Are you interested in the Wolfpack Kodi addon? This article will cover not only what the Wolfpack addon is, but how it works, and its functionality. We’ll look at some problems with Wolfpack and suggest alternatives we think will do a better job.

Wolfpack Kodi addon

Kodi is free software that allows you to create your own home theater system. It’s highly portable and can be installed on a wide range of platforms including iPhone, Amazon Firestick, and Fire TV.

This article will explore the features and customization options that the Wolfpack addon offers, as well as its content library. We’ll also be highlighting some of the privacy concerns that all official and third-party Kodi addons share.

Kodi is legal to use as it doesn’t include any content of its own. That said, there are addons that provide access to copyrighted content and not all of these have the copyright holder’s permission. For this reason we advise our readers to be discerning about the addons they install and to seek out official sources whenever possible.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Important: Always use a VPN with Kodi

Unfortunately, many Kodi users install virtual private network (VPN) software to hide unlicensed streaming from their internet service provider (ISP). Despite this, VPNs have a lot to offer even people who only stream from official sources.

VPNs work by encrypting a user’s network traffic. This helps prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks and stops your ISP from selling your data to third parties or throttling your connection based on your browsing history.

Getting anonymity online does involve some minor hurdles Every VPN will have some impact on your browsing speeds but some have more impact than others and can slow your connection to a crawl. Additionally, some VPN providers keep detailed logs of your activities and as such, don’t provide much protection at all.

We recommend IPVanish. It’s a VPN that keeps no traffic logs and can be installed on almost every popular device including the Amazon Firestick. Better still, IPVanish has minimal impact on your browsing speed and offers a stable connection to servers in more than 50 countries.

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What is the Wolfpack Kodi addon?

Wolfpack Kodi addon menu

The Wolfpack Kodi addon builds its media library by scraping links from several unofficial sources and gathering them in one place. It’s another third-party “all in one” addon, similar to Exodus or Covenant. However, Wolfpack has several glaring issues that make it not only a poor replacement for a cable package, but also a poor addon overall.

Wolfpack is very poorly organized. Upon opening the movies folder, for example, users then have to select a provider, then a subcategory, and finally, select the movie they’d like to watch. Because the folders are often poorly labeled, it’s actually almost worth ignoring the folder structure entirely and using only the search function.

This brings us to the Wolfpack addon’s largest problem: its media. Each title takes up to 30 seconds to find links. These in turn take several seconds to load, if they load at all. We tested ten titles at random and found that just two returned a working video. This is not a problem with one specific category. It affects everything from on-demand movies to live streams. In fact, the only consistently working streams are the ones that are publically available on YouTube. This begs the question: why bother installing Wolfpack at all?

Best Wolfpack alternative: Snagfilms

Even though Wolfpack doesn’t use official sources, there are plenty of addons that do. These addons offer similarly sized content libraries and many of them are completely free to use. Among these alternatives, however, one addon stands above the rest.


SnagFilms Kodi addon

The Snagfilms Kodi addon contains more than 5000 free-to-watch movies and TV shows. Snagfilms’ media library is grouped by category and the vast majority of it is available in 720p resolution.

While most of the content available is relatively little known, Snagfilms has a section dedicated to those that have won awards and also includes cult classic movies like Creature from the Black Lagoon. Also, Snagfilms has one of the best documentary collections of any popular official addon.

Snagfilms Kodi addon menu

This addon cannot be customized in any way, and there’s no way to search for a specific title. It really is a case of “what you see is what you get”. The web-based version of Snagfilms relies on ads to generate income but these are absent in the Kodi addon. Taking this into account, the lack of 1080p support seems like less of an issue.

One of the best things about this addon is how quickly titles load. There’s usually just a few seconds to wait before the video starts. Further, unlike with many of its third-party competitors, we’ve yet to find a link that doesn’t work.

Snagfilms can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

Additional alternatives to Wolfpack

Looking to expand the amount of content available? The following addons are also fantastic alternatives to the Wolfpack addon.


YouTube Kodi addon

Everybody knows about YouTube, but it has more entertainment value than many people realize. For instance, most of Wolfpack’s working music and movie links came from YouTube directly. When you consider that YouTube offers a growing content library that would take thousands of years to watch, it becomes clear that it’s more than just a platform for sharing cat videos.

The Kodi YouTube addon maintains most of the functionality of the browser version but also makes its library easier to browse with a remote control. Users can still rate videos, search for content, and browse their created playlists, plus with a newfound emphasis on live streaming video, YouTube has almost grown powerful enough to replace cable TV entirely.

The YouTube addon can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

iPlayer WWW

BBC iPlayer Kodi addon

For all its strengths, YouTube does not offer currently airing TV shows. One addon that does, however, is iPlayer WWW.

iPlayer WWW is the official addon for the BBC’s iPlayer streaming platform. It provides access to hundreds of newly released TV shows as well as dozens of live BBC TV channels. It’s important to note that unlike with any other streaming platform, a TV License is needed to watch on-demand content with the iPlayer.

Also, the BBC regionlocks its content. This means that viewers located outside of the UK will have to connect their VPN to a British server before they can watch anything.

The iPlayer WWW addon can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.


How to install the Viewster Kodi addon

The Viewster addon offers a strong selection of movies, TV shows, and anime. What’s particularly interesting is that while Crunchyroll provides limited free access, Viewster users can watch full seasons of recently released shows like Haikyuu!! without paying a cent.

There is a tradeoff, however. Viewster only provides content at 540p, which is just a little higher than standard resolution. That said, it has a very well organized content library and categories are split into movies and TV shows for easier browsing.

Viewster does not require its users to register and does not regionlock its content. This makes it one of the simplest addons to install and use. With its ease of use and collection of well known titles it’s an excellent alternative to Wolfpack.

The Viewster addon can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

PlayOn Browser

Playon Kodi addon

The PlayOn Browser is an addon that allows users to connect accounts from several popular streaming platforms. The content from these accounts is then accumulated in one place for easier access. One of the PlayOn Browser’s biggest strengths is that it supports integration of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, none of which have an official Kodi addon.

This addon requires a PlayOn account to use. Free memberships are available but these only allow users to stream from a very limited number of preset sources. For $2.50 a month, users can connect accounts for more popular streaming platforms and also gain access to DVR functionality.

The PlayOn Browser can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

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Extending Kodi use

Kodi’s official repository contains numerous addons that not only provide better quality video than Wolfpack, but also offer a greater range of content. Whether you’re looking for movies, sports, or live TV, there are better, entirely legal addons available.

Kodi isn’t limited to your desktop computer. We have guides to using it on everything from Roku to LibreELEC to a simple USB stick. Better still, because Kodi works in a similar way across all platforms it’s relatively easy to fix any problems you might encounter. Kodi’s portability and ease of use makes it one of the most versatile media center packages available.