Exodus Redux Kodi addon

One of Kodi’s biggest strengths is that it’s extremely easy to create your own addons, meaning you can integrate just about any content you can find. However, while there are plenty of legitimate addons that rely on official sources, there are also lots that pull links directly from piracy sites.

Exodus Redux is one of these. It’s actually a fork of an addon simply called Exodus, whose rampant copyright violation was partially responsible for the TVAddons repo being taken down (for the first time) back in 2017. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the risks associated with using piracy-enabling addons and suggest some of the best legal alternatives to Exodus Redux in 2024.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

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What is Exodus Redux? Should you install this Kodi addon?

Exodus Redox Kodi addon

Exodus Redux is a classic example of a copyright-infringing addon. It allows users to search for and stream just about any movie or TV show they can think of, including those that haven’t officially been released yet.

So how is this possible? Well, Exodus Redux scrapes links from a huge range of pirate sites and delivers the resulting videos via Kodi. This means that you’ll often find illegal recordings of currently-airing movies, as well as content that’s supposed to be exclusive to paid services like Netflix.

Here’s the thing: even putting the legal issues aside, piracy addons get taken down all the time. Even if Exodus Redux remained available forever (which is highly unlikely), the number of dead links will continue to rise, making it harder and harder to find what you want.

Is Exodus Redux safe to use?

Because no legitimate repo will host this addon, you’ll have to download it from one of many shady websites. These can change without warning, and there’s no guarantee the owner hasn’t repackaged Exodus Redux with malware. On that note, we still don’t know if the “regular” version of Exodus Redux contains malware, though we have seen several of its rivals actively install crypto miners on users’ devices.

Finally, let’s address the elephant in the room: the legality of Exodus Redux. In most locations, this addon will not be legal. While law enforcement usually go after the people facilitating piracy rather than the viewers, it’s not uncommon for copyright holders to sent fines and legal threats to individal users.

Exodus Redux is risky to use, most likely illegal where you are, and almost exclusively filled with pirated content. We recommend avoiding it and using the legal addons below instead.

Best alternatives to Exodus Redux

Thanks to Kodi’s thriving development scene, there are actually dozens of legitimate addons that can gather all of your streaming services in one place and watch hundreds of completely free TV shows, movies, and live streams. Here are a few of our favorites:


Crackle Kodi Addon

Crackle is a free streaming service that boasts an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. Most of these are a few years old, and there’s a good amount of filler in here, but if you’re prepared to scroll for a bit, you’ll find plenty of classics too.

For instance, there are high-profile shows like Sherlock, Happy Valley, and Hell’s Kitchen, and the movie catalog includes cult classics such as Tucker & Dale vs EvilThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Train to Busan.

The Crackle Kodi addon can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.


Pluto.TV Kodi addon

Pluto.tv tries to replicate the feeling of flipping through channels on an old-school TV. It has almost 200 live broadcasts running at any time, covering everything from reality TV to MMA, and there’s a huge amount of true crime content on here too. Not bad, considering this service is completely free to use!

Now, while you can’t rewind broadcasts, there is a small amount of on-demand content. However, only select shows are added, so if something’s on that interests you, it’s better to stream it there and then, just in case.

The Pluto.tv Kodi addon is available from the official Kodi addon repository.

Adult Swim

kodi adult swim addon

Though it started out as a channel with a fairly niche audience, Adult Swim has quickly become of the best free streaming services around. It offers lots of popular shows, such as American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and there’s no need to sign in or provide payment info.

Further, since the Funimation addon is no longer available, Adult Swim is the Kodi addon for anime fans. Its library includes classics like Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Naruto, as well as newer hits like Attack on Titan, Made in Abyss, and Black Clover.

The Adult Swim addon can be found in the official Kodi repo.

Exodus Redux: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Exodus Redux Kodi addon legal?

Exodus Redux and addons like it (including Shadow, The Crew, and Seren) gather content from unofficial sources, then provide unrestricted access to it. In other words, they’re specifically designed to facilitate piracy and as such, will be illegal in most countries.

There are many better options for finding public domain or otherwise legal free-to-watch content in the official Kodi repo.

How do I know if the Kodi addon I'm using is legitimate?

It’s not always easy to tell if you’re using an official Kodi addon or not. Don’t worry, we’ve made a quick list of questions to ask when trying to decide if an addon is safe to use:

  • Did the addon come from the official Kodi repo?
  • Does it ask you to login before watching anything?
  • Can you find a free streaming service with the same name online?

If you’ve answered no to all of these, your addon is likely not pulling from official sources. You can confirm this by searching for a title that has only recently been released — it’ll almost certainly show up in piracy addons’ libraries. We’d suggest uninstalling this addon and searching the Kodi repo for something legitimate instead.

How can I get started with Kodi?

Kodi is extremely versatile and customizable, but this degree of control can make it a little confusing for new users. After installing it on your device (be it  Amazon Fire TV, an iPhone, Nvidia Shield or PC), your next task is to find addons offering the kind of content you like.

Having trouble? These things happen, but thankfully, most Kodi problems are fairly easy to fix. We even have guides to dealing with buffering, lag, and VPN connections, so don’t worry — you’ll be streaming in no time.