“AWS” stands for Amazon Web Services. This is a division of Amazon, the online selling platform. The term applies to a cloud platform that offers businesses server space for rent. The company doesn’t just offer server space, it includes access to 165 services.
By Stephen Cooper in Net Admin on January 31, 2022
Cloud computing has empowered enterprises to move away from the siloed nature of on-premise applications. In this article, we show you the best cloud analytics tools on the market.
By Tim Keary in Net Admin on August 23, 2023
Directory services are becoming a key part in managing IT infrastructure. Microsoft's service, Active Directory (AD), is one of the most well-known directory services in the world. In this article, we will cover the basics and explain exactly what Active Directory is and how to use it.
By Tim Keary in Net Admin on December 29, 2023
Before the launch of any system, thorough security measures should be taken to make sure that no attackers would be able to identify and exploit a loophole and attack. We'll show you the best vulnerability assessment and penetration testing available for the task.
By Ben Schultz in Net Admin on March 11, 2024
An in depth look at database encryption software and a review of the best tools, how they differ, how well they perform and why we need database encryption.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on March 5, 2024
In the digital realm, a honeypot is a word used to describe a “fake” network that is created to attract undesired traffic. This is accomplished by dangling "goodies" in front of them to the point that they can’t resist trying to gain access to what they assume is a real network.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on September 28, 2022
Until very recently, containerization was an obscure technology, only known to a few specialists. Today, however, the methodologies of containerization have become mainstream and every networking professional needs to understand what the term means.
By Stephen Cooper in Net Admin on August 22, 2023
Wake-on-LAN (WoL) can be set at the BIOS level, and configured in the operating system. We show you how to configure WoL and the best Wake-on-LAN tools.
By Liku Zelleke in Net Admin on January 31, 2024
Monitoring network traffic is vital for monitoring the performance of your network and connected devices. We show you how to monitor router traffic and which tools are the best for the job.
By Tim Keary in Net Admin on September 29, 2023
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