Ian Garland

Ian Garland

Ian Garland is a distinguished author and cybersecurity expert, boasting over six years of dedicated service as a writer and editor for Comparitech.com. His expertise primarily focuses on privacy, VPN testing and evaluation, and exploring the unique online challenges faced by internet users around the world. His work offers insightful analysis into both emerging and established VPN services, underlining his deep understanding of the digital security landscape.

Holding a first-class Bachelor's degree in Computing from the University of the Highlands and Islands, Ian has established himself as a prominent voice in the field of online security. His insights and analyses have been featured across prestigious platforms including The Gazette, the RSA Cybersecurity Conference blog, RTInsights, Circuit Magazine, and Security Boulevard. His work goes beyond mere reporting, delving into critical examinations of the ever-evolving cyber world.

Outside his professional life, Ian maintains a keen interest in the streaming universe, particularly keeping abreast of the latest developments in the Kodi community. His passion for technology extends into personal projects, where he hones his coding skills. A lover of science fiction, Ian often immerses himself in sci-fi literature, reflecting his fascination with the future and the unknown realms of the digital universe.

Articles by Ian

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