Kodi builds are pre-configured Kodi installations. A build is an excellent way to make Kodi set-up easier, while also expanding what you can do with Kodi through additional features and an interesting new layout theme. While you can install Kodi on almost any device, such as Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku,  a Kodi build can only be installed on specific devices, like the Amazon Fire TV or TV Stick, Raspberry Pi, iPhone, Mac, Windows PC or Nvidia Shield.

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Best Kodi Builds 2018

The best Kodi addon builds for 2018 include:

  1. No Limits Magic Build
  2. BK Links Build
  3. Reaper Build
  4. The Beast
  5. Tombraider Build
  6. Evolution Build
  7. Durex Build
  8. Ultima 17 Build
  9. Nymeria’s Fornite Build
  10. Max’d Mario Build

There are hundreds of Kodi addon builds available across the web. While have haven’t tested all of these, these are some of the best builds you’ll find in regards to customized themes and options.

Warning: Kodi builds may contain malware

Unfortunately, when you download a Kodi build, there’s no way to really know what addons or addon repositories are getting addon to your Kodi installation until after the build is installed. As a result, you may end up installing Malware accidentally onto your device. This happened to one Kodi user and tester, who posted a warning about it on the popular third-party Kodi Reddit forum, /r/Addons4Kodi. That user found that he had installed a cryptocurrency coninmining trojan while testing different builds.

Reddit Kodi builds

We recommend running an antivirus program on any device you use with Kodi. Whether you’re running Kodi on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, or MacOS, Kodi addons come with an increased malware risk to your system. Even some of the popular and most used addons, such as GAIA and Bubbles, carried malware and infected millions of users without their knowledge.

You’ll find that there are many high-quality and free antivirus apps for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

On using Kodi builds

Kodi builds will come already stocked with many Kodi add-ons. However, most builds will come with a mixture of official and unofficial add-ons. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up a Kodi build, while also providing easy instructions for how to remove unofficial add-ons. Removing unwanted, unofficial add-ons will help ensure you do not accidentally stream pirated material.

Please be warned: While part of the reason to use Kodi builds is to enjoy new features and a more interesting skin, as well as save yourself time in trying to download and install add-ons, you may be getting plugins that offer unofficial streams. We do not provide a list here describing what add-ons exist in any of these builds and do not condone or recommend users utilizing any add-ons that pirate content. For the most part, the best build out there is the one you make yourself.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Warning: Your ISP can see your Kodi streams

Although Kodi is a stand-alone app, the addons you install through builds mostly scrape popular websites to get their streams. As a result, your ISP can see all of your Kodi streaming activity.

ISPs can not only collect and sell your browsing data, they can also hand over that data to third parties who request it. This makes your streaming data from Kodi builds insecure.

A VPN will hide all of your streaming activity behind a heavily encrypted, private data tunnel. When you connect to one, your streaming activity remains private, as does your true location.

Among the best options we’ve tested for Kodi build users is IPVanish. Not only does it use military-grade encryption, but it also has apps for numerous devices, including the Amazon Fire TV stick. IPVanish can also be used on up to 10 devices at the same time, making it a good solution for Kodi users with multiple installations.

Reader deal: IPVanish has been in touch to offer our readers a discount of up to 60% on their plans here  For alternate choices see our list of the best VPNs for Kodi.

You should always perform a fresh start before installing a Kodi build.

The best thing to do when starting with a build is to have a fresh Kodi installation. You can download a fresh installing at kodi.tv/download.

A fresh install will help prevent any issues with installation conflicts between the build installation and other add-ons you may have already installed.

How to delete unwanted pirate add-ons

A big reason why you’re installing Kodi builds is to get the extra features not typically located in a bare Kodi media center install. However, you will end up some with unwanted and unsavory add-ons int he process. Thankfully, you can delete these add-ons pretty easily.

This process will look different in different builds, as the skins change how your Kodi looks and feels.

Nevertheless, you can follow this generic process with almost any build:

  • Find the name of the add-on you want to remove.
  • Right-click on the add-on, and then click on Information.
  • You will now see a screen that gives you options, such as “Disable”, but most importantly, one that says “Uninstall”.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.

Your unwanted add-on will not be uninstalled from your Kodi build. Note, however, that this will not actually delete the unwanted add-on. It will still live on your system. If you want to completely delete the add-on, you will need to find the zip file for the build you installed, open it, and completely delete the plugin with the name of the add-on you want to delete.

Best Kodi Builds of 2018

When we talk about the “best” builds below, what we mean are the builds that have the best user interface for Kodi and provide the best experience. These are also the builds everyone is talking about, meaning we’ve only listed builds that are heavily user-approved.

Kodi No Limits Magic Build

Build Download Size: 431MB

nolimits kodi builds

The Kodi No Limits Build comes in several flavors, which include versions that have adult sections and those that don’t. You can also install a Lite or Full version of the build, so the download size can vary depending on the version you choose. Additionally, unlike some other builds, Kodi No Limits Build lets you install over top of your current build so you don’t have to completely erase or delete addons already installed. However, not that installing a build overtop of another build might break something in the installation, so it’s a good idea to do the fresh install.

Inside, you’ll find sections for TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Live TV, and more. Kodi No Limits Magic runs on the Aeon Nox SiLVO skin, which you can download and install separately from the developer. If all you’re looking for is that great Kodi skin without having to go through the process of deleting unwanted addons, we recommend installing the skin instead of the build.

BK Links Build

Build Download Size: 430MB

bk links build kodi builds

Built on the Bello 6 skin, the BK Links Build comes loaded with addons designed for users who want on-demand movies and TV shows as well as some live TV options. The build is loaded with some of the latest and most popular third-party addons, such as Placenta and Neptune Rising, and other popular addons that are often used as dependencies, such as SportsDevil and YouTube. You can easily delete the third-party addons and keep the official ones to maximize your experience and increase the speed of this build.

Reaper Builds (Base)

Build Download Size: 175MB

reaper builds kodi builds

A simple build from Reddit Reaper, the Reaper Builds can be downloaded in either the Lite, Standard, or Base version. Unlike most builds, this build does not come with a lot of different addons or unique skins. Instead, it makes some modifications to the Kodi menu, eliminating a lot of the left-side menu options down to just Addons and Favorites. Additionally, the only addons in this build are GAIA, Magicality, Masterani Redux (anime), Placenta, YouTube, and Premiumizer. You’ll want to delete all but YouTube in this one to keep it fully legitimate. You can then download addons from the Official Kodi Addon Repository, such as Tubi TV, Crackle, or Xumo.

The Beast

Build Download Size: 350MB

kodi builds

Beast Encore gives access to a wide array of content. Thankfully, all of the content is well organized and easy to find. From Live TV to content for kids, there’s content geared toward everyone on the Beast Encore build.

The home screen is organized as follows:

  • Movies
  • Tv Shows
  • Encore Sports
  • Live IPTV
  • Beast AddOns
  • Kids Place
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Programs
  • System

Tomb Raider Build

Build Download Size: 310MB


The Tomb Raider build comes with lots of add-ons, allowing you to quickly start enjoying your favorite shows. The Tomb Raider build comes with add-ons which provide lots of TV shows, movies, documentaries and even live content.

It’s the add-ons under the EXTRAS ZONE category on the main screen that makes the build stand out. You will find add-ons such as the UK Vehicle Check which allows you to check the Ministry of Transport status and tax status of any IK vehicle. The GYM WORLD add-on also under EXTRAS ZONE is also a nice touch and is great for those of us who love the fitness world.

Updates can even be carried out from directly within the build.

You can access your favorite content and any necessary tools and settings through the following categories included on the home screen:


Evolution Build

Build Download Size: 852MB

Evolution contains a large amount of add-ons with great content; from Live TV to sports, you will find it on Evolution. What sets Evolution apart from many other builds is that it separates out its high quality 1080P HD & 3D films out into a separate category on the home menu of the build.

The categories included on the home menu are as follows:

  • TV HUB
  • 1080P HD & 3D FILMS

Durex Build

Build Download Size: 246MB

Kodi durex build kodi builds

Durex is one of the few builds that has endured for several years, with regular updates and maintenance from its developer. As one of the more popular builds, you should also anticipate that this one might be a bit slow to download or downloads that on occasion fail to work. You may also need to test various download servers to get it downloaded.

Durex Build comes stuffed with addons, including popularly-used third-party addons like GAIA, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, and Fantastic. It also includes a section for Durex’s own paid IPTV, which can only be used if you sign up for their service via Facebook. We recommend you uninstall the majority of the addons there to get the best, safest experience, and that you avoid Durex IPTV in favor of other options.

Ultima 17 Build

Build Download Size: 147MB

Ultima build Kodi builds

From developer ukodi1, the Ultimate 17 build is a light build with a starkly yellow theme. This build has sections for movies, tv shows, sports, and kids, but is actually only powered by just half a dozen addons, including a few third-party addons such as Planet MMA and Kratos, that you’ll want to delete off the build to avoid any infringing content.

Unlike most of the other builds on this list, ukodi1 has also updated a few of his builds for Kodi 18 Leia, including the Ultimate Build.

Nymeria’s Fortnite Build

Build Download Size: 263MBnymeria fortnite build Kodi builds

Running on the Aeon Nox SiLVO skin, Nymeria’s Fortnite Build is a letter of love to all things Fortnite. This build is one of the most highly customized builds you’ll find in regards to the theme. Simply put, it’s beautiful and interactive in all of the ways that make Kodi unique to use.

You’ll find sections music, movies, TV shows, sports, IPTV, all-in-ones, documentaries, and a section “For the Kids”. Every aspect of this build has been customized to give a full Fortnite experience, even the settings, which many build makers tend to ignore.

While there are a good handful of legally-available addons in this build, there is still a handful that you’re going to need to delete first to bring the build up to speed, including addons such as Supremacy, Aspis, Yoda, Real-Debrid, Loki, Planet MMA, and a few others. Addons available that are great to keep in this build are BBC iPlayer, ITV, YouTube, and a few others.

Onenation’s Max’d Mario Build

Build download size: 99MB

maxd mario kodi builds

A very lightweight build designed for Kodi users with kids, the Max’d Mario build has a very Mario-centric theme throughout, even down the settings. There’s a “Max’d Kids” section with movies, TV shows, audio books,and karaoke, as well as sections for different Kids networks. There are only two addons available in this build: Deceit (a third-party addon) and YouTube. You’ll want to remove Deceit and install other addons such as Tubi TV to bring this great build up to code.

How to install a Kodi Build

Generally, installing a Kodi build follows the same procedure. The general steps are as follows:

  1. Add source to file manager.
  2. Install repository plugin. This step is not necessary in many cases, however.
  3. Install program add-on.
  4. Install build from the relevant wizard.
  5. Restart Kodi. After the installation process has been completed you will usually be asked to do a Kodi force close. On Windows, Linux and Mac OS, just choose OK. On Android, and iOS devices, unplug your device or close Kodi from your device’s task manager.

Kodi No Limits Magic Build

To install the Kodi No Limits Magic Build, you will need to do the following:

  • Open Kodi and go to the File Manager via the gear symbol
  • Select Add source and enter the following web address: “https://nolimitsbuilds.com/kodi/“. Don’t forget to name it at the bottom of that screen
  • Return to your home screen and select Addons, then go to the package symbol on the top left
  • Click on Install from zip and click on the no limits build connection
  • Click on the no limits wizard zip file to install
  • Next, go to Program addons from your Kodi home screen and click on No Limits Wizard
  • From there, choose the version of the No Limits you want to install and run the wizard

BK Links Build

To install the BK Links build, do the following:

  • From your Kodi home screen, click on the gear symbol on the top left, then click on File manager
  • Select Add source and then enter the following web address: “http://streamdigital.org/wiz/” and name it at the bottom
  • Now return to your Addons section from the home screen and select the package symbol on the top left
  • From there, click on Install from zip and then click on your BK  Links connection, depending on what you named it
  • There’s one on zip file located here, so click on it and install. This will install the Stream Digital Wizard
  • Dismiss any popups that appear
  • Go to Program addons and find the Stream Digital Wizard. Click on it, then click on Builds
  • Find the BK Links build and click to run the installation wizard

Reaper Builds

To install Reaper Builds, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to File manager from the settings and add “http://redditreaper.tech/repo/“as a source. Name it
  • No, return to the home screen and click on Addons
  • Next, click on Install from zip and locate your Reddit Reaper repo connection
  • Click on the repository zip file to install
  • Return to the previous screen and select Install from repository
  • Now, go to Reddit Reaper Repository, select Program addons, and then Reaper Wizard. Finally, click Install
  • Ignore all of the popups. Return to your home screen, select Addons, then Program Addons and then Reaper Builds
  • From there, select (Aftermath) Builds and then select one of the Reaper Builds (Base, Lite, Full) to run the installation wizard

The Beast Build

The Beast Build take a few extra steps to install. To instal The Beast Build, do the following:

  • Before you get started, you will first need to register here. Please note that there are several ads on the page that may lead you to links that aren’t the actual registration section and are just Google ads. You need to scroll down until you see the registration section pictured below.beast_registration_correct_section_1
  • After entering the required information and clicking Register, you will then see a notification thanking you for registering. Click on log in to continue.beast_registration_1
  • You will now need to scroll down until you see a box containing the name you used during registration.thebeast_verify
  • Click on Verify Here. You should now be able to see Yes under the Verified? Column were Verify Here previously was displayed. This means that your registration was successful and you can now continue the process on Kodi.beast_verification_confirmation
  • Add “http://thebeast1.com/repo” to sources in File Manager if you’re from the UK. If you are from the US enter “http://thebeast2.com/repo”. If you are from neither area choose the closest area. Name the source.
  • Find the source and install plugin.video.beast.zip from Addons>Package Symbol (top left)>Install from zip file
  • Highlight The Beast Wizard in PROGRAMS ADDONS and press ‘c’ on your keyboard or press the menu button if you are using a remote. Select Settings and enter the email address and password you used earlier when registering and then press OK.the beast
  • Open The Beast Wizard and the version of Beast that you want to install.

Tomb Raider Build

To install the Tomb Raider Build, do the following:

  • Add “http://ares-repo.eu” to sources in File Manager. Name the source.
  • Find the source and install repository.tombraider.official-0.x.zip from Addons>Package Symbol (top left)>Install from zip file.
  • Still in Addons>Package Symbol (top left), select Install from repository and then Tomb Raider Repo, followed by Program add-ons. Select Tomb Raider Builds Wizard, hit Install and proceed when you receive the “Add-on enabled” notification.
  • Open Tomb Raider Builds Wizard in PROGRAMS and select TOMB RAIDER BUILDS HERE. Finally, choose Nemesis and let it install. Now, select TOMB RAIDER 2.48 JARVIS and wait for the download and installation process to finish.

Evolution Build

To install the Evolution Build, do the following:

  • Add “http://repo.hackmykodi.com/wizards/” to sources in File Manager. Name the source.
  • Find the source and install plugin.video.evolutionwizard.zip from Addons>Package Symbol (top left)>Install from zip file.
  • Go to PROGRAMS ADD-ONS and select evolutionwizard. Select Evolution and the build will now download and install.

Durex Build

The Durex build can easily be installed by using the following steps:

  • From your Kodi home screen, select the gear symbol and then go to File manager
  • Next, click on Add source, and enter the following web address: http://www.drxbld.com/wiz/. Make sure to enter a name at the bottom of the window
  • Return to your home screen, then go to Addons. Click on the package symbol on the top left and then click on Install from zip
  • Select the name you gave your Durex Build source, then click on the plugin zip file (not the repository)
  • You will get a successful installation in a few seconds. Click to dismiss any popup windows, then go to Program addons and select the Durex Wizard
  • Find the builds section, and select any version of the Durex Build. Some of the servers may not work, so we recommend trying each server until one works and successfully installs the build

Ultima 17 Build

To install the Ultimate 17 build, do the following:

  • Go to the following web address and download the repository zip file: “http://ukodi1.pw/Repo/
  • Open Kodi, and go to Addons, then click on the package symbol on the top left
  • Click on Install from zip, then locate the repository zip file in your downloads location (for Windows users, that may be C: > [user name] > downloads)
  • Click on the file to install the ukodi1 repository
  • Return to the package installer screen and select Install from repository
  • Locate the ukodi1 repository  and click on it, then navigate to the Program addons section
  • Click on ukodi wizard to install
  • Dismiss any popups, then navigate to Program addons from Kodi home screen
  • Click on the ukodi wizard and locate the builds section, then locate the Ultima 17 build for Kodi version 17.6. Click to run the installation program

Nymeria’s Fortnite Build (Kodi Version 18 Leia ONLY)

To install Nymeria’s Fortnite Build on Kodi, do the following:

  • Open Kodi and go to the settings (gear symbol) and then File manager
  • Where it says none, enter the following web address: http://miniaturelife67.co.uk/repo“. Add the name ezzermac for it at the bottom
  • Now, from your Kodi home screen, click on Addons and then on the package symbol on the top left
  • Click on Install from zip and then find and click on the ezzermac connection
  • Install the Ezzermacs repository zip file from this location
  • Next, return to the package installer screen, and click on Install from repository
  • From there, locate the Ezzermac repository and click on it, then click on Program addons section
  • Locate and click on Ezzermac Wizard to install the wizard. Click dismiss on any popups
  • From your Kodi home screen, click on Addons > Program Addons and load the Ezzermac Wizard
  • Click on the Wizard, and dismiss any popups. Then, go to Builds and locate Nymerica’s Fortnite Build. Click to install. 
  • Note that this build’s theme will ONLY work on Kodi 18 Leia. Otherwise, all you will get are the addons.

Max’d Mario Build

You can easily install the Max’d Mario build by doing the following:

  • Open Kodi, click on the gear symbol, and then click on File manager
  • Enter the following web address in the <none> box: “http://onenation.info/Portal/“. Make sure to name it (such as onenation)
  • From there, return to your home screen and go to Addons and then the package symbol on the top left
  • Click on Install from zip and then onenation connection
  • Locate the zip file and install it by clicking on it
  • Once you receive the successful install message, go to Program addons from your Addons menu and click on Onenation Portal
  • In the Onenation Portal addon, go to Builds and find the Max’d Mario build. Onenation has a version of the build for Kodi version 18 Leia or version 17.6 Krypton. Choose whichever you want based on your current Kodi version
  • After install, reset Kodi to get the build up and running