wide international release. However, it will air in Canada. Take a look below to find out how you can watch:


How to watch The Bachelor season 28 live online in Canada

Citytv is showing the 28th season of The Bachelor at the same time as it airs in the US (20:00 ET). This service lets you watch live without signing in or paying anything, but the downside is that you’ll need a Canadian TV subscription to watch anything on-demand, which makes missing an episode particularly devastating if you don’t have cable.

Citytv is only available in Canada. As such, if you’re abroad, you’ll have to use a Canadian VPN server to stream The Bachelor online.

What do we know about this season of The Bachelor?

Season 28 of The Bachelor will bring back a familiar face: Joey Graziadei. He was previously on season 20 of The Bachelorette, where he was the runner-up. This time around, he’ll get a second chance, with 32 women all vying for his attention. Jesse Palmer will, once again, be hosting.

You know how things work at this point: Joey will spend time with the ladies, either one-on-one or in group dates, with the initial group being whittled down until only one is left. We’ve certainly got a varied roster this season, and you can find a little about all of the contestants below:

  • Allison Hollinger, 26, realtor from Delaware
  • Autumn Waggoner, 26, account executive from Missouri
  • Chandler Dewgard, aged 24, graphic designer from New York
  • Chrissa Perez, 26, marketing director from British Columbia
  • Daisy Kent, age 25, account executive from Minnesota
  • Edwina Dorbor, aged 25, entrepreneur from Minnesota
  • Erika Cardenas, 25, a leasing agent from New Jersey
  • Evalin Clark, age 29, a nanny from Texas
  • Jenn Tran, aged 25, a physician assistant student from New Jersey
  • Jess Edwards, 24, an executive assistant from Tennessee
  • Katelyn DeBacker, 26, a radiochemist from New Mexico
  • Kayla Rodgers, age 27, a guidance counselor from Ohio
  • Kelsey Anderson, 25, junior project manager from Louisiana
  • Kelsey Toussant, 31, an actress from California
  • Kyra Brusch, age 26, a paralegal from Florida
  • Lanie Latsios, 27, a realtor from Pennsylvania
  • Lauren Hollinger, 28, a nurse from Delaware
  • Lea Cayanan, aged 23, an account manager from Hawaii
  • Lexi Young, 30, digital strategist from Ohio
  • Madina Alam, 31, mental health therapist from New York
  • Maria Georgas, age 29, an executive assistant from Ohio
  • Marlena Haddad, 26, finance writer from Connecticut
  • Nat Crepeau, 26, nursing professor from Ontario
  • Rachel Nance, 26, ICU nurse from Hawaii
  • Sam Hale, 31, accountant from New York
  • Samantha Washington, 25, Miami Dolphins cheerleader from Nebraska
  • Sandra Rabad, 26, cybersecurity consultant from Ohio
  • Starr Skyler, 25, mental health counselor from Florida
  • Sydney Gordon, 28, store owners from Rhode Island
  • Talyah Jackson, 23, esthetician from California
  • Taylor Wiens, 23, recruiter from Kansas
  • Zoe Antona, 24, an artist from Georgia

Who is the next bachelor?

ABC has finally chosen 28-year-old Joseph “Joey” Graziadei as the lead of Season 28 of The Bachelor. According to his official biography released by ABC, he is a professional tennis player from Hawaii who loves star-gazing and the Green Bay Packers.

Will The Bachelor be renewed for season 29?

ABC has not officially announced whether The Bachelor season 29 is happening but we’d be extremely surprised if it didn’t. Since its debut in 2002, The Bachelor has consistently been a top-rated reality dating competition show. Its spin-off series, including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, have also enjoyed significant success. In the fall of 2023, the franchise even debuted a new series called The Golden Bachelor, specifically geared toward seniors. Other successful series within the franchise include Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor Winter Games, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart and The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!