Hotspot Shield DAZN

DAZN is a sports streaming service available in over 200 countries. Due to licensing contracts, DAZN broadcasts differ around the globe. If you travel abroad, you can use a VPN to access your usual DAZN region while away. Unfortunately, only a few VPNs work to watch DAZN securely. This means you must pick a provider carefully.

In our tests, Hotspot Shield could not access any DAZN regions. Thus, will probably need to cancel your VPN subscription and change to a different VPN for DAZN. For anybody who is a Hotspot Shield subscriber, we will provide a few options to test Hotspot Shield with DAZN yourself.

To help you out, we have pinpointed the VPNs that work with DAZN in this guide. We also list which DAZN regions each VPN works with. We have also provided a list of VPNs that do not work with DAZN – so that you can avoid them.

Why isn’t Hotspot Shield working with DAZN?

DAZN licenses sports competitions, events, and shows for its channel. These agreements stipulate that DAZN cannot broadcast some sports in every market. As a result, the content available on DAZN may differ around the world.

A VPN provides a way for DAZN subscribers to access their home DAZN account while traveling. By connecting to a VPN server back home, you can log in and use your account as usual.

Unfortunately, DAZN knows that people use VPNs, and it is under pressure from copyright holders to blacklist them. This is unfortunate, because many people simply want to access their home account while on vacation, or need to unblock the service on a restricted network in their own country, such as at work.

DAZN proxy block

DAZN’s proxy blocks mean few VPNs work and you must pick your VPN for DAZN carefully.

Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield is one of the VPN services that DAZN has already identified. As a result, if you try to log in and watch your DAZN account while connected to a Hotspot shield server, you will receive the following location error message:

“DAZN not available in this country”

As DAZN has already blocked Hotspot Shield, there is very little that you can do to fix it. Later in this guide, we will provide a few options for testing Hotspot Shield with DAZN yourself. However, from our experience, these tips are unlikely to work, and you will probably need to switch to a different provider.

If you are currently subscribed to Hotspot Shield – or any other VPN that we do not recommend for DAZN – you will be experiencing one of the following problems:

  • The VPN server IP address has been blacklisted by DAZN.
  • Your real IP address is leaking and the VPN is failing to conceal your location.

Which VPNs don’t work with DAZN?

During our tests, we checked eight popular DAZN regions to see if we could stream privately in that country. None of the VPNs listed below worked to watch DAZN for us:

  • CyberGhost
  • Hotspot Shield
  • IPVanish
  • AtlasVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • VyprVPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • PureVPN
  • VPNArea

Bear in mind that the list above is not exhaustive. There are hundreds of consumer-facing VPNs available on the market, and they probably won’t work to watch DAZN unless we include them in our best VPNs for DAZN list.

How to use a VPN to watch DAZN abroad?

If you are new to VPNs, and you aren’t sure about how to use one to watch your home DAZN account on vacation, you can use the guide below. We have provided VPN recommendations and all the steps necessary to watch DAZN on vacation.

  1. Choose a VPN that works to watch DAZN abroad. We recommend NordVPN because it works to access at least 8 different DAZN regions. Alternatively, you can try Surfshark, which is cheap, or ExpressVPN, which works but is a little bit pricey.
  2. Follow one of our links to your preferred VPN for DAZN. Using our link will get you the VPN at the lowest possible cost.
  3. Subscribe to the VPN and download the VPN app onto your streaming device. Our recommendations have apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android to let you stream DAZN on any device.
  4. Install the VPN app onto your device and log in.
  5. Connect to a VPN server in the US (or in your home country) and launch the DAZN website or app.

As soon as your VPN connects, you will be able to watch DAZN. It doesn’t matter whether you are abroad or on a local wifi network that has blocked DAZN, the VPN will work to stream it.

If you have any problems watching DAZN, clear the cookies and cache in your browser. This will prevent pre-existing trackers from giving away your real location.


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What are the most common VPN problems with DAZN?

When we tested Hotspot Shield it did not work to watch DAZN. As a result, our advice is to cancel your Hotspot Shield subscription and opt for an alternative VPN for DAZN instead.

Below, we have included some of the problems you will experience if you try to watch DAZN with Hotspot Shield or any other VPNs that don’t work with DAZN:

  1. The VPN has already been identified by DAZN.
  2. You are receiving a VPN or proxy error message while connected to the VPN.
  3. You are getting a location error message while connected to the VPN.
  4. You are failing to log in or are getting an incorrect password message on DAZN when connected to your VPN.
  5. Certain shows or broadcasts are unavailable on DAZN when you use a VPN.
  6. Your VPN is not accessing the DAZN region you asked for.
  7. The VPN is causing poor video playback and a lot of buffering.

How to fix Hotspot Shield with DAZN

When checked Hotspot Shield to watch DAZN privately using servers in the USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. We could not stream content on DAZN using any of these regions.

DAZN has now expanded its service to over 200 regions. Hotspot Shield has servers in around 80 of those countries. This means you may be able to find a server in your home country that works. However, you will need to check it yourself.

If you find a server that works, be sure to let us know! Please note that our official advice is that Hotspot Shield does not work with DAZN – so you will probably need to get an alternative VPN subscription.

Which VPNs still work with DAZN?

We have included a list of VPNs below to help you switch to a VPN that works for watching DAZN.

Best VPNs to watch DAZN on vacation:

  1. NordVPNOur #1 VPN for DAZN. Works to access 8 popular DAZN regions. Apps for all platforms. Super-fast Lightway protocol. Lots of advanced privacy and security features. Has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. SurfsharkBest budget VPN for DAZN. Works to stream 4 DAZN regions. Use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices. Super fast WireGuard protocol for streaming, gaming, and torrenting. Strong AES encryption. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. ExpressVPN: Can access 6 DAZN regions securely. Works to watch BT Sport, Sky Sport, BeIN Sport, Netflix US and more. Secure apps for all devices. 24/7 support.
  4. PrivateVPN: Only works to watch DAZN Canada. Super-secure. Apps for all platforms.  Ideal for torrenting. A great all-rounder. Allows 10 simultaneous connections.

What DAZN regions will my VPN work with?

Hotspot Shield will not work to stream any of the DAZN regions we checked That is why it does not appear in our list. To help you watch your DAZN account abroad, we have included the regions that each recommended DAZN VPN works with:

  1. NordVPN: USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Austria
  2. Surfshark: Canada, Spain, Japan, Germany
  3. ExpressVPN: USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany
  4. PrivateVPN: Canada

Can I use a free VPN to watch DAZN?

No. Although it is possible to find free VPNs in app stores and online, these will not work to watch your DAZN account. Free VPNs are extremely unreliable, they have very few server locations, and they do not invest in their network.

This makes free VPNs extremely slow, which means they always cause a large amount of buffering when you try to stream. Free VPNs are also extensively used around the world. This causes large amounts of server congestion, making them even slower.

Also, the lack of servers makes free VPNs extremely easy to spot and block on streaming platforms like DAZN. As a result, we have yet to find any free VPNs that work for watching DAZN on vacation.

Finally, we strongly recommend staying away from free VPNs for privacy reasons. Free VPNs have invasive privacy policies that allow the tracking and selling of user data. They might also contain app vulnerabilities, suffer from leaks, and even hide spyware in their apps. This makes using free VPNs a huge risk to your devices and data privacy.

Does Hotspot Shield work to stream other services?

Yes. While Hotspot Shield did not work to watch DAZN in our tests, it still has servers in over 80 countries that work to access a variety of services. You can find out more about what it works within our Hotspot Shield review.

Bear in mind that Hotspot Shield is not our top recommendation for streaming any video platforms or TV networks. To find out which VPN we recommend for various popular services, please check out our individual VPN lists: