Thinking about installing the Death Streams Kodi addon? We took an in-depth look at the Death Streams addon to see if it’s worth your time and if there are alternatives that you should consider.

Death Streams Kodi addon

Kodi is software that makes setting up a home media center easier than ever. It can be installed on all of the most popular devices including the Nvidia Shield, Raspberry Pi, and Roku.

In this article we’ll be examining the Death Streams Kodi addon to find out what it is, how it works, and whether it’s a good choice for most Kodi users. We’ll also be discussing some of the privacy concerns that both official and third-party Kodi addons share.

Kodi itself is completely legal, but some third-party addons provide access to content that isn’t usually freely available. We encourage our readers to use official addons, and to research the legal and ethical issues around streaming content before using Kodi for this purpose.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Important: Always use a VPN with Kodi

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are often used to hide illegitimate streaming habits from a user’s internet service provider (ISP). However, there are many ways a VPN can be useful to a law-abiding Kodi user too.

VPNs increase your system security by encrypting your network traffic. This prevents the majority of Man-in-the-Middle attacks and prevents your ISP from selling your browsing history or throttling your network connection based on your traffic.

Every VPN will slow your network speeds down, but some are faster than others. It’s important to find a VPN with a low impact as streaming HD video requires a high-speed connection. Also, some VPNs keep logs of your traffic history, completely defeating the purpose of using a VPN.

We recommend IPVanish. It’s highly portable with dedicated mobile apps and is the easiest VPN to install on the Amazon Firestick. IPVanish keeps no traffic logs, has minimal impact on network speeds, and provides fast, consistent connections to servers in more than 50 countries.

READER DEAL: Save 60% on an IPVanish annual plan here. IPVanish offers a seven-day trial so it can be tested risk-free.

What is the Kodi Death Streams addon?

The Death Streams Kodi addon is a fork of the notorious Stream All The Sources (SALTS) streaming addon. It scrapes links to movies and TV shows from several unofficial streaming sites and gathers them in one place for easier access.

While individual providers can be disabled from the addon’s settings menu, there are none that provide only properly licensed content. Because Death Streams doesn’t use official sources, it doesn’t allow you to support the actors or studios that make this content possible.

At first glance this addon seems well organized, but on closer inspection we found that the genre folders are empty. This means that users are forced to search for a specific title or browse through pages of results to find something they’d like to watch.

Death Streams offers a calendar that allows you to find a TV show more easily, but this feature doesn’t actually work. Also, the “Anticipated Movies” section serves no purpose other than to list films that are coming out in the next few years. These release dates often change and we’re not sure why this section was included at all.

For the reasons above we do not recommend Kodi users install or use the Death Streams addon.

Best Death Streams Alternative: FilmRise – YouTube

While the Death Streams Kodi addon doesn’t cater to Kodi users looking for official sources of content, there are many addons that do. The official addons below have large libraries of high-definition content and would be a great alternative to Death Streams.

FilmRise – YouTube

FilmRise Kodi addon

FilmRise is a distributor of independent film and TV shows. Their content is freely available on their YouTube channels, and the FilmRise – YouTube Kodi addon gathers its media library from these.

There are entire seasons of TV shows available, as well as a strong selection of films. This addon has no search functionality and some of the folder names aren’t clear as to the content they contain, but since most of the films aren’t very well known, this addon is better for discovering new titles instead of rewatching old ones. That said, there are some cult classics available, such as 1998’s The Acid House.

FilmRise - YouTube Main Screen

One of the best things about this addon is that it features playlists for each of its content categories. This makes it very simple to find every episode of a given TV show and saves the user from having to click through multiple pages of the same show’s episodes when looking for something different.

FilmRise – YouTube has a wide and varied media library that covers everything from true crime to classic wrestling. In fact, it has far better organization than some much more well-known addons like Internet Archive. For the reasons above, FilmRise – YouTube one of the best official alternatives to Death Streams available.

The FilmRise – YouTube addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository.

Additional Alternatives to Death Streams

Looking for more options? The following addons are also good alternatives to Death Streams.


Install FilmOn for Kodi

FilmOn.TV is a website that offers live streams of more than 600 TV channels from around the world. These can be watched for free directly through Kodi using the FilmOn.TV addon. There are also premium memberships available that unlock additional channels and DVR functionality.

FilmOn’s media library is grouped by genre and country of origin. This allows you to quickly find content in your native language or watch TV from back home if you’re in a foreign country. There is a small collection of on-demand content available too, but the majority of it is in the public domain, as opposed to the latest releases.

The FilmOn.TV addon is available in the SuperRepo repository. For more details, you can read our FilmOn installation guide.

PlayOn Browser

Playon Kodi addon

The PlayOn Browser is different from most video addons in that it requires additional streaming service subscriptions to reach its full potential. Once your login details are entered, it collects content from across your subscriptions into one place for easier viewing. As there’s no official Netflix Kodi addon, the PlayOn Browser is the safest way to watch Netflix Original content.

A free version is available but it comes with just a handful of sources. To connect other accounts, users must pay $2.50 a month, which also unlocks DVR and ad-skipping functionality.

The PlayOn Browser addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository.


SnagFilms Kodi addon

The SnagFilms Kodi addon offers a collection of over 5000 free-to-watch documentaries and independent films. Its content library contains everything from horror to Korean dramas, so there’s always going to be something of interest.

There are a few small organizational issues with this addon, but nothing major. While there’s no search function, titles are separated by genre. Also, SnagFilms does not have any subcategories, so all available TV shows are contained in one folder. Still, it contains a wide selection of classic movies as well as some newer titles, most of which are available in HD.

The Snagfilms addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository.

BigStar Movies & TV

BigStar Movies and TV Kodi addon

The BigStar Movies & TV addon Kodi scrapes content from the BigStar Movies streaming platform. While the BigStar website requires credit card information to purchase specific films, this functionality does not exist in the addon, so all of its free content is completely legal to watch and readily available.

While most of the movies aren’t blockbusters, there are several award winning titles available. This addon has a strong selection of TV shows including full seasons of The Inbetweeners and Peep Show. Users can view titles by genre or by using the search function.

The BigStar Movies & TV addon is available in the MetalChris repository.

Overview and privacy concerns

Third-party addons like Death Streams can appear attractive at first glance but come with ethical and privacy related problems that official addons don’t. While Death Streams has a large library of content, none of it is officially sourced.

The fact is that whether you’re looking to watch sports, on-demand TV shows, movies, or live TV with Kodi, there are better, fully licensed alternative addons to choose from. Many of these are free to use, and offer several reliable sources of support in case of any problems.