Bob’s Burgers season 14

Bob’s Burgers season 14 will premiere on Sunday, October 1, at 21:00 EST (18:00 PST). We expect that there will be around 22 episodes in total, so fans have plenty of new storylines to look forward to! Below, we’ll explain how to stream Bob’s Burgers live online, from anywhere.

Please note that we’ll only be recommending official sources for watching Bob’s Burgers season 14. There are a few reasons why we don’t advise using unauthorized streams. They’re unreliable, tend to have very low video quality, and are overall a poor way to experience your favorite shows. Luckily, there are plenty of legitimate options, but we’ll get to those in a second.

Bob’s Burgers season 14 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. You’ll need a VPN to continue watching via your usual streaming services while traveling abroad.

How to watch Bob’s Burgers season 14 online with a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can make it seem like you’re browsing from another location, which helps users regain access to their usual streaming services on vacation. Here’s how to stream Bob’s Burgers from abroad:

  1. Select and sign up with one of the VPN providers recommended. We recommend NordVPN. However, Surfshark and ExpressVPN and are two great alternatives.
  2. Download the appropriate VPN app for your device. All of the VPNs recommended above provide desktop and mobile apps as well as browser extensions.
  3. Open the VPN app or browser extension and connect to a server in the US to get a US IP address. This is what will allow you to stream Fox abroad.
  4. Sign in to Fox with your TV provider details. If you don’t have a US cable TV subscription, you can log in with select streaming services (more on these later).
  5. Select a live stream or on-demand video. Content should now play without restriction. If it’s still blocked, we recommend you clear your browser’s cookies.

Bob’s Burgers season 14 will broadcast live on Fox. For this reason, it’s a good idea to test your VPN with Fox in advance. That way, you’ll be able to troubleshoot any issues with your VPN’s customer support ahead of time and ensure you don’t miss out on the season 14 premiere.


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How to watch Bob’s Burgers season 14 on US TV

How to watch Bob’s Burgers season 14 on US TV

You can watch Bob’s Burgers season 14 online on Fox. If you have a US cable TV subscription, all you need to do is sign in to Fox using your cable TV login credentials (an email address or username and password). You can then stream Bob’s Burgers season 14 at no extra cost.

It’s worth knowing that you can also watch Bob’s Burgers without cable. In order to do this, you’ll need to sign up with a streaming TV service that includes Fox. The available options are FuboTV ($64.99 USD/month), Hulu with Live TV ($69.99/month), Sling TV ($35/month), and YouTube TV ($69.99/month).

These are all pretty pricey services but there is a cheaper way to watch! If you don’t mind waiting an extra day, you’ll be able to stream new episodes of Bob’s Burgers with a basic Hulu subscription. These cost $6.99 per month and currently, all 230+ older episodes are available too.

The above services are all geo-blocked so you’ll need a VPN to watch abroad (outside the US). Just connect to a server in the US to get a US IP address and you’ll be able to stream the show from anywhere. NordVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can try it out risk-free.

Where else can I watch Bob’s Burgers online?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details on when season 14 will be available outside of the US. However, it is remarkably simple to stream older episodes abroad. If you’re in Canada, Australia, or the UK, you can watch all 13 seasons on Disney Plus.

Prices vary based on your location, with a one-month plan costing £7.99 in the UK, $11.99 CAD in Canada, and $11.99 AUD in Australia. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial in any of these countries.

What can we expect from Bob’s Burgers season 14?

It’s difficult to say! Bob’s Burgers leans towards fully-contained episodes, with very few breaking out of their 22-minute box, so we could really see just about anything happen. You don’t have to have seen the movie, or even previous seasons, to understand the events of season 14, so there’s nothing to worry about on that front.

What we can tell you, is that the first two episodes are called Fight at the Not Okay Chore-ral, and The Amazing Rudy. This gives us a few clues as to what we may expect from the first two episodes. Beware, because there are some spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you are a hardcore fan!

According to rumors flying around the internet, the Chore-ral episode will feature a Belcher family showdown. After asking the kids to help out with some chores around the house, the entire episode (no doubt spearheaded by Linda who is a huge musical enthusiast, and Gene who is a low-key music genius) descends into a competition between the family members.

If you are a Bob’s Burgers fan, you will be used to this kind of thing because it is very normal for regular tasks to turn into a competition in the Belcher household. Who will manage to complete all their chores while beating the others with their musical prowess? We will have to tune in to find out because details about the episode are being kept closely under guard!

Who is the cast of Bob’s Burgers season 14?

The Bob’s Burgers cast remains unchanged heading into season 14. Those reprising their roles include H. Jon Benjamin as protagonist Bob Belcher, Dan Mintz as Tina, Eugene Mirman as Gene, John Roberts as Linda, and Kristen Schaal as Louise.